How to Engage Real Investors for your Mobile App Startups idea for Future Endeavors?

Mobile App Startups idea for Future Endeavors

The mobile app is definitely a successful idea in today’s business world. Just explore the app stores and you’ll come across several reputed apps earning millions of dollars. You might believe that your app idea has all features to make it to the top, but is your idea relevant to move in the right direction? Not quite.

Moving the app ideas from the concept stage to the final launch stage will require a lot of investment. However, most Mobile App Startups are short on cash, so they find an investor. There are several investors who can fund your idea if they see potential in it. From Facebook to Uber, every great app idea is funded by investors till the time it reached profitability.

Investors can fund your idea too, but you can’t just call or mail an investor for money. To acquire the right funding, you need to understand the right strategy to pitch your app idea to investors.

This guide has been compiled to help you understand exactly this. Here, we have outlined the complete approach of engaging investors for your mobile app idea, starting from the preparation stage to the launch stage.

Steps followed by Mobile App Startups for Engaging Investors

1. Validate your Idea

Finding a good idea is a challenging task. You need to do thorough research that can make a difference and solve customers’ concerns. Start by focusing on your area of interest. Once you have an idea, the next step is to validate the app idea. Investors avoid funding an app idea that already exists.

So, do thorough research and figure out the app’s competitive landscape. Make sure app idea is not plagiarized. You can consult a mobile app development agency to understand the idea’s significance. You need to do research to find out what innovative features competitors are offering to users and how you can stay ahead of them.

2. Market Size

When understanding the competitive environment, you will get an idea regarding the size of the market you can expect. You must define the target audience and the market share so that you can present investors with the real figures of the probable opportunities and risks.

Hiring a reliable app development partner turns your idea into reality. Select a company that has successfully carried out important projects and delivered innovative products. A mobile app development company has a team of professional developers, Mobile UI/UX designers, and market specialists offering vision into account.

The company provides the latest industry expertise and access to the latest technologies. It helps a mobile app with the latest features and functionalities to definitely impress investors. So, when you hire mobile app developer from a reputed development partner you want your product to get funding from investors.

3. Build MVP

Minimum Viable Product is the first version of a product integrated with a basic set of features. It is an effective and affordable means of helping investors learn the working flow of the mobile app. An MVP gives an opportunity to understand whether an app has the potential to succeed before contacting mobile app investors.

Moreover, MVP provides investors with a physical product that they can see and use in real-time. An investor loves nothing but a business that already works and whose owners have invested time and money into it.

An MVP offers flexibility so you are able to tweak until you receive the perfect response. For a successful MVP development, you can contact a reputed agency like Mobibiz. They have experts to build an MVP that seems favorable to mobile app investors.

How much funding is perfect for an app business startup?

When it comes to how much funding a mobile app startup needs, there isn’t any fixed figure. The exact value depends on the app idea, the complexity of the app, the team, and other factors. As discussed, before going to the app investors, work with a full-cycle app development company, functionalities, and primary reason of the app.

If you receive less funding, it is challenging to start the app development process. On the other hand, if you receive more funds, you may end up giving your share to mobile app investors.

Wrapping Up

Mobibiz is a professional Mobile App development company with the experience to build top-quality applications for both iOS and Android platforms. We offer a wide array of services, from ideas to launching an application. We have a team of experienced designers and programmers who know best how to create an application that will become one of the most downloaded in its niche.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I see my app development process?

Yes! In fact, we provide timely reports related to it. We build your mobile app on our development server and provide you with all credentials so that you can monitor the progress of your app.

Q. Do you offer after app deployment maintenance?

We provide our clients with extended maintenance plans. We also fully support any app we design and develop if you encounter any problems or require any enhancements.

Q. Do you assure about security & confidentiality of the app idea?

Yes, we sign a strict NDA to protect your app idea & data. Hence, we ensure the complete security and privacy of your mobile app development project.

Q. How much time is needed for mobile app development?

The time to build a mobile app is based on several factors ranging from features, scalability, and hosting server and functionality.

We Can Transform Your Business Idea into Mobile App Reality.

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