Our Development Process

We, the team members at Mobi biz follow a systematic and proven methodology throughout the software development life-cycle. The important phases of the development are briefed below.

Meeting with the clients:

process -1

Mobi biz team members meet the clients, comprehend the essentials of the project, provide a demo of any related project. Further, project managers along with the team members chalk out a plan, set guidelines, milestones, and expectations.

Statement of work:

process -2

We provide a synopsis of the project for your acceptance. Once the statement of work is signed, a crystal clear detailed project document will be prepared.

Creation of Wireframe:

process -3

We create a skeletal framework of the app, work in close association throughout the process to get a complete idea of the project, and finalize the product blueprint.

Design of the Application:

process -4

Our designers build the design of the app with beautiful user interface and a unique appealing design.

Designing app architecture:

process -5

Our developers follow an agile and proven methodology in designing APIs, memory management, caching and ensure execution. This is simultaneously carried out with the app design.

Development & Integration:

process -6

Our Mobile app development team create your app, integrate web services, & update you the progress against the milestones. We generally divide the project into modules and test for functionalities as and when a module work gets completed. We follow the standard guidelines from the initial stage so that it gets easily approved.


process -7

We do a rigorous testing process for functionality and performance module-wise, and also at the end phase of the development. The created app would be sent for you that could be installed on the device and analyze the progress.
We help you test your app with the use of TestFlight SDK. We send you e-mail link to download the app for Android and provisional version through UDID for iPhone.

App Launch

process -8

We help you launch the app successfully and execute the marketing plan to promote the app.



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