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The healthcare industry comprises of a complex ecosystem, with caregivers, organizations, and third-party providers working together to deliver collaborative care to the patients. There are also challenges related to compliance and security of patient records. In the past few years, the industry has witnessed technological proliferation that has simplified healthcare and improved the standard of patient care manifold. Healthcare mobile apps, in particular, have made a far-reaching impact on the way patients are treated today. Investing in such an app is, therefore, no longer a choice but a compulsion for providers and organizations.

At Mobibiz, we bring mobility into healthcare with advanced mobile apps that transform the way services are delivered to the patients. From doctors to hospitals, clinical labs, pharmacies, and insurance providers, we build apps that connect them all with the patients so that they can avail exceptional services anywhere and at any time. Our professional developer team has extensive experience in health app development, making them capable of understanding the unique requirements of this domain and enriching solutions with the right features.

Benefits Of Healthcare Apps

How Mobility Empowers The Healthcare Industry?

Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement

Mobility enhances the patient engagement as it connects the patients with caregivers anytime and from anywhere, so that they can get a quick and reliable diagnosis and treatment.

Virtual Appointments and Consultations

Virtual Appointments and Consultations

The concept of virtual appointments and consultations have been translated into reality as mobile apps have made it possible for patients to connect with specialists in remote locations with tele-appointments and consultations.

Maintenance of Patient Records

Maintenance of Patient Records

Mobile applications facilitate maintenance of patient records so that clinicians can access them anytime for future references and for research purposes as well. Additionally, they ensure the security of these records.

Delivery of Collaborative Care

Delivery of Collaborative Care

Delivery of collaborative care is another key benefit that mobility brings to the industry as it enables the creation of a multi-disciplinary healthcare team that can deliver comprehensive care to the patient.

Patient Education

Patient Education

While wearable apps empower users with self-monitoring capability, reminder apps generate awareness about condition symptoms, dosage timings, missed doses, and refill requirements. In this way, they serve as reliable patient education tools.

Facilities Management Solutions

Facilities Management Solutions

Enterprise-level apps enable healthcare facilities to manage their operations for better efficiency and reduced costs. They also facilitate management of workforce, equipment, patient records, and more.

Our Solutions

Mobile Apps We Develop Cater For The Healthcare Industry

  • Mobile Consulting Apps
  • Appointment Booking Apps
  • Patient Diagnostic Apps
  • Healthcare Record Apps
  • Wearable Fitness Apps
  • Nutrition Apps
  • Medicine Delivery Apps
  • Activity Tracking Apps
  • Insurance Claims Management Apps
  • Healthcare Workforce Management Apps
  • Hospital Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Our Expertise

Features That Every Healthcare Apps Must Have

  • Easy Registration/Login

  • Structured Navigation

  • Interactive Search

  • Remote Appointments

  • Remote Consultation

  • Remote Monitoring

  • Push Notification Reminders

  • Secure Patient Records

  • Online Chat Feature

  • One-Touch Call

  • Patient Referrals

  • Dosage Calculators

  • Location-Based Tracking

  • Reviews and Recommendations

  • Payment gateway integration

Why Choose Us?

The Key Differentiators That Set Us Apart

Extensive experience in working with clients from the healthcare domain
Numerous successful healthcare mobile apps created till date
App solutions focused on enhancing the standards of patient care
A proficient team of qualified Android and iPhone developers
Commitment to delivering quality-oriented apps within timelines
Tailored apps made according to the unique requirements of the clients
Expertise in all the mobile platforms and technologies
Competitive pricing along with flexible engagement models
Innovative solutions with technologies such as IoT, Beacons, and wearables

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