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eLearning is getting adopted and has gained popularity because it has enhanced the way how educational sector used to be. Tech has brought beneficial enhancemnet where they can download educational apps and get assistance from there. Implement an education-based app into your service to ensure ease of education, save high amount on education, and focus more on devoting activities that can lead educational journey to heights.

Mobibiz, has been offering result-driven educational based app that can accelerate the educational journey. Our app developers have worked in various niches that fall under the umbrella of educational app development process and make sure to incorporate all the latest trends into the project. So, that clients can be well-versed with the latest tech.

Also providing solutions that can assist you to get the best educational app development services to enhance your boundaries in the educational sector. As one of the reputed educational app development companies, we ensure to deliver an eLearning solution that can enhance the overall education process and assist your enterprise to climb the ladder of success in providing educational based app . 

Educational App Development Services

Offering an integrated cluster of learning elements and solutions that can deliver elevated support to make you a prominent educational app development company among your competitors.

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E-Learning App

Offering comprehensive space for our clients where we develop a space where all collective chapters and FAQs are presented with enriched multimedia content. Seekers can seamlessly get quality education, from their comfort space. The app provides a plethora of options which makes learning more personalized. 

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Leadership and Management Development App 

Fostering aspiring managers with our app which is curated to provide content that can reformulate leadership skills. For enhanced communication to critical thinking, users can easily look for resources that can lead to professional growth and accelerate the overall process. 

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School Management System App 

The school management system app will help you with your overall educational-related tasks. Where they can manage the overall administrative system, have a conversation with the parents, track the overall attendance and check the grades. 

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Onboarding and Orientation App

Manage the onboarding process with the incorporation of our orientation app. It will be guiding new employees with a smooth intro to your company's culture, rules and overall operations for a smooth process creating an easy window to your overall firm's process.  

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Corporate Learning App 

Businesses always want their employees to be brushed up with the latest tech that can assist them in fulfilling their tasks aptly. And our corporate learning app provides customized courses and workshops to enhance the employee's knowledge and productivity. 

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Language Learning App 

Mastering language is now a piece of cake with our user-friendly language-learning app. Where we deliver creative lessons, teach the correct pronunciation, and provide insights into the culture. So, that users can seamlessly communicate in diverse linguistic scenarios. 

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ETO C Learning App 

Designed for engineering, tech, and overcoming other tough subjects, with the incorporation of our ETO C learning app that works on delivering specially crafted courses that can simulate, grab an essence of virtual labs and to get a real-world experience. 


Training and Skill Development App 

Providing you with a various training and skill-based program catered to your development app. Be it technical skills, soft skills, or other training programs, users can easily plan out and seek new options that can act as golden opportunities in users' careers. 


On-Demand E-Learning App 

Delivering needs as per the requirement of the changing world, our on-demand eLearning app provides users with a space where they can learn as per their wish. With a large library of recorded lessons and guides, it can seamlessly fit according to your schedule. 

Empower Education Industry with Cutting Edge Technolgy Solutions

Delivering enhanced solutions that can offer you trending tech solutions for your educational journey to praise the usage of the technological innovation so that one does not miss any moment to bring the newness. 

Artificial Learning / ML
Get customized solution for your Edtech where you can get AI-empowered edtech solution for your institute. Where you can get customized learning solutions around automation grading, various language support and many more.
Willing to lead in the educational industry then get in touch with us. Where we will be offering you an interactive learning experience that can take your educational app to heights.
Cloud Computing
Use the cloud technology for your education app to keep it connected and in flow, which enhances the overall flow while trying to operate on other devices this way it will be stable for the usage.
Big Data Analytics
Incorporate the usage of big data analytics where you can get all the picks and insights from your app to understand the overall patterns, can anticipate the student’s performance, get feedback and a smooth learning spree.
Boost your performance with embedded software where you can easily keep track of your real estate project for your institute. This way, you will have full-fledged control over various things by being safe and secure.

Get an Ease into Your Educational Journey through Our Seamless Process 



We engage with the clients, understand their needs, objectives, goals and requirements. Discuss their target audience and come up with needed features.  

Requirement Analysis


Conducting a deep analysis process where we collect info and make sure that every feature is incorporated using the user goals and needs in mind. 

Concept & Planning


Brainstorming ideas by knowing the needs of the clients and then coming up with the app’s structure. And share the detailed roadmap with the potential client.  



The talented designers from our team crafts robust user interfaces (UI) that can easily focus on providing clients with pleasant designs as per the brand's need.  



After the thorough testing process, we incorporate the deployment phase. And our team provides a seamless process from development to making it live.  



The team carry out the testing process for a smooth process. We incorporate confined testing, which includes usability, compatibility and performance.  

Quality Assurance 


For us, quality is the utmost crucial. Where our testers check the overall process, performance and security. We clear the glitches before the delivery of the project.  



Utilizing the newest tech and carrying out the apt practices. Where profound developers can easily turn your design concepts into functionality.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Education is the most crucial substance of this present era, where everyone keeps talking about the need for education and why one should incorporate it. And will the growing tech world, it's also crucial to switch to eLearning to avoid being behind in the race. And investing in the eLearning app is always a smart decision.

  • The crucial features that any educational-based app should have are, an admin panel, content management system, third-party integration, securing the overall interface, adding filters, and many more.

  • Look, the cost of developing an app depends upon your requirements, like what features you're willing to add into your app. However, the cost of educational apps starts from $50,000 to $70,000. Connect with our team, share your requirements, and get the estimated price chart.

  • It depends upon the requirement, whether you are willing to get it developed from scratch or willing to change a few sections. The cost incorporates complex design, delivery needs, testing process, and many more stuff.

  • Yes, you can easily hire the developers on an hourly basis or depending upon the task. We are always there to cater according to your needs.

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