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The introduction of smartphones and other mobile devices has given a boost to entertainment and media consumption. Online consumers find it very easy to get the latest news and updates about their favorite movies or shows through mobile devices. There are several reasons a business can take advantage of entertainment app development services. They simply need a reliable development partner who can help in bringing their ideas to life. With Mobibiz, you can easily build a feature-rich and engaging entertainment app that will be accessible to Android and iPhone users. Our team of expert mobile app developers will provide app solutions that will help you stand out from the crowd. Here’s an ultimate guide on entertainment app development, discussing the key app features, technology stack, benefits, and a lot more. Stay tuned.

Leading Market Players in the Entertainment Industry

  • Netflix – Video Streaming App

Netflix is a global subscription-based service and a pioneer in the entertainment industry. The application has a very clean, simple, and superficial user interface. It allows consumers to access unlimited TV shows, movies, and web series for a minimal monthly subscription fee. Users can even explore thousands of titles and new seasons or episodes that are updated regularly in the app.

With all of its original, addictive, and award-winning content, Netflix has made a prominent place in the industry. It has emerged as the 7th largest Internet company by revenue. Moreover, consumers can rate their TV shows, web series, movies and get their favorite titles from Netflix.

  • YouTube – Online Video Sharing App

It has built a vast community of content creators who run niche-based channels on games, tech reviews, lifestyle, travel, beauty, etc. The app also has news and entertainment videos, along with music videos, clips of TV shows, movie trailers, and more.

YouTubers earn money through ads, however, if they violate the rules of the social platform, their channels and videos can get demonetized. YouTube content is regulated by executives and moderators who work to prevent harassment, hate content, misinformation, terrorist propaganda, and other kinds of abuses.

  • Spotify – Music Streaming App

Spotify is an online music streaming application that contains millions of songs, videos, and podcasts from artists worldwide. Users need to simply register on the app using their email address or through Facebook to access the content.

  • Google Play Books – Digital Books App

It is an electronic book reading app that allows users to read Google e-books on their mobile devices. They can perform a Google book search through Google Play to find the best-selling e-books available for purchase as well as free, downloadable Google books.

Users can download electronic books from Google on their smartphones and other mobile devices and synchronize them on all devices, so that can read from any device they prefer. Google Play Books claims to be the largest collection of electronic books across the globe by offering over 5 million titles.

  • Pocket Casts – Podcast Listening App

Pocket Casts has been created by a community of podcast listeners. It comes with a well-designed interface that promises to offer the best podcast listening experience in the world.

As a leading entertainment mobile app development company, we offer users greater control of their podcast listening experience by offering advanced features and tools that make it easier to discover and organize favorite podcasts and enhance the listening experience.

If you’re looking to hire mobile app developers to build an entertainment app like those mentioned above, you can contact us right away with your requirements.

Various Options in Entertainment App Development

There are various forms of entertainment apps. So, if you’re opting for entertainment app development, you need to decide on the type of entertainment app you want to build. You can offer streaming services, games, and other services to provide users with up-to-date information about entertainment. Here are some of the options you can consider:

  • TV/Movie

Video streaming apps are gaining a lot of popularity. While there are leading market players like Netflix and Hulu, many companies are finding success in providing other options for streaming movies and TV shows. You can build an app to offer streaming solutions for various forms of entertainment.

  • Music

Music streaming apps are becoming extremely popular as they make it easier for listeners to play music from various artists. The app allows users to access and listen to music on the go with greater control.

  • Games

App stores are booming with a wide variety of gaming applications. If you have a unique game app idea, you can drive a huge audience and gain more success. Offering a freemium version of your app can also help you earn huge profits. Besides, microtransactions can help you build a constant stream of money flow.

  • News & Media

This type of app attracts readers and helps you grow your audience. News and media apps allow users to read all the current news about their favorite shows or movies. You can even inform readers of current events through the app. Whether you want to hire an iOS or Android app development company to bring your idea to life, you can contact our experts right away.

Salient Features of an Entertainment App

Below are some of the key features that are incorporated in entertainment mobile app development that you can focus on while building your app.

  • What’s Trending

When it comes to the latest games, movies, web series, or music, entertainment mobile apps place them in the top or trending section of the app to help consumers learn what they love most.

  • An All-encompassing Platform

Entertainment apps have the potential to build a complete platform for live streaming, games, music, movies, etc. This has encouraged many artists to show their talent and create a strong fan base.

  • Media Sharing

Entertainment app development is performed by keeping in mind that users are able to exchange any kind of media or information on the platform that is useful, engaging, and authentic. YouTube is one striking example of this type of application.

  • Branding

Brand promotions through mobile apps are very effective. Many brands hire mobile app developers to build an app that helps them earn great business profits. A survey revealed that 90% of mobile users spend their time on mobile applications because of their accessibility.

  • Gaming

Gaming apps are the most in-demand apps in the entertainment industry. With mobile apps, players can carry their games in their pockets. Also, the real-time multiplayer feature in the app has allowed players from all over the world to connect through the internet and play together. Moreover, the players can use chat and voice call functions for communication, which has improved the overall gaming experience.

  • Easy Content Flow

Entertainment and media apps have facilitated easy content flow across the globe. Any content creator can publish their content in these applications and grab the attention of global audiences. Quora is an example of this type.

Technology Stack for Entertainment App Development

Entertainment mobile app development involves working on the frontend and backend elements of the application. As a leading mobile app development company, we use cutting-edge technologies and tools to build robust, intuitive, and future-ready media and entertainment apps for our global clients.

Backend Development

Backend development is responsible for the complete functioning of your app. A media and entertainment mobile app should consist of the following backend components:

  • CMS –A CMS is essential for hassle-free content management in your app. You can add, delete, and modify app content without any strong technical expertise.
  • CDN –Choosing a reliable CDN is crucial for delivering your content quickly and efficiently.
  • API –API offers a seamless interface between server backend and app’s frontend. APIs are implemented using either SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) or REST (Representational State Transfer) architecture. API is responsible for maintaining the app’s performance.

Frontend Development

Frontend development connects all the app elements. Below are the key components that facilitate user interaction:

  • Native vs Hybrid –You can either opt for Native mobile app development or Hybrid app development services for building your entertainment app as per your requirements. Native Android or iPhone app development could be the best option because media and entertainment app requires rich UI/UX and high performance.
  • Push Notifications

You can either use third-party solutions or build a tailored notification system into your backend CMS for integrating push notifications.

  • Video Player

Video content is an integral part of an entertainment app. You can either go with open-source video players like Exo or third-party players such as Kaltura.

  • Payment Gateways

There are various payment gateways available for Android and iPhone app development. You need to select the right one based on your mobile platform. For example, Citrus Pay is a payment gateway that offers native SDKs to integrate the solution to your entertainment app. CCAvenue provides numerous customization opportunities, consider checking out in the native language.

  • Data Analytics

Users generate tons of data by browsing entertainment apps. You can customize your app content, search, push notifications, and other things using that data.

  • Beta Testing & App Crash Tracking

Your app should undergo beta testing so that you can gain external feedback and suggestions on your app features and functionalities for ensuring a better user experience.

  • App Bundle Size

Always remember that smartphones have limited storage space and data, so you need to ensure that the app is small in size. You can review and analyze your project and remove all unused code if there.

Main Advantages of Entertainment App Development

  • Revenue Growth

As per stats, YouTube consumes the largest amount of monthly data (approx. 3464 MB) in the US on average. Netflix holds second place by consuming approximately 2889.5 MB. According to reports, revenue spending on media and entertainment apps has witnessed a three-digit consumption increase in the past few years.

  • Better Brand Visibility

There are numerous opportunities to charge and enhance your brand visibility if you provide quality content with excellent services. You can drive a huge audience and increase your customer base.

  • Drive Significant Amount of Users

Media and entertainment apps are playing a vital role in enhancing brand visibility. These applications have a higher faster conversion rate than mobile-optimized websites.

  • Avoid Pirated or Duplicated Video Content

The media and entertainment industry suffers huge losses due to duplicated or pirated video content. However, entertainment apps can come to the rescue. These apps reduce and eliminate this issue by providing the same content at an affordable cost.

  • Integration with Future Technology for Better User Experience

The future of entertainment mobile applications is very bright. You can integrate innovative technology such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), the Internet of Things (IoT), and more to enhance user experience.

Tips to Hire the Best Entertainment Mobile App Development Company

Below are some key rules to consider when hiring an entertainment mobile app development company:

  • Determine the Type of App You Want to Build

Whether you’re planning to invest in an iOS or Android app development company, your first consideration should be to select the type of entertainment app you want to develop. You need to consider whether you want an app to expand your existing business or want to start your company, what are your business objectives for your app and how to implement it, choose your target audience, key features, and technologies you need for your app.

  • See If the Developers Meet Your Budget

The mobile app development market offers a wide range of application development and IT staff augmentation services. You can either hire a dedicated team of mobile app developers from an iOS or Android app development company or freelancers based on your project requirements.

When you hire from an IT company, you get a team of professionals who can provide you with full-cycle app development services at reasonable prices. Hiring freelancers is suitable for small to medium-sized projects. But for long-term projects, hiring freelancers might increase the risk of app failure.

  • Check Work Portfolio

Next, to shortlist the top-performing companies, you need to evaluate their work portfolios. Also, do not forget to check their background, brand reputation, and years of experience.

  • Know About the Team Structure

A mobile app development company is backed by a team of Designers, Developers, Analysts, Consultants, Quality Assurance Specialists, and a Project Manager. You can request the company to offer you an insight into the development team. This will help you understand if they can manage your project or not.

  • Client Testimonials

You can ask the mobile app development company to share references of the previous or existing clients they have worked with to get an idea of their capabilities. You can check client testimonials to understand whether they could deliver the project on time.

  • Communication

Communication is the key to hiring the best mobile app development company. You can conduct interviews before you hire mobile app developers for your project. You can even communicate with the company remotely to check their communication skills, availability, and modes of communication.

Looking for Mobile App Development Services in Gurgaon?

Entertainment app development has opened gates for businesses to generate more revenue and increase the viewer base. With entertainment apps, users can have access to unlimited news, movies, web series, music, TV shows, podcasts, etc. If you’re planning to develop an entertainment app, you should approach a reliable development partner for your project.

At Mobibiz, you will receive the support of a highly skilled team of mobile app developers for feature-rich entertainment mobile app development. We can turn your ideas into reality using proven and adaptive strategies that will accelerate your business growth and revenue.

If you’re looking for entertainment mobile app development services in Gurgaon, you can discuss your project requirements and budget with our experts and get started today! We will listen and evaluate your idea and app requirements and build a robust entertainment app for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. How much does it cost to build an entertainment mobile app?

The average cost of building an entertainment app can be somewhere between $10,000-$25,000 at least. However, the cost may vary as per your project’s complexity, the number of filters you want to use, features, integrations, and so on. You may contact us to know an approximate estimate of your project.

Q.2. Why are entertainment apps gaining popularity?

Entertainment applications allow users to watch their favorite movies and shows and download unlimited songs at a minimum monthly subscription. The increased consumption of entertainment by online users has increased the popularity of entertainment mobile apps. Creating an entertainment app can help you boost your business revenue.

Looking for a mobile app development partner to create empowering business apps?

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