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A chatbot is an AI-powered conversational interface that is capable of elevating the user experience by serving as a smart virtual assistant. Integration of chatbots into websites, mobile apps, and social messaging platforms have become a norm today. Chatbots leverage the technologies of natural language processing and machine learning to understand the users and deliver contextual answers to their queries. With this, they not only ease the browsing experience but also serve as a reliable alternative to human customer support services. Consequently, chatbots become a necessity for businesses that want to automate repetitive and standardized marketing tasks and raise the bar of customer experiences across all the touch points.

Mobibiz brings advanced chatbot solutions that serve the comprehensive needs of businesses from across diverse industry verticals. The intelligent virtual assistants we create transform the way that brands showcase themselves across the web, mobile, and social channels. Besides building the ones that enhance customer experiences, we also create bots that enable businesses to streamline their processes for improved operational efficiencies. We have a team that has expertise in the field of Artificial Intelligence, which makes us capable of creating reliable chatbot solutions. Join hands with us and render the most amazing experiences for your customers.

Key Features Delivered In Our Chatbot Solutions

Conversational Assistants

Smart conversational interfaces that are capable of understanding the customer's language and tone and interacting with them in a human-like manner

Seamless Integration

Solutions that integrate seamlessly with the existing setup so that they render flawless customer experiences as soon as they are deployed

Revenue Growth

By improving the customer experiences, these smart virtual assistants boost conversions and propel the revenue growth for the business

Enhanced Efficiency

As chatbots empower businesses with the knowledge about customer preferences and enable automation, they drive an enhancement in the overall efficiency

NLP Capabilities

Bots have Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities that allow them to understand the customer's language, expression, and tone

Brand Loyalty

With higher customer engagement and reliable customer support, they drive brand loyalty and build stronger relationships with the customers

Industry Applications Of Chatbots

The chatbot solutions we create are meant to empower cross-domain businesses


Seamless customer support available round-the-clock

Increase in customer engagement

Delivery of personalized experiences

Higher conversions and happy shoppers

Branding support for the business


Better patient care with empowered clinical decisions

Accurate preliminary diagnosis

Easy appointment booking

Fewer clinical errors

Reliable treatment plans


Banking becomes simplified and convenient

Automation of banking operations

Redressal of queries and complaints

Personalized service assistants

Physical location (banks and ATM) assistants

Manufacturing and Retail

Automation in operations for higher productivity

Reliable inventory tracking

Better process management

Enhanced operational efficiency

Reduced operational costs

Travel and Hospitality

Smarter travel experiences with smart assistants

Personalized recommendations

24/7 customer support

Travel reminders

Management of travel plans

Real Estate

Property buying, renting, and selling made easier

Analysis of customer preferences

Delivery of personalized recommendations

Automated human-like conversations

Advanced messaging for updates

Our Process

Being a chatbot development company, we bring end-to-end chatbot development services to deliver effective chatbot-based solutions.

Bot identity creation

Creation of a persona of the chatbot while understanding the target audience and the way in which they are to be handled.

Selection of the processing language

Choosing the right platform for managing the language processing to ensure the seamless running of the bot.


Writing the code to connect the chatbot with APIs or external databases and create an extensive flow between them.

Integration with the app

Connecting the chatbot with the desired channel (application or website) so that it is available for the customers.

Chatbot testing

Testing the chatbot stringently to evaluate the parameters such as efficiency, the correctness of response, and latency timing.


Launching the chatbot, optimizing its response time, monitoring, and maintaining it to ensure seamless performance all the time.

Our Expertise

Chatbot Development Platforms That We Use

semantic machines
kik codes

Why Choose Us

At Mobibiz, we emerge as a leading technology partner that delivers reliable and high-tech chatbots solutions

Chatbot Development Gurgaon

Comprehensive Services

We offer comprehensive chatbot development services, right from ideation of the concept to its development, deployment, maintenance and support.

Technology Expertise

Our seasoned team of professionals has a rich skill set and extensive technology expertise that makes us capable of building reliable chatbot solutions.

Client-centric Approach

As we follow a client-centric approach, we believe in creating customized bot solutions that match the specific needs of the client's business and its customers.

Proven Methodology

We follow a proven methodology that aims to build flawless solutions that are always delivered within the stipulated timelines of the project.

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