Top 6 Travel App Development Ideas That Help Increase Business Revenue

Travel App Development

Did you know that $364 million is a project to generate in the travel industry by the end of 2022? The total revenue of the industry is expected to grow by $540 million by 2026. Not just this only, in-app purchases revenue of the industry is expected to rise by $97 million by the end of 2022.

In short, the travel industry is booming, especially after the pandemic. Travel has become a need for people to connect with places, and experiences, and find their new selves. More importantly, a travel mobile app is an imperative option for people to book services while on the go and plan accordingly.

The Unprecedented Growth of the Travel Industry Linked to Mobile App

The travel industry is one of the topmost revenue generation sectors that match the exploration likes of travelers around. Thanks to the evolution of technology and the reliability of mobile app development services, traveling is more streamlined and easy to plan.

The majority of travelers rely on feature-rich travel mobile applications to book a flight ticket, reserve a hotel room, search for a travel package, etc. As per Statista, the travel app is a key driver for the industry reached to its potential heights.

* 30% of travelers plan their next travel on smartphones and feel comfortable looking for services on the mobile app.
* 50% of the people feel motivated to book a travel service based on frequent personal recommendations shared by the platform.
* 50% are more than happy to communicate with a chatbot, ask relevant queries, and get answers related to travel.
* 84% of the travel and hospitality companies are willing or already started investing in travel app development and you could be one of them.

From the above statistics, it is clear to see the extensive growth in the travel industry and the increasing reliability of travel app development companies for fulfillment. You can be a part of this booming industry digitally and exponentially by creating a successful travel application.

To get a better idea of the type of travel application to create, refer to the following few references.

Hire Mobile App Developers to Get Started with Travel App Development & Stay Ahead of the Competition

Hire Mobile App Developers to Get Started with Travel App Development & Stay Ahead of the Competition

1. Travel Service Booking App

The most common yet imperative travel app you can create is finding the best flight and hotel deals. Explorers are always in search of the best platform to find cost-effective flight ticket prices and affordable hotel deals (depending on star category preference).

Hire mobile app developers and discuss your idea of creating an app that covers specific demographics, enable search feature, secure payment getaway, and more. With such an app, you allow customers to find a preferred choice of season and off-season travel deals and flexibility to select travel dates accordingly.

2. City Guide App with Augmented Reality Features

City guide apps have become quite popular among travelers who proceed to an unknown destination. Knowing everything about a new city is imperative to travel efficiently and experience something unique. You can create a travel city guide app that allows travelers to find shopping places, restaurants, major attractions, specific roads, means of transportation, etc.

Take one step ahead and enable the feature of Augmented Reality in your city guide application. The technology enables travelers to point the smartphone toward a particular building and find all the attractions, bars, restaurants, and more.

3. Travel Card App for Contactless Payment

Traveling abroad always come across the issue of making payments in foreign currencies. Quite often, travelers carry a limited amount of abroad currencies and plan to spend limited outside. However, an emergency can strike at any point in time and you might have to do an extra payment. In that case, the travel card app allows travelers to make payments in a specific currency.

A contactless way of making payments in different currencies allows travelers to explore with limited cash in their hands. Make more virtual payments in another country.

4. Application for Finding Travel Guides

Sometimes travelers require assistance in terms of where to go, how to reach, the historical background of a place, and more. The local travel guide is an ideal travel partner who helps you best explore a particular place and know its story.

Instead of finding a guide here and there, get access to the travel guide mobile app. A mobile app is a better option that connects an extensive range of local guides present in a particular religion. Travelers just need to tap the location and find a relevant guide. Even for the tour guide itself, such an app is highly useful to find clients in the shortest possible time.

5. Language Translation App

Again traveling in a foreign is no less an ultimate fun and experience in itself. However, a new language could be a problem for travelers not to communicate properly and unable to find places, directions, or ask any queries.

A language translation app for a travel domain will help explorers to translate the text and vocals of local people in their preferred choice of language. It even assists travelers in translating the restaurant menu and ordering something delectable with ease.

6. Nearby Restroom & Gas Station App

Finding a nearby restroom is imperative for travelers while traveling a long distance and towards a secluded place. At such times, the restroom finding app would be of great assistance to meet specific requirements across different places.

Similarly, find a nearby gas station from a travel app and fuel up your vehicle with ease. The application is further useful for the natives to find the closest gas station and add the required fuel to the automobile.

Concluding Thoughts

Take a necessary step ahead in your travel and hospitality business by creating an app and offering an extensive range of services. Pick the best travel app idea from the mentioned list or combine three to four features into one integrated app.

Discuss your app idea with a reliable company like Mobibiz and move ahead. Discuss with experts whether to avail Swift (for iOS app) or Flutter app development services to create cross-platform apps at a low cost.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How long does it take to build a travel app?

There is no specific timeline to build an app for the travel industry. It depends on the app’s requirements, number of features, APIs, integrations, and other factors. Roughly, it takes 3-4 months to build a travel app and meet your business requirements.

2. How to decide which type of travel app is best for business?

It depends on your offering to the travelers. It could be flight tickets, hotel booking services, cab services, and any other assistance. You can also combine all the mentioned ideas into one integrated travel app.

3. Which is better native or the cross-platform app?

Both are better in terms of targeting a specific audience. If you have just started with the digital travel business, then go for native app development either for Android or iOS. Once get established in the marketplace and make way for cross-platform app development.

Hire Mobile App Developers to Get Started with Travel App Development & Stay Ahead of the Competition

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