An Overview of Voicebot and Chatbot: How does it work? Why does it matter?

An Overview of Voicebot and Chatbot: how does it work, why does it matter

A voicebot is basically a conversational robot that is able to communicate with a person. You can also say that a voicebot is basically a virtual agent capable of decoding, understanding, and analyzing requests coming from a caller. After analyzing the request, it responds vocally which is commonly called “natural language”. The crux of voicebot is artificial intelligence. AI is a set of technologies that assists robots in understanding human language. It is conveyed to the callers in words. Whenever you are checking out the difference between chatbot vs voicebot, there are a lot of unique features you will be open to accessing.

How does a voicebot function?

With a success rate of up to 98%, the voicebot has successfully understood, analyzed the type of requests, and responded to the caller. The moment someone speaks on voicebot, a system called, Voice Activity Detection (VAD) detects it. Then, the sound of the caller is interpreted into texts due to the presence of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR). And then the system called SST (speech-to-text) transforms the sound into written text.

Once it is transcribed into text, it is broadly analyzed by AI technology which is known as natural language understanding (NLU). This technique understands whatever the caller is saying and the intention of the requests.

At the final stage, it selects a perfect answer to the request and speaks to the caller. This process is possible because of the presence of the text-to-speech (TTS) technique. And the USP of this process is that all these activities happen just within a second.

Why Does it Matter for Businesses?

Why does voicebot matter for business

A connection is built using voicebot:

Due to the contribution of a natural language program (NLP), voicebot has gradually developed, and it is enabling voicebot to manipulate human speech.  This is the technique that assists the voicebot to listen to and understand the language whatever requests come from the caller.  These days Artificial Intelligence is the core part of the communication world. AI smartly interprets any language on the basis of the selection of a certain set of keywords.

It helps in scaling up any business process:

It is a proven fact that humans can only reply to a maximum of three chats at one point in time. On the other hand, Chatbots can handle the end number of chats. Therefore, through the use of voicebots, companies can smoothly increase or decrease customer service on the basis of the number of calls or queries received. While counting on voicebot vs chatbot, you will get to observe scaling up of business revenues if you are choosing voicebot.

It is capable of handing over calls to a human agent:

Voicebots clearly understand and know when to hand over queries or calls to a human agent. However, there are some limitations of voicebot when there are constraints in offering the right and required answers to the customer. In spite of being super sophisticated and smart, it lacks credibility while there are some complicated queries that come in from the customer’s end.

There are a few specific keywords in the FAQs that voicebot picks up smartly and answers back. These FAQs might include return policies or business hours or information about some products. But, in case such questions or queries from the customer get complex, voicebot does not understand that and simply passes it to a human agent.

Voicebot helps in building customized relationships:

A concept of voice-based interactions opens up a new dimension in establishing a strong relationship with customers. This means, voicebots at first authenticate the customer on the basis of the query. After that, it uses the history of the customer previously and provides customized answers.

An interactive voicebot provides a smooth customer service experience. The conversational setting of voicebot technology improves the customer service experience. This is possible because humans by nature are more comfortable in voice-based interactions instead of in texts.

The use of voicebots lowers operational costs:

One of the major benefits of using voicebot is, it helps in boosting all present resources and simultaneously reduces contact rates. Computerized chats bypass the direct intervention of live agents. Once the agents are released from answering the queries, they can easily concentrate on other different customer concerns.

Voicebot ensures ease of integration

Voicebots can seamlessly and simply integrate with the telephony infrastructure and customer support technology stack. Because of this, self-service, autonomous options are quite sophisticated and give voicebots more power.

What is a Chatbot?

It is basically software that manipulates all human conversation or chatter through texts. Large market collaterals from business to customer and business to business are integrating chatbot technology into their websites. And the ratio of these customers is significantly increasing. It helps a business in many ways such as reducing excess costs, enabling companies to respond to all queries during the time when all live agents are unavailable, and finally, it provides better customer support.

How do Chatbots work?

There are two kinds of chatbots, one is stateful and the other one is stateless. There are different levels of complexity for both types. Now let’s understand the basic difference between Stateful and Stateless chatbots: Stateless chatbot reaches each of the interactions happening with different users. On the other hand, stateful goes back to all previous conversations with different users, analyses the requirement and gets back to the present conversation, and responds to new queries.

Businesses prefer to select Natural Language Processing (NLP) Technology prior to the decision they make about the implementation of chatbots. A speech recognition engine is required for the implementation of chatbot development services.

Why Does it Matter for Businesses?

Why does chatbot matter for business

Let’s take a deep dive into the next part of the article to understand the beneficial factors of chatbots, the challenges, the implementations, and the process of getting the most out of it.

Helps in generating quality leads

Your chatbots can already begin gathering leads for your marketing team before the actual chat even starts. In order to start the chat, the bot does this by requesting the visitor’s information. A chatbot also has the benefit of qualifying leads before handing them off to your salespeople or customer service staff. A bot can identify which leads fit which of your offerings by posing questions about the customer journey.

Increase the overall sales

In terms of sales and marketing, chatbot application development can be used for things like newsletter sign-up, promotions, offers and discounts, and information on loyalty programs. The AI chatbot can also direct customers to booking forms, inquiry forms, or other CTAs (calls to action) within the bot.

This technological adaptability enables businesses to use their eCommerce chatbot not just for customer service and support to answer frequently asked questions but also to boost consumer engagement and loyalty, retain customers, and ensure that there is an action suitable to each customer’s needs available instantly.

  • They visit another website if they can’t quickly and easily find what they’re looking for there.
  • The average time duration of a conversation on the chatbot will be longer. This type of conversation has a great impact on the chance of conversion of your product. The kind of question like, “Hello, how can I help you?” drags the attention of the visitors of your page. They prefer to stay on your page, learn about your products, look for what they want, and engage in conversation with you.

It assists in saving costs

Saving operational costs is another crucial benefit that chatbot offers. By automating all day-to-day tasks, it efficiently accomplishes tasks like answering all FAQs and confirming booking appointments. Taking the help of the customer support team it concentrates on many complex queries.

  • The integration of chatbot technology is a much more cost-saving factor than hiring an employee full-time, it saves all excess operational costs.
  • However, a team of expert agents needs to overlook the entire activity.
  •  It requires you to handle situations when there is a need to speed up the chatbot’s response time.

Increases customer engagement

It helps in serving virtual assistance for your valuable clients. By making the experience more interactive, bots can raise customer satisfaction. Your customers can interact with the chatbot and receive in-person support instead of perusing your eCommerce.

  • Based on the user’s input, bots provide information in more manageable chunks.
  • Customers will, as a result, be better informed than if they were to read a dull knowledge-based article and are more likely to stay interested.

Provides conversational marketing

Another important chatbot benefit is a conversational marketing strategy for your business. It helps in recommending products to customers and taking orders. Even better, you can personalize upcoming customer interactions by using the information gathered by bots in your email marketing campaigns. Additionally, they can bridge the communication gap between a customer who expresses interest in your products and the sales representative.

It Assists you in decreasing the bounce rate

How engaged users are with your content determines how frequently they leave your website. It is the proportion of users who leave your website after the first page has loaded. A chatbot’s ability to amuse and engage your audience while assisting them is a perk.

  • There are many areas where chatbots over power voicebots while checking out the differences between voicebot vs chatbot. Chatbot interaction increases user retention on your website, boosts SEO, and enhances the user experience.
  • If your bounce rate is high, it means that potential customers are leaving your site for one of your competitors because they couldn’t find what they were looking for.
  • By appearing just as a visitor is about to leave, a chatbot can assist with that.
  • They can easily provide a good discount code or offer assistance in locating the user’s desired item.

Helps in better customer insights

  • It has the ability to jolt down customer data like names, email addresses, and other details is another benefit of chatbots.
  • To find out how satisfied your customers are with your brand, you can also embed a customer satisfaction survey at the conclusion of the chatbot’s conversation.
  • Chatbots can gather customer feedback that will help you tailor your goods and services to better meet the needs of your target market.

What to choose between voicebot vs chatbot?

There are many areas where there is a vast difference between voicebot and chatbots. Voicebot technology is one which transforms verbal speech to text on any digital platform. To transform it, technology has to understand human language and be able to break it into words. And decoding it to human phonemes, it converts to texts.

On the other hand, a chatbot is used to communicate directly with the caller. The core difference between the two is the scope of accessing the two. Both technologies have their areas of differences. However, in spite of these differences, both these technologies are widely used across industries by different companies.

Wrapping Up

Today’s digital world is largely getting dependent on voicebot and chatbots. For a better communication process with the customers, it is important to integrate chatbots and voicebot to increase overall engagement with the brand. By now it is clear to you that both voicebot and chatbot have their unique contributing areas in the overall growth of a business. Companies integrate these two AI-driven technologies to enrich their customer service process.

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Is it Alexa a chatbot or a voicebot?

It offers conversational AI technology; it is enabled in Amazon Echo. It leverages you with magical interactions. Through the voice user interface, it can easily get into conversation with people effortlessly and answer queries generated from the user’s end.

What is the basic difference between a chatterbot and a chatbot?

Chatbot, is a computer program that helps in stimulating human conversation through text chats or voice commands. Chatbot is a short form of chatterbot, an enhanced AI feature that can be integrated through any major messaging application.

Is Google Assistant a chatbot?

Google Assistant is a voice-based assistance that enables a two-way conversation process. Initially, it was seen to be used on Google Home Smart speaker but later the use of it expanded to multiple platforms like iOS and Android apps.

Planning to integrate voicebot or chatbot?

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