How to Integrate Application Security Techniques into App Development Process?

Are you in the process of mobile app development for your business? If yes, then you have made the right decision to keep your organization offering at the front of the target audience and reach extensively across all.

But have you done anything related to the security measures within the mobile app development process itself? If not, then you need to pay serious heed to the same to keep your data safe from hackers and unscrupulous entities.

So, we here are to provide you with a few security measures to implement within the development process itself. The suggested are the best-resulted techniques that help you stay protected against hackers and third-party entities.

Before that let’s catch on to some important related to mobile app for your business.

Increasing Penetration of Business Mobile Apps

Undoubtedly, more than 5.19 billion smartphone users rely on mobile apps of different kinds to fulfil multiple purposes like the following:

* Booking tickets
* Making reservations
* Gathering information
* Get connected on the social media
* Share files
* Send messages

And, many more.

Day by day, the demand for more feature-rich, interactive, and intuitive mobile apps are on the rise. It makes iOS and Android app development companies follow rigorous ways to develop the app using advanced level technology.

But more important is to introduce optimum security features and measures to protect the crucial business data, information, and the complete database. There are times when some third-party hackers meticulously enter inside the app database to bring hazard to the crucial and sensitive and user’s information at the same.

So, at this point, it is essential for the app development partner to explore distinctive security measures and prevent the accessibility of unauthorized access to the app.

Hire Mobile App Developers to Implement Advanced Security Measures Accordingly

Hire Mobile App Developers to Implement Advanced Security Measures Accordingly

1. Select Only Reliable Third-Party Modules

Using third-party modules for accessing an extensive set of libraries is a rising trend among mobile app developers. They do it so to save a considerable amount of time in developing the app and to release the same after short intervals.

However, sometimes, the third-party modules are not safe to use and are more on the unreliable side. According to a recent survey, it has been noted that 60% of mobile app developers do not review the third-party modules and do not even check the code performance. As a result, their app faces a great deal of security issues in the end.

So, what is best suggested is to first review the third-party module in terms of its performance and security before using the same. Only choose the reliable ones, by first testing the code and checking if there is any flaw in the same or not.

2. Get Help from Reliable Security Experts

Understand the difference between just hiring app developers or expert app security professionals. Since app security has of utmost importance in the eyes of enterprises, it is essential to get real-time assistance from a development cum security expert.

Discuss the security-related loopholes and measures with an expert provider who is deep into the facets of mobile app security. They utilize advanced mobile app testing, development, and maintenance standards to check issues, rectify any hacking activity, and take proper measures to safeguard the app.

3. Encryption of Sensitive Information of the App & Business

Encryption is an imperative part of the app development and testing process. It refers to the methodology of encrypting the code with an indecipherable secret method that no hacker can even decode the same and access your data.

Thus, the goal of encryption is to secure the application from hackers, so that no data is stolen at any point in time.

However, most of the app developers do not pay much heed to the app’s encryption methodology and put their data at risk. Therefore, it is best recommended to secure the app using this particular method and stay away from hackers.

4. Better Key Management of the App

Key management is an important aspect of the app’s data encryption. The mobile app developers are best recommended to use simple coding methods to safeguard the app. It is because hard coding keys fail to secure the app completely and even allow hackers to attack and control the device. Therefore, it is safe to use cryptographic protocols including AES, MD5, and SHA1 respectively.

5. HTTPS Communication

Another app’s encryption process to follow is using the HTTPS form of communication to transmit sensitive information from the backend to the device seamlessly. It is essential to use the HTTPS communication protocol which is best encrypted by Transport Layer Security (TLS). The other way around is to utilize the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) that ensures all the data transferred across different communication channels are completely secured.

6. Using the Unauthorized API

There is no denying in saying the fact that API offers an added set of functionality to an app to showcase substantial results. What matter a lot is to utilize the API that must be secured, authoritative, and must be away from hackers. So, you need to give special concern to the API part and make sure to access the reliable one.

7. Pay Special Attention to Session Management

Session management of a mobile app is an important area of concern to pay heed to. As you know the fact that session management of the app takes much time as compared to desktop. So, you need to use tokens as a sensitive approach to maintaining reliability to the utmost level.

8. Give Special Consideration to Tamper Protection

If you are concern more about Android app development for your business, then you need to pay attention to tamper protection. It is an incredible choice of technology that gives you an alert whenever someone tries to modify the code. With this particular security feature, you can keep a record of log code changes for the mobile app. Moreover, real-time log activities help you identify any malicious activity on the app.

9. Make Use of Strong Authentication

Authentication too has of utmost importance to protect the best interest of your mobile app. A weak set of authentication features on the app can result in an increasing set of vulnerabilities. Therefore, it is essential to use the multi-factor authentication approach to safeguard the app completely. In fact, 26% of the enterprises make the best use of multi-factor authentication support to best protect their application.

10. Follow Least Privilege Principle

Last but not least is giving importance to the Principle of Least Privilege to fully safeguard the application. According to this measure, as an enterprise, you provide the application credentials and data only to a particular professional who actually need the same. It makes the app security at the forefront without sharing the details with multiple entities.

Final Note

From the above-mentioned tips, you can duly protect your business app from any hacking or data stealing activity. No matter, if you choose native or Flutter app development services, the security measures remain the same to best safeguard the application and enhance your business reach as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are the Common Mobile App Security Issues?

Insecure data storage is the most common security issue of an app that most businesses face. Around 76% of mobile apps face the extreme risk of security issues of this particular thing that must be protected at all costs.

2. How to Improve Mobile App Security?

To secure your business mobile app, you need to adopt several measures including hiring a security team, using multi-factor authentication, being careful with APIs, using tokens to handle sessions, using encryption tools, impose access policies.

3. How Much Time Does it Take to Introduce All App Security Measures?

There is no particular time limit to access all such security measures. It all depends on the requirement and vulnerability issue of your app to implement a particular measure.

Hire Mobile App Developers to Implement Advanced Security Measures Accordingly

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