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  • Planning to use AI in the development of your next Android app?
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In this blog, you will get solutions to all such questions. But before directly moving to the advantage of using AI in android app development, let’s quickly look at stats.

According to Statista, the AI software market is predicted to grow rapidly in the upcoming years. The global artificial intelligence software market will reach around 126 billion US dollars by years 2025.

artificial intelligence software

This graph shows revenues from the artificial intelligence software market worldwide from 2018 to 2025.

It is quite clear from the stats shown above that AI is growing in popularity with time. More and more companies are integrating AI in their android app development services. Hence, using AI in android app development will be advantageous. So, let’s take a look at the various benefits of using AI in Android app development.

To Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence

Automated Reasoning

Improving productivity is one of the important AI features to install in the mobile app. The best example to fit this scenario is a taxi booking app is using automated reasoning to get the nearest route to drop the users to their destination faster.

The automated reasoning collects data from all the cab drivers who have been on the same route, to make the path for the next cab driver easier.

Make Work Easier

Repeatedly doing the same task gets frustrating at the job. AI makes monotonous tasks easier. These tasks consume creativity and waste resources.

Accuracy and Perfection

AI has become important for sectors that demand high accuracy and precision. A small numerical error can cause a huge loss. AI gives us speedy output with high accuracy. With AI, the chances of mistakes are lesser in every sector. It makes the authorization process more secure.

AI has shown its use to make them more user-friendly If programmed correctly, errors in android mobile application development can be reduced significantly as AI would create algorithms leaving no room for error.

Machine Learning & Neural Networks

Machine learning helps us to use the technologies like forecasting or voice synthesis, aerospace, financial market like real estate valuation, mortgage, credits and debits, and military use like recognition of signals and images. Other applications of machine learning are:

  • Automatic address and voice recognition
  • Sign authentication systems
  • Agents and smart symbols in computer games
  • Automatic face detection and the digital camera focusing

Conversational UI

The conversational UI feature is a great achievement for better communication. It takes the liberty of interacting with computers on human cognition. Speech recognition is not a new concept, but the conversational user interface makes communication effective.

Management and finance apps integrate this technology and interact with their users through voice or chat. The AI technology can analyze payments, balances, spending, and most accurately to give their best financial recommendations to the users.

Cross-Platform Ease

Cross-platform applications gaining attraction as well as the emergence of apps that perform such tasks for businesses and individuals, it pays to have a system that allows you to develop applications by knowing very little of the inputs and outputs.

AI has been used to create tools where the layperson can also learn to create a mobile application with minimum understanding of it and by teaching the methodologies associated with the software.

24/7 Availability

Machines do not require breaks and refreshments to freshen up. They are programmed to work for 24/7 hours and able to perform the job continuously without getting tired or distracted. A human cannot be able to work like machine works round the clock.

For example, Educational Institutes and Helpline centers are getting many queries and issues which can be handled effectively using AI.

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Personalized Content Creation

We need to strike the chord of the user, to connect with the user. The developer can observe the interests of the user and embed them into the learning algorithm. Application-based on sell-up business can strategically pitch content to the user and make use of this wonderful AI functionality.

Digital Assistance

We can use digital assistants to interact with users which save the need of human resource. The digital assistant is also used in many websites to provide things that users may want for their work.

Using AI in their android app development services, the organizations can set up a Voice Bot or Chatbot which can help customers with all their grievances. Many organizations are already using them in their websites and mobile applications. One can hire mobile app developers to integrate AI in the android app.

Major AI Apps Available in the Market

Annually, more AI apps are bringing greater revenues and exposure to their companies. Some of these android applications are:

  • Google Assistant
  • Alexa
  • Siri
  • Cortana

Key Takeaways

AI is crucial to understanding user behavior, to analyzing a large amount of data in android applications. The best reason to combine AI in mobile apps is that they analyze the user behavior and show relevant suggestions according to the collected data. Every application needs a loyal user base to be successful and Artificial Intelligence helps in achieving that.

Artificial Intelligence is indirectly improving our lifestyles with its integration in the health sector. AI-based apps have increased human efficiency. Nowadays, the customer service industry is actively using AI applications for better engagement. For developing an AI-integrated android mobile app, we can reach a mobile app development company to guide us.

Frequently Asked Question


Q. What technology is used to develop mobile apps?

Android app developers use Java and Kotlin for creating mobile apps. Other technologies used on mobile app development include Swift, Flutter, Phone Gap, and React Native.

Q. How long does it take to develop an Android app?

The development time of an Android mobile app depends on your requirements. If your requirements are limited and predefined it takes comparatively less time. At Mobibiz, we build solutions in a truly short turnaround time.

Q. How much does it cost to build an Android mobile app?

The development cost for an Android mobile app on what kind of app you need. Apps with basic features and simple design cost less. If you need a high-performance app with more advanced features, the cost will be different. We offer competitive pricing for every mobile app.

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