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Mobile app adoption has skyrocketed in the last few years. This unstoppable rise has opened up new opportunities for businesses to grow. Companies must move to cross-platform app solutions to effectively capitalize on the newly offered opportunities instead of platform-specific ones. At Mobibiz, we help clients build cross-platform mobile applications that deliver outstanding performance without compromising quality. We help clients save time, effort, and money by building only a single mobile application that runs seamlessly on multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, and more, eliminating the need to create two or three, or even more, platform-specific applications for the same purpose.

Flutter App Development Services

Name It, Gain It With Our Cross-Platform App Development

We never failed to satisfy any of our clients regarding Cross-Platform mobile development. Experts in our team are proficient and adept enough to build anything you want with full perfection.

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Get yourself an application apt to your Android devices to use seamlessly to fulfill the purpose you have in mind.


We are familiar with every aspect of iOS thus building an app for you is like a child’s play for us.


Need an app for your Macbook, no worries unless you are with Mobibiz for cross-platform app development services.

Android TV

Let us build an app for you to Surf it on the big screen. Just put your demand and we can deliver the same in no time.

Not getting an app running everywhere? With Cross-platform app development, we make it possible for you!

What We Can Offer You Under Cross-Platform App Development to Serve You?

Place your hands on any of the highlighted services to become platform-perfect. Know what can come to you if you tap on our door.

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Cross-Platform App Development

We utilize advanced frameworks like Flutter, React Native, Kotlin, and more to build customized applications as per your business requirements, using a single codebase. Our apps are scalable, reliable, and can seamlessly run on multiple operating systems.

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Web-based Cross-platform Apps

We can build web applications that provide an app-like experience to users. Like a website, our apps can run on multiple platforms and devices. We build web applications using service worker technology that provides offline usage and caching support, ensuring a smooth user experience.

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AI-Integrated Cross-Platform Apps

With AI integration in cross-platform apps, our developers can unlock new levels of efficiency, productivity, and innovation. Our AI-integrated apps offer features such as chat automation, personalization, digital assistance, and more, improving the automation capabilities of the business.

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AR & VR Cross-platform apps

Our skilled developers are capable of building AR and VR cross-platform applications using various frameworks. These technologies can provide immersive and interactive experiences for users, creating a unique digital experience that blends the best of the physical and digital worlds.

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Quality Assurance & Testing

We emphasize quality assurance and testing to ensure that the applications we develop are free from bugs and issues. This includes testing for functionality, performance, security, and user experience. This helps in delivering reliable and high-quality cross-platform apps to our clients.

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Support & Maintenance

We provide ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure that clients' cross-platform applications continue to function smoothly. We also ensure that the apps are kept up to date with the latest updates and security patches, maintaining their reliability and security.

Business Benefits Of Implementing Cross-Platform App Development

Reduced Development Time

Cross-platform app development supports code reusability, enabling developers to write code once and deploy it across multiple platforms, thereby drastically cutting down on development time and effort.

Reach a Wider Audience

Businesses can launch their Cross-Platform Mobile Apps on multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows, simultaneously. This enables businesses to reach more customers, independent of the type of device they are using.

Lower Development Cost

Developing a cross-platform mobile application is like building two or more apps simultaneously. It requires a smaller team of developers, reducing the development costs by at least 50%.

Streamlined Maintenance and Updates

With a single code base to manage, updates and bug fixes can be streamlined and applied to multiple platforms simultaneously, reducing the maintenance efforts and ensuring consistence performance across multiple devices.

Consistent User Experience

Cross-platform development helps keep the look feel and behavior of the application intact, ensuring a consistent user experience across multiple platforms. This helps in maintaining a brand image as users are less confused

Easy Customization

Cross-platform app development follows the ‘Write Once, Run Everywhere’ principle. This makes changes and customization easier in cross-platform applications, as developers only need to make minor changes in a single code.

Development Services We Offer

Your Ideal Stop for All Solutions of Cross-Platform App Development

Being a reputed player of Cross-platform app development services, we can make any kind of solution for you as per your choice by taking care of your pocket as well.

  • Utility Apps
  • Customer Services Apps
  • News & Media Apps
  • Real Estate Apps
  • Financial Apps
  • Entertainment Apps
  • Food Delivery Apps
  • Educational Apps
  • eCommerce Apps

A Look at Our Flow of Cross-Platform App Development Services

To ensure that whatever solution we deliver should be of the utmost quality, we create some milestones in our process of imparting cross-platform application development services. Know how we move to fulfill your expectations.

Ideation and Planning

The foremost thing we do is to have a meeting with clients to have clarity on what they want to prepare a plan to proceed further.

Designing & Development

The next step that we took was to design the app according to the plan and then develop it to bring all things together in functionality.

Testing & Deployment

Once everything is prepared, we do thorough testing to make it right for deployment at the needed stages.

Maintenance and support

We know that our task is not finished yet thus we remain with the client for the maintenance and support they will need in case of any issue or trouble.

Tech & Tools We Hold

Mobibiz as a renowned Cross-platform app development company able to mark its presence at this stage because of the digital toolkit we hold.

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Elevate the Status of Your Cross-Platform Mobile App With Flawless Integrations

  • beaconAccessibility Feature Integration
  • beaconQR & Barcode Scanning
  • beaconLBS (Location Based Service) Integration
  • beaconPayment Gateway Integration
  • beaconFile Management Integration
  • beaconIoT Integration
  • beaconVideo & Audio Streaming Integration
  • beaconVoice Recognition & AI Integration
  • beaconSocial Media Sharing & Authentication

Why Mobibiz?

Showing trust in us will let you gain impeccable Cross-platform app development services. We have expertise in creating powerful, robust, and dynamic applications that can run on a wide range of devices without any hindrance. We can deliver an outcome that can’t go unnoticed by anyone no matter what the platform, devices, and industry are.

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Development Services We Offer

Domains We Cater To

We call Cross-platform app development services our forte and our experts are truly seasoned in providing such services to you without even considering to what domain or industry you belong. We ensure that whatever we impart as our services will not distort your industry at all.

Flexibility To Hire Is In Your Hands!

Mobibiz takes care of the clients thus giving you the choice to hire us as per your budget and needs for cross-platform development.

Fixed Budget

According to this model to have us, you have to pay a fixed amount. Under this alternative, our developers will follow certain practices and standards of the top level that don’t permit us to cut down our costs even by a penny.

  • Price as per the quality of the work
  • Cost levied based on the requirement that you have
  • No hidden cost
  • Supreme level of working practices

Time & Material

Following this model, it appears that there is no fixed budget or period. You need to pay for the hours our geeks spend completing your project.

  • Consultation to Understand the requirements
  • Receive timely updates
  • Acquire value for the time that we spent on your project
  • Only pay for the total working hours instead of anything else

Cloud Team

You can hire a dedicated team of your choice from our side for cross-platform app development by picking this engagement model. Here, you get the privilege as well to make modifications in real-time.

  • Updates in real-time
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Dedicated and personalized team
  • No static deadline

A Few Stats About Us

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Appreciation from Our Clients!

We are thinking of having a mobile app that can run smoothly on both iOS and Android. For this, we approached Mobibz and they let us gain what we exactly wanted i.e., a robust cross-platform app that saved us both time and money. Their team is so professional that they remain with us throughout the entire process for our needs.

Jaikar Bhasin, MD, Yirstly Technologies

I am thankful to the entire team of Mobibiz for giving us top-notch cross-platform app development services. Right from the start till the end phase of deployment, they remained with us with the same level of dedication and attention to detail. Because of them now our app makes us stand above the clutter.

Rasika Duggal, Co-Founder, Nil Innovations

The problem we are facing is integration and we don’t have expertise in the same. Then, we came across Mobibiz for Cross-platform mobile app development and it was our best decision so far. They keep us updated about every step of the process and ensure to complete the project on time. We couldn’t be more glad with the outcome they delivered to us.

Amit Bhatia, Tech Lead, Reaping Solutions Private Ltd

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If you want to gain the best cross-platform application development, you can rely on us without any worry. Our experts are seasoned with React Native, Xamarin, and Flutter. We have years of experience in delivering exceptional cross-platform apps that are scalable, feature-loaded, and user-friendly.

  • Mobibiz as the best cross-platform app development company ensures to maintain a high level of transparency thus, don’t pose any hidden charges for Cross-platform app Development. We have flexible pricing or hiring alternatives and you are only liable to pay for the services that you attain from our side.

  • Some of the main benefits that can make a difference are as follows:

    • Less cost for the project
    • Powerful backend frameworks
    • High level of performance across multiple devices
    • Reduction in time of development
    • Smooth Synchronization on all platforms
  • Each of the highlighted alternatives comes up with its pros and cons regarding performance, speed, accuracy, scalability, and more. On one hand, Flutter is quite known for rendering native apps only by writing a single codebase. In contrast, React Native is quite popular for its high efficiency. All in all, the decision to pick one mainly depends on your requirements.