Women Safety Application Development: An In-Depth Guide

women safety mobile app

While considering safety applications, women safety app help in improving women’s safety. People have created a variety of women’s safety apps based on their own or their loved ones’ experiences. When a user is in trouble, most apps help notify friends and family.

Furthermore, the apps can automatically record the incident in order to report the molestation in court. Other apps provide information about nearby medical facilities, guide users to the safest route, track options, identify crime hotspot areas, and much more.

Why safety app for women is essential?

As we all know, the modern world isn’t always safe for women, especially when filthy human predators are lost all around. It is critical for every woman to keep a protection option on hand that can provide spontaneous and realistic safety whenever and wherever it is required. With the best women’s safety app, a woman can immediately get a satisfactory, powerful defense against any crime and criminal.

Females simply want to install this operative women’s protection utility on their phones so that they can protect themselves. They will not be afraid of approximate protection and protection while traveling or at home. They can share their location with friends and family, as well as notify any emergency center for immediate assistance if the need arises.

Every 11 minutes, a woman or girl was killed in her home in 2020. In a year, this equates to 81,000 women. 58% of these victims were killed by a family member or partner.

The statistics effectively communicate the need for women’s security solutions in plain language. Aside from law enforcement and defense courses, one of the simplest and most effective solutions is to promote women safety app.

The target audience for the app is large enough to secure millions of downloads. However, the motivation for developing women’s security apps is not solely financial. Instead, it is more of a societal contribution to lowering female crime rates.

Top Features of Women Safety Apps that Must Consider

A women’s safety app should be feature-rich in order to serve its purpose. More features will undoubtedly attract more benefits and, as a result, more users to the app.

1. SOS Alert

When an unusual practice is observed, the app must have the ability to send an SOS alert.

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2. Location Sharing

The Women Safety App should enable the location-sharing feature to notify guardians of the current state.

3. GPS Tracking

To communicate the location history to guardians, the app should include a GPS tracking feature.

4. Data Management

The app stores user information. It could be location history, common routes, common stay time, and so on.

5. Family Safety Assist

The feature connects all family members so that they can stay informed about each other’s safety.

6. Location ETA

The feature allows for tracking the arrival time of concerned women in a particular place.

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7. Color Code for Danger Level

Hire mobile app developers to use different color codes to indicate the level of danger. The color red represents the danger zone, while the color green represents safer areas.

8. Voice Activation

One may not be able to press the buttons or activate any SOS. As a result, this feature enables the user to send an emergency message using only a voice command.

9. Add Close Ones

The user must be free to choose and add emergency contacts to the list.

10. Emergency SOS

In the event of an emergency, the Emergency SOS feature instantly sends a predefined message to the selected contacts.

11. Offline Mode

Misdeeds can take place anywhere, including areas with no internet. So, the app should have the capability to work entirely offline.

12. Location Tracking

Any personal safety or women safety app should have location tracking as a basic feature. This feature contributes to overall safety.

13. Crash Detection

If the subject is driving or riding, the app should include a feature that notifies emergency contacts of any accident, crash, collision, or another unusual occurrence.

14. Geofencing Feature

If you know where a family member is supposed to be or is not supposed to be, the geofencing feature allows you to receive notifications whenever the member enters or leaves the area.

15. Real-Time Update

The safety app can provide you with updates such as location, time of departure, the route taken, arrival time, on-route stoppage, and much more.

16. Family Safety Assistance

The feature creates a space where you can track the location of all family members and the places they’ve been, communicate with one another, share the location, and send SOS messages.

17. Feel Safe Even in A Taxi

Users can use this feature to send complete information, including the license plate number, to their SOS contacts and the police control room. The contacts and police will be following the vehicle at all times.

18. Self Defense Training

Many mobile app development service includes a self-defense training feature in which women are taught basic self-defense techniques. The lessons are mostly delivered via video sessions.

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1. What are the best personal safety apps for Android?

Here is the top list of the best women safety apps for 2022.

  • Watch Over Me
  • Kitestring
  • First Aid
  • Silent Beacon
  • Hollaback
  • React Mobile

2. What is the purpose of women safety app?

This app ensures women’s safety. It aids in identifying and contacting resources to assist in getting out of dangerous situations. When we are in danger, these reduce our risk and provide assistance by allowing us to send the location to our contacts.

3. What is the government doing for the safety of women?

A number of initiatives have been launched across states to monitor and track the timely resolution of crimes against women. Many innovative emergency response systems have also been developed to assist law enforcement in rescuing women in distress.

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