Strengthen Your Defenses Against Security Threats

Information technology has become the lifeline of modern businesses and the advantages of embracing IT are numerous. At the same time, it has a downside of exposing the information assets of the business to a variety of cyber risks. A business needs to have an information security strategy in place to handle this concern. With this comes the necessity of performing a security audit to enable them to identify the vulnerabilities and risks so that they can be addressed in time. An IT security audit encompasses an end-to-end review of the security strategies, technologies, policies, and procedures to provide insight for ensuring an optimal use of resources as well as protection of the information assets of the business.

At Mobibiz, we offer dependable security audit services to ensure that your business is able to identify the real-time threats to the availability, confidentiality, and integrity of data. At the same time, we also make sure that the security solutions deployed for your business are relevant to your technology landscape and risk profile. Our team comprises of seasoned security professionals with a rich skill set and proven experience to enable reliable security audit and risk assessment for the client's business. We adhere to the industry standards and follow best practices to get accurate results from our audits and use them to enhance the IT security of the client's business.

Our Service Offerings

We perform comprehensive security audits for businesses to ensure that the entire risks are covered.

  • Web Security Audit
    Protect the data in web applications and enable your business to prevent breaches, web attacks, and downtime with vulnerability assessment for web applications and adequate measures to resolve the issues that are detected.
  • Mobility Security Audit
    Review the security requirements for your mobile applications for the identification and elimination of technical vulnerabilities for existing mobile apps as well as the newly designed ones.
  • Cloud Security Audit
    Stronghold the cyber and virtualization security in the cloud environment with proactive network risk assessment followed by relevant measures to ensure data center and perimeter security and host and end-point security.
  • Compliance Security Audit
    Enhance the enterprise security with specialized compliance audits and integrate all the essential tools required for governance and regulatory compliances such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GDPR, and more.

Why Should Every Business Take A Security Audit?

Information security is not a choice but a necessity today as it influences the performance, reputation, and compliance for a business.

  • Identification Of Vulnerabilities

    Security audits enable the identification of all the major and minor risks and vulnerabilities that the confidential data and IT infrastructure of a business organization comes across at any point in time.

  • Protection Of Critical Data

    Data is perhaps the most crucial asset for an organization and regular security assessments ensure that the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of the business-critical data is never compromised at any stage.

  • Prioritization Of Risk Responses

    Advanced security audits enable business organizations to prioritize their risk responses so that they take up the resolution of the most critical issues first and keep the less important ones for sometime later.

  • Enhanced Security Awareness

    As these professional audits help the businesses to get hold of even the smallest concerns, their awareness is enhanced and they take all the necessary measures to resolve these issues as well as prevent them for the future.

  • External and Internal Threat Analysis

    Auditors not only help businesses to identify the external threats but also find out the ones that lie within so that they can be addressed in time without having any significant impact on the business operations and reputation.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Every business needs to fulfill certain compliance requirements based on some regulatory standards set by the industry and regulatory bodies and security audits ensure the fulfillment of these compliance requirements.

Our Expertise

We have a rich and diverse service skill set in the field of security audits

  • applications_securityApplication Security Assessment
  • network-security-imgNetwork Security Assessment
  • System-Security-ImgSystem Security Assessment
  • Data-Security-imgData Security Assessment
  • Cyber-Risk-ImgCyber Risk Governance
  • vulnerabilities-scansVulnerability Scans
  • Penetration-Testing-ImgPenetration Testing
  • Mitigation-Action-ImgMitigation Action Planning

Why Choose Us

At Mobibiz, we emerge as a leading technology partner that delivers dependable security audits for businesses

  • Comprehensive Services
    We offer end-to-end security audit services to ensure that any flaws and issues are detected and resolved in time
  • Technology Expertise
    Our seasoned team of experts has a rich skill set and technology expertise which makes us a trusted name for rendering reliable security audits
  • Client-centric Approach
    Being a client-centric organization, we understand the unique needs of the clients and align our solutions accordingly
  • Proven Methodology
    We follow a proven methodology which aims to cover the entire aspects of information security and identify issues at the earliest

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