Low Code Vs Custom Code: Best Choice for Mobile App Development in 2022

Low Code Vs Custom Code

Mobile Apps have become the lifeline for both individuals & business enterprises across the globe. The benefits it offers are quite remarkable from ticket booking, banking, and healthcare services to customer engagement with a single swap. But building mobile app needs proper coding skills for which you need to hire mobile app developers from a reputed development agency.

However the real challenge comes into play is the selection between Low code vs custom code. When we analyze the difference there are several reasons in the favor of investing in Custom code over low code for mobile app development.

Introduction to Low-Code Development

Low-code development for mobile apps implements low-code development platforms comprising several tools that help build apps using drag and drop interface. While low-code platforms help build apps in a short time period, the ease of access comes with several limitations that must be analyzed before project commencement.

Introduction to Custom App Development

Custom application development is the process that focuses on building software for a specific set of users, or an organization. The idea is to develop an app that closely fulfills the needs of the users and fulfils their expectations. Custom applications are built from scratch, consumes more time and offer different customization options.

Advantages of Custom Code Over Low Code

1. Custom-Code Encourage Experienced Development

Custom code developer know building mobile app from scratch need higher skills compared to our low-code friend. Not every low-code app developer is inexperienced, it’s a route preferred by individuals lacking technical expertise. A custom-code developer developing mobile app will bring valuable experience to your business.

2. Custom-Code Brings Freedom in Design and Features

Low-code apps are based upon pre-developed template, thus lacks customization features. Most of the Mobile app development companies avoid using low-code development practice for business engagement.

No doubt these templates and platforms enable users to build app at a quick rate, the final products often lack desired functionality. On the other hand, Custom code allow countless minor & major edits, including graphic and visual updates. This makes custom code applications a preferred option by companies.

3. Custom Code Makes Scaling Process Economical

Unlike low-code applications, custom code apps have immense customization options, which we just mentioned. A low-code app developer often pose challenges during scaling or update.

Major issue appears when the template that you used to build a low-code app is not getting official support for that specific range of products. In addition, a template-based app will put limit to creativity and productivity, keeping the app within the same design features.

4. Advance Security and Reliability

Custom code is known for its advanced security & reliability. As per reports, more than 300 data breaches have occurred in the last decade. Thus security becomes a paramount feature for a business enterprise in digital domain. The amount of data lost may account for tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars across all industries.

Reason why low-code lack security:

  • Development partner has not written the code, thus reliability can’t be trusted.
  • Low-code template may eliminate security features that may hinder the normal function of the application.

But when you hire a reliable Android app development company, the team guarantees delivering a product that is completely customized as per the business’ security preferences and needs.

5. Custom-Code Apps Increase Efficiency

Custom code apps offers innovative features major one is customization. This means that several useful features are integrated into the application. Design preferences are optimum as required. These factors contribute to uplift the overall efficiency of your team.

Building a custom-code application is a smart investment saving from all hassles. Also, a custom built application is designed and developed based on the business’ specific requirements and target audience.

Wrapping Up

Business enterprises with clear planning to upscale and expand prefer building a mobile app using custom code. Secondly, to stay competitive companies need to update app design/features as per the user requirements.

This can be achieved by hiring mobile app developer proficient in custom code application development. Although, as discussed earlier, low-code applications are fast in development but lacks proper security and in the long run have numerous shortcomings.

Save yourself from such troubles by consulting a reliable Mobile app development company such as Mobibiz. With proper resources and years of custom development experience, we build applications that keep both our clients and their potential customer’s content.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the cost of Mobile App Development?

The cost of creating a mobile app depends on multiple features and technologies needed. Only after the initial discussion and the client’s budget, the quote can be prepared.

2. How long does it take to build a Mobile App?

We would be working on strict deadlines for achieving short-term goals. So, based on the needs, it would take about 2-3 weeks to complete the whole application.

3. Can I own the source code once the app is launched?

Yes, we share the whole source code of the customized as well as advanced mobile app with our clients.

4. Is it possible to integrate multiple languages for better sales?

Of course, you can integrate different languages as per your choice and that too with ease. Also, the app can be customized as per your needs.

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