Top-Trending Business App Ideas for Monetization In 2022

Business App Ideas for Monetization

New Year and New Mobile App Trends! Well, it is a big challenge of both entrepreneurs and App Development Company to find a mobile app idea that is not available. Mobibiz believes in bringing the best business app ideas of 2022 for audience. Our finest list of app ideas is unique and thoroughly researched.

It is tough to find a money-making app idea that can bring revenue in 2022 for your business. The reason being, there are more than 6 billion mobile users, and each one has its own set of requirements. It is challenging for App Development Company to bring a unique solution to the user’s problem, but not impossible. Our refined list of app ideas will unfold new opportunities and bring solutions to the user’s problems. So, here we go.

Here are Some Key App Ideas to Consider in 2022

1. Augmented Reality App

One of the major challenge experienced by people while buying furniture is product suitability with the room and where it appears best. AR app helps to style your room with the support of camera and place 3D models of different furniture in the virtual space on your phone. The app can help different shopping sites and facilitate user to order directly from the app.

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2. Pdf Scanner and Converter App

Rather than visiting to a shop to get your documents scan and later converting into pdf. A pdf scanner help you keep important records including receipts, documents, notes, whiteboards and report cards, in digital form on your mobile securely. This app has the feature to quickly scan your documents in high quality and store them as multipage PDF files.

3. Health and Nutrition App

The most trending app recommended by Android App Development Company is the health and nutrition planner. As it suggests proper meals to consume in order to remain fit. It connects to different healthy-recipes that are shared by professional nutritionists. Content can be set as per health situation, for e.g. if user is heart patient, you’ll be suggested recipes for healthy heart. The app can partner with grocery stores to deliver healthy items online.

4. Train Tracking App

People living in metropolitan cities are majorly dependent on train commuting. It is seriously annoying if the trains are late and no way of knowing whether to wait or look for an alternative means to reach destination. A train tracking app provide accurate time of train arrival & departure, so if facing any emergency and the train is late simply opt for a bus or a taxi.

5. Language Learning App

The language learning app is a perfect choice of enterprise app development helping employees to learn beginner lessons on different languages. The app comprise of multiple levels as per difficulty with the first level being alphabets and basic letters to the advanced level including full-fledged conversations. The app is voice enabled so the users know how words are pronounced.

6. Voice Translation App

One of the major concern of travelling abroad is not knowing the language of the country and the struggle faced while communicating with the natives. A mobile app to translate user voice is a revolutionary means to communicate. The phrases can be spoken to the phone which later translated to specific language. The app must operate in different ways where other languages can be easily converted to the user language in real-time.

7. Fitness App

A fitness mobile app target health conscious people to monitor their habits assisted by registered nutritionists, pathologists and health coaches to address lifestyle disorders. The mobile app is equipped with different charts that help the user manage their overall health including weight, glucose, heart rate, and blood pressure. User is equipped with meal charts, lifestyle plans, nutrition plans as per their condition. It also includes chat-bot facility allowing users to interact with the community as well as health professionals.

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So, these are the most promising mobile app ideas to integrate in 2022 and beyond without any complexity.


Simple app ideas are highly beneficial if executed with the right strategy. This is an essential step to consider before you hire mobile app developers to start development work. Developers reach out to clients to come across their actual needs of the business to serve. We hope this blog post provides a better understanding of the app idea generating revenue. There is no specific way to build mobile app ideas, instead, there is a strategy that comes together and which can be explored in every aspect of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do you have any mobile app to display?

Yes, we have different mobile apps to showcase. They are easy to customize and include features like live streaming, upload videos, push notifications and much more. Contact us to take the demo.

2. How much does it cost to build mobile app?

Mobibiz provides budget oriented and competitive pricing across the globe. Though the cost entirely depends upon the platforms, features to integrate and third-party integrations and the complexities involved in it.

3. Do you provide ongoing support and app maintenance?

We are your end-to-end Mobile app Development partner and provide complete Qualitative Analysis, continuous support and maintenance services 24/7 during and after the deployment.

4. Do you assure about security & confidentiality of the app idea?

Yes, we sign a strict NDA to protect your business app idea & data. Hence, we ensure complete security and privacy of your mobile app development project.

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