Making Defence Systems Stronger With Mobile Apps

Defence and aerospace are perhaps the most critical areas for any nation as they directly influence the national security. The defence and aerospace establishments, therefore, always need to be on their toes so that they can combat security threats and be technologically sound as well. The adoption of the latest technologies has been regarded as the key to the strategic success of defence organizations. Moving in this direction, most of them are investing in defence app development services to ensure that they get the mobility advantage to strengthen their presence.

We, at Mobibiz, are a leading name in the mobile application development space. Our team includes seasoned iPhone and Android app developers who are capable of building mission-critical mobility solutions for defence and aerospace segment. We understand the strategic significance of these apps and deliver impactful solutions that enhance the efficiency and security of these organizations manifold.

Benefits of Defence Apps

How Mobile Apps Strengthen Defence and Aerospace

Mobile Advantage

Seamless Communication

Mobile applications serve as a reliable channel of communication between soldiers and pilots so that they can be connected all time, irrespective of their geographical location.

Enhanced Revenues

Remote Training

With technologies like AR and VR, these apps can be empowered to deliver remote simulative training to the soldiers and fighter pilots through so that they can handle any contingencies.


Health Monitoring

The health of the soldiers and pilots is crucial for the defence systems; with wearable applications, it is possible to monitor their health in real-time and provide proactive treatment where needed.

Payment Security

Situational Awareness

Smart mobility solutions drive situational awareness for the soldiers and pilots as they empower them with the information from the battlefield or airspace so that they can be ready for any emergency situations.


Monitoring and Maintenance

They enable defence personnel to monitor the ground and air as well as offer allied information for maintenance of defence and aerospace equipment so that they are always in the best condition.

Our Solutions

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  • IoT Apps
  • AR and VR Apps
  • Location-Based Apps
  • Wearable Apps
  • Flight Manual Apps
  • Flight Log Apps
  • Defence Mobility Solutions

Our Expertise

We create strategic mobility solutions with extensive features

  • Secure User Login

  • Easy to Use Admin Control Panel

  • Personal User Accounts

  • Advanced Search

  • Seamless Navigation

  • In-app Messaging

  • Push Notifications

  • Live Chat

  • GPS Based Location Services

  • Training Manuals

  • AR/VR Integration

  • IoT Integration

What Choose Us For Defence and Aerospace App Development

Complete understanding of the industry and its strategic requirements
A seasoned team of highly skilled Android and iPhone developers
Proficiency in the prevalent mobile technologies and trends
Commitment to delivering highest quality within stipulated timelines
Constant availability for round-the-clock communication and support
Flexible engagement models that can be adapted to the client's needs
Custom apps that are meant to improve efficiency and strengthen security
Adherence to the security protocols of defence and aerospace organizations

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