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The Internet of Things is a disruptive technology that is making its way into homes and workplaces. It enables connectivity between devices and drives them to communicate with each other through smart sensors. IoT-based applications are having a significant impact on industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, retail, automotive, and energy. At the same time, they have also been influential for the home automation segment. In this way, they are opening up new frontiers for industries by facilitating automation in operations. With this comes an increase in the demand for IoT applications to bring innovation for businesses.

As a leading application development partner, Mobibiz offers advanced IoT application development services to fulfill the unique requirements of customers from diverse industry verticals. We understand the industry-specific challenges and ensure that the solutions we create address them and bring several key benefits for the business. Our team has seasoned professionals who possess immense knowledge and experience in the IoT technology and have worked on several successful projects to date. Connect with us to avail the benefits of smart connectivity for bringing an exponential growth for your business.

IoT Industrial Use Cases

  • Healthcare
    Wearable apps that detect health-related issues and IoT-based tracking solutions that manage patients, caregivers, and devices in medical facilities
  • Manufacturing
    Revolutionary manufacturing apps that drive automation of devices, streamline operations and track assets and workforce in real-time
  • Retail
    IoT retail apps that connect directly with customers and propel the branding strategies to drive higher revenues for businesses
  • Automotive
    Automotive apps that control smart, connected vehicles for better on-road experiences and passenger safety
  • Home Automation
    Home automation apps that manage and control automated devices in homes and make lives simpler for homeowners
  • Energy and Utilities
    Smart IoT applications that enhance energy efficiency and enable prediction and resolution of problems even before they arise

Our Service Offerings

We offer a complete range of IoT application development services for bespoke business needs

  • Consumer Mobile App Development
    IoT-based consumer mobile apps that are used to run connected devices and systems at home and outside.
  • IoT Enterprise App Development
    Enterprise mobility solutions that are powered by the IoT to drive automation of operations at workplaces.
  • iBeacon App Development
    Cutting-edge iBeacon mobile apps which are capable of leveraging the location-based technology.
  • Wearable App Development
    Wearable apps that are capable of establishing connectivity with sensor-powered devices from the user's body.
  • IoT Consulting
    Expert consultation services that advise about the feasibility of IoT solutions in relation to the business setup.
  • IoT Maintenance
    Reliable maintenance and support services to ensure the seamless performance of the IoT solutions post-deployment.

Our Process

We follow a proven process for developing and implementing business-centric IoT applications

  • Problem Identification

    Identification and analysis of an existing problem or challenge that a business faces in its current setup.

  • Solution Ideation

    Ideation of an optimal IoT solution that aims to address the business challenges with the technology of smart connectivity.

  • Hardware Selection

    Selection of appropriate hardware devices to formulate the foundation of the Internet of Things ecosystem.

  • Platform Development

    Choosing the right mobile app development platform and developing an IoT-based mobile app on it.

  • Testing and Implementation

    Thorough testing of the app solution followed by its implementation after bug resolution where needed.

  • Maintenance and Support

    Reliable maintenance and support services to ensure that the IoT app performs flawlessly all the time.

Our Expertise

Tools And Technologies We Use For IoT App Development

  • SensorSensor
  • Cloud SyncCloud Sync
  • Microsoft AzureMicrosoft Azure
  • Google CloudGoogle Cloud
  • CoApCoAp
  • WirelessWireless
  • EthernetEthernet
  • BluetoothBluetooth
  • GSM NetworkGSM Network
  • 4G LTE4G LTE
  • AndroidAndroid
  • iOSiOS

Why Choose Us

At Mobibiz, we emerge as a leading technology partner that delivers reliable IoT development services

  • Comprehensive Services
    We offer comprehensive IoT app development services, right from ideation of the concept to its development, deployment, maintenance and support.
  • Technology Expertise
    Our seasoned team of experts has a rich skill set that makes us capable of building reliable IoT-based applications.
  • Client-centric Approach
    As we follow a client-centric approach, our aim is to cater customized IoT applications that match the specific needs of the client's business.
  • Proven Methodology
    We adhere to a proven methodology which focuses on building flawless solutions that are always delivered on time.

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