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In today’s mobile-driven world, it’s very important to take your business to your customers’ pockets. By integrating GPS, social media, payment methods, push notifications, event calendar, and other important features, we create restaurant apps that cater to all the needs of your restaurant business as well as your diners.

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Partner with Us to Create a Next-gen Restaurant App

Partner with Us to Create a Next-gen Restaurant App

Restaurant apps have made dining experiences much better and easier than before. We can now have our favorite delicacies delivered right at our doorsteps. Restaurant app creates an online dining space for the users where they can select their favorite dishes, order it, and pay it online or when delivered. Restaurant apps are growing exponentially and have made a special space in the smartphone menu of many food lovers. Every restaurant has its own unique set of requirements that cannot be fulfilled by readymade apps, thereby compelling the staff to adapt according to the app. This calls for custom restaurant app development solutions that can cater to the unique requirements of restaurants.

Our restaurant app development services are aimed at helping restaurants with tailored app solutions that can meet all the requirements of their business. At Mobibiz, we have a team of the most seasoned app developers who have esteemed experience working with a diverse range of platforms, devices, and frameworks which makes our company the premier choice of clients in pursuit of robust, user-friendly, feature-rich and secure restaurant apps that deliver an impeccable user experience.

We Plate Up Restaurant App Solutions to Help You Serve Your Guests More Efficiently

Right from your restaurant’s base kitchen to your customers, we know exactly how to make a fully-functional restaurant app for you. Our well-designed app solutions make brands synonymous with frantic food and dining experiences. If you’re looking for reliable restaurant solutions, we are here to help you out with our top-of-the-line restaurant app development services irrespective of your business model.

  • Restaurant Finder App Development
  • On-premise Food Order POS Development
  • Food Delivery App Development
  • Food Ordering App Development
  • Restaurant Discounts App Development
  • Inventory Management Solutions Development
  • Restaurants Web Portals
We Plate Up Restaurant App Solutions to Help You Serve Your Guests More Efficiently
We Craft Solutions with a Perfect Balance of Innovation & Value

We Craft Solutions with a Perfect Balance of Innovation & Value

Mobibiz is renowned in the restaurant app development business. We understand the user persona, employ cutting-edge tools and technologies, and provide flexible engagement models, best market price, and excellent client service through the project development span.

We aim at redefining the dining experience of users by simplifying the online food order and delivery process. By offering the best of dine-in and online food delivery apps, we have become the most reliable restaurant app development company for our prestigious clients.

We are backed by a team of top-notch app developers who have successfully delivered apps that are trending on play stores and constantly generating revenue for the app makers. By partnering with Mobibiz, your brand and ROI will know no bounds. At Mobibiz, we not only make your dreams into reality but also make it profitable.

You Have an Idea, We Have a Way to Turn It Into a Profitable Reality

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We Add All the Ingredients to Make Your Restaurant App Better

We know exactly what it takes to build a robust, feature-rich, and intuitive restaurant app for your business. We include features that combine to make restaurant app development strategic

Send Location-based Offers

By integrating GPRS feature in your app, you can send location-based offers to your app users. So, whenever a customer is within the proximity of your restaurant or one of its branches, they’ll receive messages that your restaurant is nearby and should visit it. They will also get restaurant directions and reservation options, right from the app.

Share Reviews via Social Media

Allow your customers to write a review about your restaurant’s service and food items, and share them via social media feature that will be integrated into your restaurant app. This can help you in gaining brand recognition and will boost your sales significantly.

Run loyalty programs

Send privileged offers to your loyal customers who use your app very often. By rewarding your loyal customers with promotion codes, special offers and discounts, and sending an advance notification about any upcoming event in your restaurant, you can make your customers valued and feel special. Your loyal customers wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your mobile app to their family and friends.

Maintain Customer Base

Your restaurant app will be integrated with a tracking feature that will keep track of people who viewed, visited, or downloaded your app. With the app, you can gather contact details and maintain a comprehensive database to run targeted marketing campaigns.

Easy Food Menu Display

We design restaurant apps that come with a pleasing layout of your food items, complete with attractive images and engagement features. User can also mark their favorite dishes and do advanced filters by price, cuisine, and taste preferences.

Quick Table Reservations

Your restaurant app can make table reservations much easier and faster for customers. The record will automatically update in real-time, thereby optimizing your app’s performance and allowing reduction of wait time, especially during busy festive or holiday seasons.

Maintain Event Listing

A calendar will be integrated into your restaurant app to help you manage and maintain event listings such as cuisine days, DJ nights, food festivals, jamming nights, and more. Thereafter, the app will send advanced notifications to your customers using your app so that your restaurant is houseful on any special occasion.

Send Push Notifications

We develop smart restaurant mobile application that sends out automated push notifications to customers about special offers, upcoming events, redeeming loyalty points, and more. These notifications prove to be more effective than mail notifications or hard flyers and are relatively affordable.

We Blend in Integrations to Make Your Restaurant App Interactive, Scalable, and Engaging

Our industry’s best practices and integration choices make us one of the most trusted restaurant app development companies committed to delivering highly interactive, scalable, and engaging apps for businesses.

Eye-catching Push Messages

We help you overcome your business, market, and product positioning challenges by creating a product that adds to your brand value.

Cross-platform Compatible Apps

We create apps that perfectly open and run on multiple platforms, ensuring a delightful experience for both Android and iOS users.

Apps Embedded with Media Content

We embed high-quality images, videos, animations, and other media content into your app for rich and visually-appealing user experience.

Referral Feature for Boosting Customer loyalty

Allow your customers to send referral links to their near and dear ones for downloading and installing the app and earning reward points.

Referral Code System for More Customer Engagement

Send personalized promotions or offers with locked-in coupon codes to new and loyal customers to keep them engaged and improve your sales.

Multiple Online Payment Options

Let your customers enjoy a cashless and secure dining experience by providing them with multiple payment options such as digital wallets, online transfers, card payments, or coupon redemption.

Frequently Asked Questions

A restaurant app will help you in managing tables that will save you a lot of time and energy for growing your business.

Yes, you should consider investing in mobile apps as it is a great way to aggregate all your partnered restaurants at a single place and gain more diners.

Yes, of course. We will help you market your app and make sure that we will follow the whole marketplace regulations and practices for getting instant approval of your app from Apple’s App Store or Google Play Store.

Yes, you can easily integrate your preferred local languages in your app. Besides, the app can be fully customized according to your requirements.

Yes, we will hand over the entire source code of the customized as well as advanced restaurant app.

The development cost of a restaurant depends on the features and technologies required. Only after the initial project discussion and the client’s budget, the development cost estimate can be prepared.

We would be working adhering to the stringent deadlines for achieving short-term development milestones. Depending on your requirements, it would take about 6-7 weeks to deliver the end-product to clients.