Telemedicine App Development-Driving Healthcare Digitally

Telemedicine App Development

The pandemic has exerted a great deal of pressure on the healthcare system to improve services to an optimum extent. Under the challenging times, Telemedicine app development experienced a considerable amount of momentum meeting diverse requirements of patients. The revolutionary adaption of advanced technology has improved patient care, diagnosis, easy reach to doctors, and hospital administrative tasks.

The Covid-19 has turned the life of everyone upside down. There have been several transformations witnessed since the arrival of the pandemic like the way we shop, work, communicate, travel, study, and more. The most important change or should we say improvement we have witnessed is in the realm of getting quality healthcare services using Telemedicine.

You will be surprised to know the fact that Telemedicine has grown to 6000% from the beginning of the pandemic. And, the growth is further going to new heights.

There is no denying the fact that Telemedicine app development is redefining the people seek medical attention. Moreover, it has improved the healthcare lifecycle for doctors and the medical staff to focus more on enhancing the lives of patients.

Thus, to understand all the above points in detail, let’s have an end-to-end discussion on healthcare app development and the way to improve lives.

What is Telemedicine App and How Does it Work? 

Telemedicine is an advanced technology for doctors and patients to connect over digital communication channels while maintaining a great distance.

In simple terms, Telemedicine is a new-age healthcare service for patients to get doctor’s appointments, one-on-one consultation, diagnosis, and the best treatment virtually. Maintaining a far-off distance is a critical factor of Telemedicine services. It allows patients and doctors to virtually connect over diverse mediums of communicational channels to improve care and lifestyle.

Especially after the unexpected arrival of Covid-19 when people were restricted to the boundaries of home. Seeking medical attention was difficult at that point due to the non-movement of individuals outside the home. Despite that medical urgency was on the rise and people seeking immediate medical attention while suffering from the virus or having minor symptoms of it.

Thus, to provide quick medical care and attention to people, several healthcare companies and technologies service providers joined hands to rely on Telemedicine apps. It is the development of apps specialized to connect doctors and patients online despite any location or time restrictions. 

How does it work?

Much like the way of a traditional-looking doctor and patients meeting and conversation, the Telemedicine app works digitally in the following manner:

* Booking Doctor’s Appointment: A patient can look at the list of doctors on a Telemedicine app and select the best one meeting medical requirements. A patient then books an appointment with a particular doctor based on the disease, describe the symptoms, and enter their medical history.

* Acceptance/Rejection of Appointment: Once the appointment request reaches a particular doctor, he/she can accept or reject the request based on the availability.

* Successful Consultation: If a doctor accepts the consultation request, then the same will connect with a patient online at a prescribed time.

* Medicine Prescription: The doctor prepares the prescription after a successful virtual diagnosis of the patient and uploads the same on the app itself. After that patient can download the prescription online to order medicines. 

The above is the general flow and working conditions of a healthcare app. However, you can customize the flow accordingly while thinking about Telemedicine app development from a leading service provider. 

Telemedicine App Development for People

The time is up for virtual healthcare services after the remarkable shortfall of the medical staff, doctors, and physicians during the rising pandemic. From 2020 onwards, virtual healthcare services are accepted widely to bridge the gap between patients and doctors.

Most importantly for patients, Telemedicine apps are helping people in the following manner:

*Patients can schedule online consultation and diagnosis with doctors during any state of a medical emergency or long-term illness.

*24/7 diagnosis of diseases along with experiencing immediate relief and quick access to medicines.

*Get medical attention whenever, wherever, and at any time you want.

*Specialist service in rural areas where there is a shortage of immediate medical attention.

*People tend to save a lot on medical assistance with respect to saving cost on transportation to the hospital, taking a day off from work, and reduces a lot of unnecessary expenditures.

Telemedicine App Development  for Doctors & Medical Staff

Not just for patients, but hospitals, clinics, and individual practicing doctors and physicians can make the most of telemedicine app development to treat patients widely.

* With the Telemedicine app, doctors and medical staff can prioritize the urgent medical cases to be taken over a video call.

* Medical staff tends to decrease human errors to a large extent.

* Provide better and seamless healthcare services.

* Easy to access medical history and diagnosis details of patients online to refer to the best possible treatment.

* Mobility benefits the doctors to keep a close watch over patient’s medical condition online and that too at any point in time.

* Smooth way to check the necessary vitals of patients online. 

Features of Telemedicine App for Patients 

Now, we come to the most important part of the discussion and i.e. features to look at while developing a Telemedicine app. Hire mobile app developer and discuss the requirements of features requires for patients to see and access.

* App Registration: It is a feature for a user to register and create an account on the app to avail of virtual doctor’s assistance. Registration is simple for users to enter their personal details like name, email id, or via social accounts. It is also recommended to enable two-factor authentication to secure the information of users.

* Creating Personal Profile: Another feature for the user to create their personal profile based on the details like name, age, gender, medical condition, and more.

* Search Option: The app must be having a search option while looking for a doctor based on specialists, location-wise medical experts, gender, and ratings.

* Video/Audio Communication: One of the essential features to include in the Telemedicine app is to enable video/audio feature to connect with a doctor.

* Chat System: There might be a situation where a simple chat can solve the medical issues of patients. Thus, Telemedicine app development needs to include developing an internal chat system.

* Scheduling: Patients can schedule their appointment with a doctor by looking at the availability of a particular medical professional.

* Notifications: Frequent alerts for patients to see the upcoming appointments, changed the schedule of doctors, and more.

Features of Telemedicine App for Doctors 

Just like for patients, doctors should also have a list of features developed on a Telemedicine mobile application.

* Doctor’s Profile: Just like patients, doctors can also create their professional profile on the Telemedicine app. The profile must include details of doctors like name, specialization, number of experience, past achievements, qualifications, and more.

* Schedule: There must be a feature of schedule management for doctors to manage their schedule of online appointments. They can have a look at the calendar, available and booked slots of appointments as per the mentioned timing. Also, doctors can accept or reject the appointment request as per their availability.

* View Medical Records: There must be a feature for doctors to see the complete medical history of patients. Doctors can check the current and the past medical condition of patients to prescribe an ideal treatment.

* Video/Audio Communication: A necessary feature for the medical staff to connect with patients over an audio or a video call.

* E-Prescriptions: Doctors can digitally write the prescription and upload the same on the app for a user to download.

* Notifications: Alerts and notifications for the medical experts to see the upcoming appointments, rejected requests, and more. 


Telemedicine app is the future of healthcare services going virtual and hassle-free for patients to experience. Investing in Telemedicine app development is a profitable way to reach patients far and wide with no location and time constraints.

All you need is to choose a reliable mobile app development company and customize the app accordingly. For this, get in touch with Mobibiz to fulfill your purpose of creating a feature-rich, intuitive, and interactive application. 

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q. What are the Different Types of Telemedicine Available?

There are three types of telemedicine services available that of Store-and-Forward Telemedicine, Remote Patient Monitoring, and Real-Time Telemedicine.

Q. What is the Difference Between Telemedicine and Telehealth?

Telehealth is in a broader sense a kind of app development service that is more than that of scheduling an appointment with a doctor. It also comprises ordering medicine, hospital management, remote clinical and non-clinical services, medical equipment management, and more.

Q. In How Much Time Telemedicine App Can be Developed?

The time period to develop a Telemedicine app based on the requirements you have in terms of features, functionalities, complexities, resources, and more. Therefore, you need to be clear about what do you actually want and then decide on a particular time frame.

Leverage the Power of Telemedicine App Development to Offer Seamless & Digital Medical Services

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