A Complete Guide to Job Portal Application Development

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The recruitment industry has changed dramatically in recent years. Due to technological advancements, enterprises no longer use newspapers and pamphlets to promote their job openings. Instead, they rely on digital platforms such as job portal mobile apps or web portals to find the best talent for their company. Job seekers are no longer required to run from one company to another to drop off resumes. Hence the importance of job portal app came to light. And, here we closely look at some advantages and features of job recruit mobile apps. 

Advantages of Job Portal App

One of the most significant benefits of using job portal app is that they provide an infinite number of job opportunities. Here are some of the advantages it offers to its seekers and recruiters. 

For job seekers: 

1. Cost-effective 

When it’s about walk-in interviews, candidates spend money on food, transportation, and formal attire. They can, however, apply for their desired job through online job portals without creating a hole in their pockets. 

2. Regular job alerts 

A professional job recruitment app will notify you whenever there are new job openings. It ensures that candidates do not miss out on any opportunities to apply for their desired jobs and advance their careers. 

3. Confidential 

Once a candidate has registered as a job seeker, all his personal information, accomplishments, skills, and so on will be kept private. They will only be released if the candidate agrees. 

4. Efficient 

Job portals are effective at matching you with your ideal job. They shorten the hiring process. Candidates must submit their resumes online and wait for potential employers to respond. 

5. Endless job opportunities 

All well-known job portals list a variety of job openings from top companies. One can look through the list to find the job they’ve always wanted. 

For recruiters: 

1. Simple candidate selection 

Using a job portal, you can easily view a list of applicants with the necessary experience, skills, and expertise. It can hugely simplify and expedite the hiring process. 

2. Promote their company 

Employers can use job portals to promote their company’s brand online. Many employers and recruiters agree that these portals help them attract top talent. 

3. Simple resume search 

Most job boards have simple filters. You can use the appropriate filters to find resumes with the right set of skills and experiences. It simplifies the hiring process because employers no longer have to go through each resume individually. 

Job portal mobile app features  

Here are some crucial features of job recruitment mobile applications. 

1. Robust backend solutions 

A responsive database that stores all the details of each job seeker is the most crucial aspect of a powerful job portal mobile app. So, to manage this database smoothly, a robust backend is required. It will also allow for flawless front-end operations. 

2. Document scan 

It is a beneficial feature that allows candidates to scan all of their documents using the in-built scanner. They can check their mark sheets, ID cards, certificates, salary slips, and other documents to add to their profile. You can hire mobile developer in Gurgaon with high proficiency. 

3. In app-chat 

This feature can aid in the smooth interaction between job seekers and recruiters. The two can exchange information and even set up a meeting to move the recruitment process forward. 

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4. CV development 

The most important aspect of a job application is the CV. It is critical to offer multiple methods for adding a CV to a job applicant’s profile, such as uploading directly from the system, importing from other sources, or creating one within the portal itself.  

5. eLearning classes 

Job seekers can choose from various eLearning courses listed on the job portal to improve their career profiles. Candidates who complete these courses will receive a digital certificate that they can easily add to their resumes. It adds value to the cv while also increasing visibility to top recruiters. You can take help from a mobile app development company for technical assistance. 

6. Document management 

It is an important feature that allows job seekers and employers to store, create, manage, and digital documents. These documents can be securely stored on the portal and accessed from any location when needed. 

7. CRM integration  

Job portal considers CRM as its crucial aspect. And, it is easier to manage customer preferences and offer them jobs. A CRM can also help with newsletter management, customer data collection, marketing, analytics, etc. 

8. CMS integration 

A CMS aids in the management and modification of all content available on the platform. It manages the job portal’s blog, job posting descriptions, candidate resumes, etc. 

9. Cloud technology  

Using a cloud environment for your job recruitment app is the most secure way to manage data. All user data, recruiter data, resumes, etc., are stored in the cloud and can be accessed anytime. It facilitates trouble-free workflow management. A job portal app integrated with a cloud environment is also much more robust and scalable. 

Cost of job portal app development  

Determining the cost of developing a smartphone application is a difficult task. An app developer cannot also provide an exact cost estimate at the outset because app development costs vary depending on the number of features included in the app. Furthermore, developing an application is a time-consuming and complex process. As a result, most app development firms charge on an hourly basis.   

A job portal application, on the other hand, can cost between $40 and $60 per hour, according to guidelines. It equates to $45,000 – $60,000 for a typical job portal app development. Furthermore, the rate of developing an app can be affected by the location of the mobile app development company you hire. In India, you can easily hire mobile app developer, who can provide expert-level services at a lower cost. Many mobile application development companies charge between $25 and $35 per hour. 


The growing need to find the right job has increased the number of mobile recruitment apps available. As a result, the development cost may rise significantly in the coming years. We Mobibiz, a reputed mobile app development company in Gurgaon offers development, migration, and customization of mobile apps. We let business owners create mobile apps by opting ready-made features to offer to customers. 


1. What is the significance of job boards? 

Job portals are websites that allow you to post jobs and search for resumes. 

2. What factors contribute to the success of a mobile app? 

A successful app intelligently combines three aspects: the market, the user, and the product itself. 

3. What is the most vital aspect of an app? 

The app must be user-friendly, simple to navigate, and visually appealing.

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