What is The Future of Voice Assistant Technology

Research study predicts that the future is all about voice assistant and voice user interface. Ironically, technology was supposed to give us freedom from devices, but the way people interact with keyboards, touchscreens, and buttons, we are all tied to a paradigm that may last for long. So, what next?

Voice technology has moved fringe technology to foundational technology, leading people towards the advent of voice agents. The new generation of voice-assisted products has quickly become famous. Today, people don’t mind asking Siri the best places to hang out in India or Alexa for info on your upcoming appointments. Voice interface is evolving from a command-and-query mode into something more conversational, nuanced, and personalized, which looks promising for businesses to establish a strong customer relationship and boost their conversion rate.

So, how is the voice interface changing the way people interact with technology now? Will companies integrate voice user experiences to increase their product and service sales? We will discuss everything in this blog. Keep reading to know more.

Voice assistant technology is nothing more than an add-on or a novelty, but when approached holistically, it can enhance the overall user experience with improved engagement to transform everyday appliances and devices. After having a close look at the various voice assistant devices and studying the user behavior after using this technology, our startup app development company have arrived at a few conclusions.

Voice is not just a novelty. It has become a mainstream technology

Enterprise mobile app development experts believe that the future of voice assistants is already here – it’s just not very evenly distributed. We may have to wait for a few more years for voice technology to replace our screens, but it will happen shortly. Voice user interfaces have enriched our lives. It has made people’s lives easier, from listening to music and entertainment to children playing games or buying online products.

Additionally, visually impaired people are already experiencing a change in their lives in many ways. They can now control the radio, access calendar events, browse music libraries, make calls, and learn new skills. Giant tech brands like Sony and many others are entering the voice game by creating splendid quizzes, trivia games, and engaging stories.

The Text To Speech (TTS) technology built for Alexa can make people read books from the Kindle library. Also, Alexa acts like an extended memory that stores friends’ birthdays and keeps track of every crucial event. People accessing wheelchairs gain more control over their environment by using their voices to bring down the curtains, open smart doors, or make a coffee. They need not move their hands or find a switch to control their room temperature, dim the lights, or change TV programs.

In case someone meets with an accident, they can urgently call for emergency using their voice instead of searching for the mobile phone or pressing the numbers. With our lives going back to normal, we may run out of time to perform all the day-to-day tasks. Voice assistant has come as a relief for many. Their eyes are not limited to screen size or hands overloaded with the devices. Most importantly, you can learn how to use various devices with their in-built self-explanatory design.

Ubiquitous VUI

In the internet era with the launch of VUI, people are questioning its future, but let me take you to the start of the internet era. People questioned the same thing. There were only a handful of websites and nobody had an idea how much business they can make with their business website. Today, no one asks the obsolete question – “Does my business need a website?” same goes for the VUI era.

If you are also wondering what kind of voice apps can help the market grow, then have a look around. Your home, cars, offices, hotels, and restaurants, every place is voice automated in the form of speakers and headphones. People can easily control the playback music at their smart homes, setting the timers. Also, these skills are helping users fall asleep, get the weather forecast, and play voice-controlled games.

With such an increase in demand, businesses are willing to create more of them while improving the existing ones. We may expect new tools to express our creativity and connect via those platforms like we do today on social networking sites.

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New technology comes with new challenges

If you are planning to hire mobile app developers, you may think that anyone can become a developer to create voice apps, but it’s quite opposite. The need for more expertise in this area will grow eventually, and we need to learn more and more each day to know everything about this new technology. You may consider it as – everyone knows how to write, but very few of us are writers.

To make voice assisting technology user-friendly, mobile app development company and developers must invest themselves to cultivate creators who think voice-first. The developers need to integrate voice gracefully into our homes, cars, office, and everywhere.


To create a user experience for multimodal interactions with screens, cameras, AR, and VR, it is not enough to add the possibility of voice interaction. We are at a very early stage but to grab our sci-fi dreams, we must learn more about its design aspects and put them to practice. Want to know more about voice assistant services? Get in touch with us.

Frequently Asked Questions


Which algorithm is used in Voice Assistant?

The algorithms used in this technology include PLP features, Viterbi search, deep neural networks, discrimination training, WFST framework, and more.

How to use the smart voice assistants?

To use voice assistants like Siri and Google Assistant, hold down the home button on the device. Type or say your question or request, and they will respond via smart speakers.

What are the benefits of voice assistants?

It will improve your employee’s productivity by helping them remember the crucial dates, deadlines, and appointments. With AI integration and Deep Learning, the voice assistants work non-stop.

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