How Will AI and IoT Revolutionize Business: 5 Reasons to Know

AI and IoT

AI and IoT are changing the way firms operate. The new businesses emerge, they enlist the assistance of AI or IoT to transform them. On the one hand, AI has paved the way for task execution with real-time analysis and interaction between humans and machines. On the other hand, IoT has increased communication between devices and humans through effective intelligent technology. Integration of IoT and AI broadens and strengthens each other’s applications. Let’s look at some advantages this confluence has to offer. 

Convergence of AI and IoT for transforming business 

The intersection of AI and IoT has changed the whole business scenario. IoT collects tons of data via internet connectivity. And AI helps to consolidate and analyze the data. Machine learning (a subset of AI) in IoT devices helps in error detection in data collection via advanced sensors. Technology can help intrinsic things like temperature, humidity, pollution, sound, vibrations, and lights. Unlike traditional technology, IoT and machine learning enable faster and more accurate operational forecasting. Many businesses are taking the help of AI and IoT app development companies for assistance to seek more revenue growth. 

Advantages of using AI and IoT in business 

AI and IoT can work wonders for your business, so here are some advantages to knowing about them. 

1. Data collection 

If you own an enterprise, you know data collection is critical for a company’s growth and development. A company should have an IoT strategy that understands how technology can transform data compulsion. By providing greater access to consumer information. AI in business makes it easier to manage that data. IoT devices a mechanism for tracking, recording, and observing patterns in a user’s interaction with the device. Enterprises use the information they collect to create better ways to improve customer experiences. 

2. Inventory management and tracking 

Businesses that rely on storage and warehousing have benefited since the advent of IoT. It can help you track and manage inventory more effectively because it offers automatically controlled options. Install IoT software and devices in your warehouses and storage units. They will help you manage inventory changes. Businesses in retail use AI in conjunction with RFID and cloud technology to track inventory. You can take assistance from an IoT app development company for data tracking and management. 

3. Removal of outages 

Oil and gas manufacturing companies use heavy machinery that can break down unexpectedly. Or any industry that deals with tons of hardware can face abruption at any stage. It results in downtime, which can result in significant losses. Predictive maintenance is possible with an AI-enabled IoT platform. It assists in anticipating machinery failures and breakdowns through analytics. And this allows you to plan a strategy ahead of time and avoid disrupting your operations. Hire a mobile app development company in Gurgaon for any technical assistance. 

4. Operational efficiency 

IoT deployment streamlines your business and helps in accurate predictions, which are critical for increasing business efficiency. Investing in IoT becomes crucial because the technology allows you to see which activities are redundant and mundane. Google’s reduction in data center cooling costs, which they could achieve with AI and IoT, is a good example. Google can determine which of its operational activities require fine-tuning to ensure efficiency. 

5. Enhanced security 

With the rise in data and security breaches and theft of confidential information, the most concerning factor for a business is security. AI-powered IoT platform protects your private information and does not allow third parties to intrude. Various organizations facilitate machine-to-machine communication to detect incoming threats and provide automated responses to hackers. In the banking industry, for example, illegal activities in ATMs are detected by IoT sensors and immediately reported to law enforcement. Hire mobile app developer to improve security at your data stores.  

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Successful illustrations of AI and IoT  

Here are some successful implementations of AI and IoT in transforming businesses. 

1. Wearables 

You’ve probably heard how essential wearables are in today’s IoT scenario. Fitness trackers, smartwatches, wearable panic buttons, remote monitoring systems, GPS trackers, and music systems are a few examples of wearables that play a crucial role in the IoT ecosystem. 

2. Robotics 

The manufacturing industry was desperate for AI-focused IoT solutions. It is beneficial in facial recognition, deep learning, big data analytics, and, in particular, robotics. For decades, robots and robotics have been at the forefront of technology. And with the process, they have become wiser, more reliable, and efficient. Precision communication is made possible by implanted sensors. Robots can learn and adapt to new environments with precision to the convergence of AI. It streamlines the manufacturing process and saves time and money. 

3. Smart homes 

It’s one of the most enjoyable technological activities because you don’t have to get and go to a specific appliance to operate it. The AI-powered IoT technology allows you to control your lights, fans, television, thermostat, and air conditioners from your phone. You can check whether an appliance has been turned on or not while traveling inside. But you can also do so while traveling outside, say to an outstation. Alternatively, if you’re returning home from a long day at work and need a bath, you can set the temperature of the AC 10 minutes before you arrive. 

4. Healthcare 

It is currently a pressing need. With the Coronavirus pandemic, everyone is more concerned about their health, and technologies such as AI and IoT are transforming the healthcare system. AI-powered IoT applications and deployments assist in data collection to provide preventive measures for a person/patient, early detection, and drug administration. It collects information from internet-connected medical devices, medical records, fitness trackers, healthcare apps, and other sources. Many healthcare organizations are investing in IoT to keep people safe in such dangerous situations. 


IoT and AI are powerful tools that can help your business become smarter. When these technologies are combined, enterprises can achieve digital transformation. For more consideration, consult the IoT app development company for your projects. Consult Mobibiz, a reputed mobile application development company in Gurgaon offering development, migration, and customization of mobile apps. They let business owners create mobile apps by opting ready-made features to offer to customers.


1. What is the relationship between IoT and AI? 

The convergence of AI and IoT has the potential to reshape industries, businesses, and economies. 

2. Can IoT function without AI? 

As the IoT remains one of the year’s most popular technology buzzwords, the conversation has shifted from what it is to how to derive value from it to the tactical. 

3. What role will artificial intelligence play in IoT? 

AI-enabled IoT primarily creates intelligent machines capable of implementing and assisting decision-making without human intervention. 

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