How Entertainment Mobile Apps Are Impacting The Industry

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The rise of entertainment mobile app is reflected in terms of millions and billions that the industry is making these days. A rapid rise in binge-watching enables people to watch their favorable movies, web series, and shows, and even watch live match streaming while on the go.

Just like mobile apps have revolutionized the retail, travel, financial, banking, logistics, and other sectors. Even the entertainment industry completely relies on the rapid proliferation of mobile app development to provide seamless content to users. The unexpected pandemic situation became the major flag bearer for the extensive usage and on-demand entertainment apps. The entertainment sector relies big time on such applications to introduce new releases and further plan to create interesting & easy to access the content.

In this blog, you will come to the informative details regarding the revolution of mobile apps in the entertainment sector. And how a reliable entertainment app development company can help build a feature-rich to increase viewership and number of subscribers.

Table of Content

A. Popular & Most Downloaded Mobile Apps In the Entertainment Sector

B. Why Do You Need To Develop An Entertainment App?

C. How Mobile Apps Are Transforming The Entertainment Industry?

D. What Does Have Future In Store For Entertainment App

Popular & Most Downloaded Mobile Apps In the Entertainment Sector

Before we get into the details of the revolution that mobile apps have created in the entertainment sector, let’s check out some popular apps.

1. Netflix:

The most popular entertainment mobile app available today features millions of subscribers all across the globe. This OTT (over-the-top) entertainment platform allows users to watch an unlimited set of movies, shows, web series, and other content.

The application offers user-specific video-based content to viewers to increase viewership, and maintain the interest factor, and overall revenue. Netflix which can be connected to a Smart TV has revolutionized satellite TV watching, and games to an optimum extent.

2. Spotify

A music service app that allows users to listen to several music tracks online and offline of distinctive artists spread across the globe. With a current user base of 422 million as of Q1 2022, it is the trending music application in the entertainment sector.

3. TED

No other inspiring platform can beat the enhanced viewership, on-demand content, and availability of the world’s best inspiring content creators. With over 3,500 TED talks free and the rest available on a subscription-based model, TED is an on-demand entertainment application.

4. BookMyShow

A popular application that allows customers to book movies, shows, concerts, stand-ups, and other entertainment-related tickets online. It is a useful entertainment application helping people to become aware of the latest arrival of visual content and the best place to watch after booking tickets well in advance.

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Why Do You Need To Develop An Entertainment App?

If you are a part of the media and entertainment industry or own a company related to that field only, then not adopting the mobility factor is a big miss. You must hire mobile app developer and create an interactive entertainment application for user supremacy. And several reasons showcase you must be having an entertainment application.

Wants to build mobile app for entertainment industry?

  • Increase your media & entertainment content visibility
  • Enhance your customer reach across distinctive demographics
  • Enrich your social networking strategies by adding more people
  • Create brand reinforcement in the competitive environment
  • Experience repeat business profit from different sides
  • Reduce the cost of manual operations when everyone is online in one place
  • Allow your customers to access your entertainment content round the clock

Simply become a part of a digitally driven world when people have access to almost every product and service through the mobile application. Allow your customers to have your entertainment content at their fingertips and stay entertained at any point in time.

How Mobile Apps Are Transforming The Entertainment Industry?

You already know the growing popularity and widespread acceptance of mobile apps in the entertainment sector. But you might not know how exactly and in what different ways apps are revolutionizing the industry. So, this is what you will see in this part of the blog.

1. Shift towards an independent entertainment platform

Look at the scenario now and a few years back. Earlier only professionals like you dealing with the media & entertainment industry have specialized access to videos, music, and movies. For the general public, watching movies and shows as part of much physical hassle.

But now the situation has altogether improved with an increase in digitization and smartphone accessibility among people. Entertainment apps have completely molded the industry by providing domain-specific accessibility to people extensively. Even such apps are giving chances to budding artists and professionals to best showcase their talent virtually to a large section of people.

2. Better analyze the market trends

Following the trend on social media has become an imperative factor for the entertainment industry to understand people’s preferences. Trends provide an effective understanding of what’s going impressive in the marketplace and high-in-demand content. Accordingly, entertainment apps can analyze such trends and showcase the same on the app based on particular music, videos, series, and other streaming content.

3. Promote & market the brand

Since mobile applications have become part and parcel of people’s lives, it is used as a useful medium to market and promote businesses. When it comes to developing entertainment apps with the help of a mobile app development service partner, you are giving opportunities to other businesses to promote themselves.

You can allow other enterprises to showcase their ads on your video streaming app platform and gather maximum traction from users. Entertainment apps can increase the brand’s visibility 2x to 3x times better than any other digital medium.

4. Enhance the overall user experience

The best entertainment apps have the potential to provide an enhanced level of user experience and maximize customer retention. It is possible with the help of showcasing interesting feeds of content, trendy videos, and web series to generate curiosity among users.

The application further helps in catching users’ attention by sending end-to-end push notifications and informing people about trendy content. Overall, a feature-rich and intricately developed entertainment mobile app can gather the maximum attention of users and increase the overall revenue factor.

5. Get rid of pirated forms of content

Video piracy has long been a loss factor for the entire entertainment industry for the last several years. Because of this illegal video accessibility issue, several enterprises had to face huge losses in the past. But now entertainment apps that provide only access to respective users have thinned down the privacy and theft-related issue to an optimum extent.

To cut the duplicate video accessibility issue, mobile apps in the entertainment sector appear as profitable ways to provide authorized binge-watching access to respective users only.

What Does Have Future In Store For Entertainment Apps?

Using a mobile app has become more of a necessity for people than merely following a trend. Be it ordering groceries, booking movie tickets, shopping for clothes, booking a cab, or availing any of the products/services, the mobile app is something omnipresent everywhere. Similarly, for entertainment purposes, mobile applications provide worth watching, listening to, and playing content around the clock.

Every now and then, there is a rapid rise in the number of entertainment apps on both Android’s Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Thus, you shall not stay behind in the competitive race of providing entertainment content accessibility without an app. Create an intuitive and user-friendly entertainment mobile app with help of a partner like Mobibiz.

Consult Mobibiz, a reputed mobile application development company in Gurgaon offering development, migration, and customization of mobile apps. They let business owners create mobile apps by opting ready-made features to offer to customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do people use entertainment apps?

The entertainment apps provide personalized and easy-to-access video streaming experiences to users. Such apps are responsible for maintaining the interest level of people and providing the latest and trendy information along with visually appealing resources.

2. How mobile apps are changing the entertainment industry?

With the increasing number of mobile apps available in every single industry, even the entertainment sector is not left behind. Mobile apps in the entertainment sector allow companies to reach a wide spectrum of customers, provide extensive content, generate interest levels, and increase subscriptions, and the overall profit ratio.

3. How much does it cost to develop an entertainment app?

The price of developing an entertainment application depends on your requirement, features to add, functionalities to showcase, and design elements to create. Every single entertainment app has different pricing that depends on your needs.

Wants to build an mobile app for entertainment industry?

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