Android 13 Features and Updates: You Must Know

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Android 13 features make your devices feel more personal to you – on your terms. It includes a slew of new features for your phone and tablet, including the ability to extend app color theming to even more apps. Language settings can be set per app, improved privacy controls, and even the ability to copy media from one Android device and paste it to another with a single click. These and other features, such as HDR video support in third-party camera apps, an updated media output switcher, and braille displays for Talkback, are included in Android 13.

It also extends beyond the phone to provide you with a connected set of experiences across your other devices, such as tablets and laptops. Let’s closely look at what Android 13 offers to us. 

Latest Android 13 features and updates 

Here are some features of Android 13 and how to use them. 

1. Personalization 

Among the Android 13 features, personalization is the user’s choice. 

You can personalize your smartphone’s home screen and lock screen by selecting wallpaper and changing the Android app theme, color, and language for each app. Let’s take a look at how you can better personalize your phone. 

2. New theme icons 

Customize your app icons with the colors of your phone’s wallpaper or theme to make your home screen stand out. It applies to Google and non-Google apps. You can make your home screen look more consistent by using the same theme for all of your apps. Hire an app developer in Gurgaon for IT staffing. 

3. Customized media player 

Experience a redesigned media player with full-screen music or podcast art and a dancing playback bar. When you play music, the album art and playback bar will move as you progress. It also works when you play in Chrome. 

4. Language preferences 

It is one of the best Android 13 features for people who know and speak more than one language and want to use the app in a language other than the system language. Use your apps in as many languages as you want, according to your choice. 

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5. Security 

With the advancements in Android features, security is also going to the next level. 

6. No media access 

Google has added a new Photo Picker system that allows users to protect local and cloud-based media files, such as photos and videos. When you use any app, there is no need to share entire media files. You can now choose which images or videos to share with which app. You have more authority. Consult an android app development company for more professional assistance. 

7. Clear all history 

The clipboard received the same privacy update. When you copy and paste any personal data, such as a mobile number, Android will send an alert and clear the clipboard history. It all takes place after a while to prevent unauthorized access. 

8. Notification permission 

Maintain control over all app notifications. You will receive information from the apps you request. New apps downloaded from the Play Store require notification permission. 

Enhanced performance 

Google has improved its performance with the latest Android 13 features as mentioned below: 

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1. Streaming messages 

You can send messages even if your phone is out of reach to the Android 13 update. That means you’ll be able to send and receive messages directly from your messaging app on your Chromebook whenever you’re working on your laptop. And don’t want to interrupt your workflow with your phone. Hire android app developer for more technical guidance. 

2. Spatial audio 

Spatial audio provides an immersive listening experience by allowing you to enjoy the sound based on the movement of your head using head-tracking enabled headphones. Android 13 supports Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) audio, which improves sound quality and allows you to broadcast audio to multiple devices simultaneously. 

3. Multitasking tablet 

Google redesigned the tablet taskbar with the Android 13 features update, allowing users to view all apps simultaneously. You can work on a split-screen view from the taskbar using drag and drop. If you’re writing or drawing on the tablet, you’ll need to register your stylus pen as separate touches to reduce the number of accidental stray marks. 

4. Beta compatibility  

While you won’t need it now that Android 13 is stable, the Android 13 beta was officially compatible with all Treble-enabled devices. It makes it easier for developers who do not own a Pixel device to prepare for the new release, even though some vital features. Such as phone, audio does not work on these builds. Consulta mobile app development company for more technical guidance. 

5. Anticipating back gestures 

Google is working on the back gesture to clear that you are about to exit the app in question and return to the home screen. It’s a minor change that necessitates an astonishing amount of work behind the scenes, so the feature remains experimental in stable Android 13. To see how it works and what it is like, activate predictive back gestures in the developer options. Even so, only a few apps support it because it necessitates changes from app developers.  

6. Opt-in notifications 

Android has traditionally been better than iOS at managing and displaying notifications. Still, there is one aspect of Apple’s ecosystem that we appreciate. Before applications can send notifications, they must explicitly ask for your permission. Android 13 features finally catch up and will not allow apps to send you information when you install them unless you permit them. It’s worth noting that upgrading from Android 12 only affects newly installed apps, so it doesn’t break existing functionality. 


As a result, the Android 13 update is not as feature-rich as Android 12. Instead, it offers more consistent, stable, and revamped daily experiences. For more consideration, consult Mobibiz, a reputed mobile app development company in Gurgaon offering development, migration, and customization of mobile apps. They let business owners create mobile apps by opting ready-made features to offer to customers.


1. Is Android 13 still available? 

Android 13 is now available for download on compatible Pixel phones. 

2. What is the name of Android 13? 

Android Tiramisu. 

3. Is the Android 13 beta version stable? 

Yes, the stable public version of Android 13 is available.

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