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Liquor Delivery At Your Doorstep

Tiplur is a mobile (Android and iOS) app that enables users to order their favorite alcoholic beverages online. Specifically meant to cater booze-lovers in Gurgaon, the app makes partying great fun as you can have drinks and snacks delivered right on your doorstep in just a few taps.

tiplur app developed by MobiBiz

Your Medical Store Goes Mobile

MedsIndia, an app built for both Android and iOS platforms, brings a complete medical store on your mobile. It allows you to browse a comprehensive pharma catalog, search products, and complete online orders and payments. Online medicine delivery had never been easier!

MedsIndia app developed by MobiBiz

Education App (Educellence)
Student Self-Improvement Tool

A virtual learning platform, the Education App connects the students to facilitate performance enhancement via mobile devices. The application enables students to take course reviews as well as go through assessment tests. The performance is evaluated and their scores posted on their respective dashboards. The app also displays a leaderboard for students to compare their performance with that of others.

Educellence app developed by MobiBiz

Parent-School Communication Simplified

An Android app, Virch is a reliable mobile-based school information system. The app facilitates seamless communication between the parents and the school. Parents can use it to access important information through their phones while the schools can leverage it to minimize the communication turnaround time.

Virch app developed by MobiBiz

Around Me
Discover Everything Around You

Around Me is a smart app that facilitates location tracking and enables the user to choose hospitals, banks, restaurants, hotels, gas stations, markets, and theatres located near them. This app is created for Android, iPhone, and iPad and provides a list of businesses category-wise, in addition to their distance from the current location of the user.

around-me developed by MobiBiz

Visitors Management
Visitor Information and Management App

The Visitors Management App is a powerful enterprise tool used to manage visitors as well as record information entered by them as they visit the organization. This location-based app asks the users to enter personal details, visit details, and the person they are to meet and then generates printed passes for them.

Visitors Management app developed by MobiBiz

IKEA Foundation Android TV App
Showcasing The IKEA Culture

IKEA, the world's favorite furniture brand, wanted to prep up for its upcoming launch in India. We created the amazing IKEA Foundation Android TV App to present the brand at its experiential centre. The app showcases the story behind the evolution of IKEA, its values, and its culture so that the Indian buyers identify with the brand.

IKEA foundation app developed by MobiBiz

IKEA Hej Home Android TV App
IKEA Product Catalog Display

The IKEA Hej Home Android TV App is another app we created for IKEA. The app is designed to display the product catalog that the brand would offer at its upcoming store, its first one in India. It presents the catalog on Android TV at the brand's experiential centre which has been opened up before its official launch.

IKEA hejhome app developed by MobiBiz

Feedback App
Feedback Management For Enterprises

Feedback App is an enterprise app built for the Android and iOS platforms. It serves the purpose of collecting employee feedback that the users provide after they attend meetings with them. The app offers numerous useful features such as reminder push notifications and maintaining records related to past and future meetings.

Feedback app developed by MobiBiz

Pocket Pandit
Fusion of Technology & Spirituality

The android and iOS app was rightly released during the Chaitra Navaratri, 2016, and has reached millions of people. It is a sacred chant on Durga Saptashati recited by Acharya Ramanuj Ji for spiritual growth leading to karmic nullification. One may easily download the app owing to its compressed streaming and size; security; create a favorite playlist and listen without ads interruption.

Pocket Pandit app developed by MobiBiz

Defense App (Motorola)
Strengthening The Defense System

The Defense App we created is a powerful solution that strengthens the defense system. It connects the defense personnel across different locations and organizations so that they can convey messages and alert the entire defense department when an emergency comes up at any location so that timely action may be taken.

motorola app developed by MobiBiz

Connect Day
AN Event-based App

The client recently held an event in Mumbai to celebrate 20 years in the industry. One of the techno-highlights of the event was that the delegates downloaded the 'Connect Day' app on their Apple and Android devices. It enabled to have a close connect among themselves throughout 24 hrs with gallery section, agendas, polling, attendees list, notepad for personal reference, sponsors profile, notifications updates, and more.

Connect Day app developed by MobiBiz

SRS Grocery
Online Grocery Store

The SRS Group has entered into the e-commerce era recently with the launch of online website for their groceries and wanted to improve sales deals. We offered a simple, yet technical solution to boost the sales and profit of the said grocery shop.

SRS Grocery app developed by MobiBiz

Vets Field
Online Veterinery Clinic

Our client, a well known Veterniary Doctor in the city had an inclination to expand his love and service for pet animals beyond geographical limits, as a part of his profession, research, and service. An app was built to facilitate service for their global clients.

Vets Field app developed by MobiBiz

Church Blaze
Christian community

Churchblaze is a leading christian community, which is aimed at connecting all the Christians across the globe. Registered in Kenya, the company Churchblaze Ltd. operates in South Africa too. The accessibility of a social network on the go is something we can call amazing in the age of smart phones.

Church Blaze app developed by MobiBiz

M Teacher
Search Your Locality Teacher

Education is of prime importance to achieve success, and it has to be inculcated in the minds of the children at their tender age itself. The app is our own product, by which the parents of Gurgaon, Haryana may search for teachers in their locality, have an outlook of their profile, calculate commuting distance that could be feasible for their kids in order to avail private tuitions.

M Teacher app developed by MobiBiz

JP Compressor
Smaller Faster & More Efficent, Making it Easy

Jumpedal is an Android mobile application from Jumpedal Corporation, providing loss less digital compression processes for mobile data. The company aims at providing the “perfect� digital compression processes, in addition to looking forward to sponsor the products that can empower IT infrastructure in order to attain the unaccomplished levels of performance.

JP Compressor app developed by MobiBiz

China Southern Airlines
Booking Management

Client was looking forward to make an IOS app for Flight management system. As of the present scenario, information was collected via different ways (email, excel, etc.) and was filed accordingly. The requirement for an app was of a kind which would give the client a possibility to collect all information about the flights in one system.

China Southern Airlines app developed by MobiBiz

Armada International
The Publishing House

Armada International, one of most diversified & vertically integrated publishing houses across the globe is now available on your finger tips. One may easily access the magazines [more than 25] related to original, objective information about the range of defence technologies.

Armada International app developed by MobiBiz

Flash Light Torch
The Brightest Torch Ever In Mobile

Flashlight torch is a simple and user-friendly application for using your phone flashlight. The app uses the phone screen as the brightest torch with different colors. One may quickly switch on/off the phone flash led.

Flash Light Tourch app developed by MobiBiz

Gyanshree School
The Best School In Noida

Gyanshree, the primary and secondary school situated in Noida, Delhi-NCR, strive to develop children’s academic advancement, personal growth and positive attitude. Apart from having a website, the school has its own app to interact with parents and carry out administrative processes.

Gyanshree School app developed by MobiBiz

User Friendly Resources
By Teacher For The Teacher

User Friendly Resources is now easily accessible through their app. It specializes in high quality supplementary curriculum and teacher support materials, which is exclusively designed with diverse learners in mind, and provide engaging and innovative ideas to supplement teaching programmes.

User Friendly Resources app developed by MobiBiz

Flash Notification
Enhance Your Phone Functionality

Flash Notification app enhances the phone functionality by giving flash notification on incoming call or sms. It is absolutely the users choice to choose/set notification in the form of flash blink/number of blinks when the phone is in vibrate/silent mode.

Flash Notification app developed by MobiBiz

Andre Lani Custon Clothier
Get A Great Custom Suit

Andre Lani, known for the consummate art of tailoring since 40 years, is now available on everyone's mobile device. One may simply download their app to avail a team of the best custom clothiers and make oneself look elegant.

Andre Lani Custon Clothier app developed by MobiBiz

BAT Tech
The IT Support And Repairs

Bat Tech provides the i-solutions through sales, support, and repair servicing of computer, laptop, notebook, iPhone, iPad, and, etc., to all Sydney & surrounding metro areas. One may book their services from anywhere anytime just by downloading their app.

BAT Tech app developed by MobiBiz

Big Tea House
The Tea From The World

Big Tea House sells a wide variety of gourmet loose leaf teas from all over the world, including Black, Green, White, Chai, Oolong, Herbal, Rooibos, and Flavor Fusions. The Teaware includes tea kettles, cast iron teapots, glass teapots and unique tea infusers, and all at your finger tips.

Big Tea House app developed by MobiBiz

Blaze Bay
The Virtual Marketplace

Blazebay is an independent virtual market place, an online shopping platform where one can buy, sell and advertise products and services. One may download the app and have an experience of shopping/selling in an existing physical market place. Moreover, Churchblaze, the christian community has a direct link to Blazebay.

Blaze Bay app developed by MobiBiz

The News At Your Fingertips

The Cyber Media group has twelve websites led by www.CIOL.com, which is India’s largest business technology community network. As it is the must-visit destination for top IT professionals, vendors, and, etc., the development of an app has eased them to browse the site at their convenient time.

CIOL app developed by MobiBiz

Coach Revolution
Make Life Better

The Coach Revolution, founded by Megeli Peyesha helps to learn more in the area of psychology, coaching, and personal development. In addition, one may find like-minded friends, clients, coaches, and interact with each other during their convenient hours just by downloading their app.

Coach Revolution app developed by MobiBiz

The NY Collection

It is the popular online store in New York with different branches for fashion forward ladies. We have built an user-friendly application for the existing website which facilitate easy shopping for the trendsetters in fashion from any corner of the world.

Diva app developed by MobiBiz

Online Designer Shop

It is administered by the Lux Group, which sells authentic products of the best brands over the Internet at discount prices. Our e-commerce app has provided the shoppers to select and shop from various vendors under single roof.

Luxoutnet app developed by MobiBiz

Goodness Store
The Online Organic Store

The leading online retailers which deals with Organic, Natural and Eco Friendly products like fruits, vegetables, personal care, gluten free products, and, etc., have the facility of doorstep delivery. Now, the online store app could be easily downloaded and one may shop with all ease anytime anywhere.

Goodness Store app developed by MobiBiz

A Passion To Help

IQX Business Solutions accelerate process outcomes for SAP customers with Web and Mobile Apps. With unique experience in SAP integration, IQX possesses the people, products, and passion to help the users see, share, and more through their app.

IQX app developed by MobiBiz

The Brand of Probiotics, Australia

Probiotics Australia PL owns the Rochway brand of products that are available in more than two thousand Pharmacies and Health stores in Australia. It has witnessed significant increase in sales and distribution of their supplements worldwide by availing an app.

Roachway app developed by MobiBiz

Social App
Connecting People

The Social App has been created to connect employees within an organization. This is a single platform where they can share information with their colleagues and also explore their thoughts socially. People working on the same project can create groups and manage project-related conversations. We also integrated the chat feature in the application.

Social App developed by MobiBiz

The Chatter Box
Event Management Made Easy

A smart event management app, the Chatter Box offers complete information about an event to all the participants right on their mobile. It keeps them connected and engaged so that they can be alerted about changes in schedules as well as the upcoming events via in-app messages and push notifications. Mobile polls and surveys are also included.

chatter-box developed by MobiBiz

Driverless Shuttle App
Driving Shuttle With The IoT

The Driverless Shuttle App is an advanced iPad application that unleashes the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology for driving a shuttle without a driver. Till date, we consider this as one of the best applications in our mobile portfolio and it makes us stand as a leader in the mobile application development space.

Driverless-Shuttle-App developed by MobiBiz

Sharing Amazing Memories

Woytrip is an exceptional app which can be used for to sharing images and comments with a selected group of friends while the user is traveling or attending an event. These posts can be viewed by the friends and they can also comment on them. Woytrip can also store the event so that the user may revisit it anytime in future.

WoyTrips App developed by MobiBiz

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