Case Study

Pocket Pandit

Pocket Pandit

The New AgeWarehousing Pvt. Ltd., our client wished to have a fruitful effort on bringing up the Indian principles and doctrines to the public under the guidance of the great scholar, Acharya Ramanuj Ji. As a representation, we developed an iOS and Android musical app, a virtual Durga Saptashati recital by the Acharya Ramanuj Ji. It depicts the Shakti Dharma through the sacred chants of Goddess Durga, ritual practices, and more. The major beneficial features of the app includes easy and fast download; compressed streaming due to small size of the app; creation of favorite playlist; no ads interruption; bookmark feature; safe and secure download; offline capabilities, read while listening; and so forth.

VetsField App

Our client, a well known Veterniary Doctor in the city had an inclination to expand his love and service for pet animals beyond geographical limits, as a part of his profession, research, and service. An app was built to facilitate service for their global clients. As a result, the users are now able to send textual, audio or video clips of their pets and seek medical advice, receive the best treatment for infrequent type of ailments, mild and comfortable treatment for their pets without the need to stand in the long queue, or face inconvenience in taking their pets to the respective clinics.

SRS Grocery

The SRS Group has entered into the e-commerce era recently with the launch of online website for their groceries and wanted to improve sales deals. We offered a simple, yet technical solution to boost the sales and profit of the said grocery shop. The newly developed app has increased their market penetration with more downloads, signups, increased publicity through social sharing. Further, has rendered way to send personalized relevant notifications, abandoned carts as they are able to understand user behaviour. And from user perspective, it is quite intuitive, easy to operate even by the non-tech housewives.

China Southern Airlines

Client was looking forward to make an IOS app for Flight management system. As of the present scenario, information was collected via different ways (email, excel, etc.) and was filed accordingly. The requirement for an app was of a kind which would give the client a possibility to collect all information about the flights in one system. The app needs to collect information about every departed flight with a history of 1 year; so that the client and the team can fill in all the information on their own after the flight has departed. At the same time it should be easy and clear for everybody to look up and see relevant information.

Apps Demo

As an active participant in Mobile advertisement and buy media, our client wanted to move into mobile space to make it easier for end user to decide which app is best suited for them. The challenge was to create an IOS and Android app that would help end user make choice and demo of app before downloading or purchasing it. The application also needed to have the technical capabilities that would help people to make healthy choice before downloading or purchasing any app. The app would also need to fetch demo on real time and allow user to use it and share their experience also Client wanted an admin dashboard to show each and every activity of end user like opens, re-opens, start demo, finish demo, click to app store.


Jumpedal is an Android mobile application from Jumpedal Corporation, providing loss less digital compression processes for mobile data. The company aims at providing the “perfect” digital compression processes, in addition to looking forward to sponsor the products that can empower IT infrastructure in order to attain the unaccomplished levels of performance. After getting the precise set of requirements (via multiple emails) from the client, we began with our role, which was quite major comparatively. The client as well as we did want the application to provide the best compression results to its users. At the same time, the application must do well in terms of performance when run on the compatible platform. We are glad to attain desired results and equally gratifying feedback from the client.


Armada International, a leading defence magazine published internationally since 1976, is availabile as an android mobile application since December 2014 mid. Upon installing this app on your android smartphone, one can have a complete on the go go-through of the magazine in a way comparable to how it is read in real-time. Well, this indeed was what we aimed at to attain in the beginning. Keeping the outstanding layout quality and print of the magazine in spotlight, we did accomplish the lifelong valuable relationship with the client by providing them their desired android mobile application, which now is available on the Google's Play Store. We are more than happy to receive the ever convincing appreciation from Armada International.

Church Blaze

Churchblaze is a leading christian community, which is aimed at connecting all the Christians across the globe. Registered in Kenya, the company Churchblaze Ltd. operates in South Africa too. The accessibility of a social network on the go is something we can call amazing in the age of smart phones. We, as a website designing and development company, were extremely glad to get the noble opportunity to develop Churchblaze app for android devices. Though it made us contact to the client multiple times for getting the comprehensive set of requirements, it makes us proud indeed to be the one behind this noble deed. Thanks to Churchblaze for providing us such a great opportunity.

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