How to Build Chatbot with NLP to Improve Customer Experience?

How to Build Chatbot with NLP to Improve Customer Experience

Thinking of improving customer experience with a new-age technology? If yes, then develop Chatbot with NLP (Natural Language Processing) to act on user’s queries immediately and meet their intention of receiving real-time customer support 24/7. 

Chatbot for websites and mobile app is no longer a gimmick just to add another digital-savvy feature to the platform. It is something more than that. A chatbot is an indispensable tool for enterprises to enhance their customer experience, retention rate, and reduce waiting time to an optimum extent.

The need for chatbot development is arising from the fact that users need quick action from businesses. They are more than happy to get fast customer response to resolve their queries and meet information-seeking demands to a great extent.

With a manual customer service team at the place, you cannot achieve something valuable that a chatbot does. So, to integrate a conversational experience with customers to better understand their needs and fulfil the same, you will be needing Chatbot with NLP.

So, let’s dive deep into the interesting discussion related to Chatbot with Natural Language Processed based on the following few contents:

* What is NLP?

* How Does NLP Helps Chatbot Work Efficiently?

* Different Types of Chatbot?

* How Can you Use Chatbot with NLP in your Business?

* Process to Build Chatbot with NLP 

What is NLP? 

To better understand the phenomenon of NLP i.e. Natural Language Processing, first understand the first forms of languages. First is the natural language which humans use to communicate and second is the machine language used by machines and computers to decode the meaning and perform a particular action.

For example, English is a natural language for all humans. Whereas, Java is a programming language for computers.

Now, Mobile app developers create NLP models that help the system to decode and even mimic the natural language of humans and provide a particular response. In a simple sense, when humans communicate in natural language with the system,  NLP helps to decode that message and makes it understandable for the machine to take further action. 

How Does NLP Help Chatbot to Work Efficiently? 

NLP works differently for the chatbot to analyze the human entered message and provides a valuable response. It is a combination of informatics, mathematical linguistics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence technology to provide an upscale level of chatbot experience. It works in the following few manners to bring the effectiveness of machine-enabled conversational technology.

* Chatbot with NLP helps to interpret the natural language of humans and convert the same into logical form.

* It generates automated financial reports or analyzes the statistics.

* It interacts with users to provide an instant response to queries and meet informational requirements. 

Different Types of Chatbot 

* Scripted Chatbots: This chatbot encounters a task that has not been written in its code and the bot will not be able to perform the same.

* Chatbot with NLP: These are Artificial Intelligence-based chatbots. Such bots act like a human by understanding the whole meaning of the user response and provides particular information. The NLP chatbot communicates with users via text or sound and supports them on the business website as well as a mobile app. One of the common examples of a chatbot with Natural Language Processing you see is Slack, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and more. 

How Can you Use Chatbot with NLP in your Business? 

There are several ways of using the chatbot in your respective business to answer questions of users or to provide an additional set of information.

* Chatbot as customer service to provide relevant information to users.

* Helps in booking an appointment and specify the price of a product/service.

* Inform customers are about particular offers, deals, products, and services.

* Act as customer service agent for customers to book tickets, answer frequently asked questions, guide, and offer most relevant content.

* Provides curated news and headlines. 

The process to Build Chatbot with NLP 

If you want to create a sophisticated and intelligently run chatbot for your API integrations, then you can develop the same using a strategic process.

Here, we have four stages of chatbot development.

Understanding Logic Analysis

The first stage of developing a chatbot for your enterprise starts with gathering all the relevant requirements. Detailed information is collected to understand the needs, competitive marketplace, essential features, creating a constructive business logic, and a strategic plan.

Channelizing the Technology Stack 

Once all the requirements are gathered, the next is to choose the platform to build a chatbot. In the case of building an NLP-based chatbot, Telegram, Hangout, or Viber are considered as best channels for text construction.

Also, there is a comprehensive list of technology stacks available for chatbot app development.

* Twilio

* Python

* Pandas

* TensorFlow

* SpaCy

And, many more.

Development & NLP Integration 

The development stage contains a series of phases to build a result-oriented client-side chatbot and connecting the same to the provider’s API.

  1. Tokenizing: This step consists of breaking the text into small chunks that are better referred to as tokens and including punctuation.
  2. Normalizing: The bot searches for particular mistakes like misspellings, slang, or any typo error.
  3. Recognizing Entities: Once all the words have been normalized, the bot attempts to determine what is being actually said.
  4. Depending Parsing: In this stage of development, bot divides the sentences into verbs, objects, nouns, punctuation, and common phrases.
  5. Generation: In the final step, the chatbot develops a number of responses based on the gathered data and chooses the appropriate option.

Testing Stage 

In the testing stage, all the implemented things are tested to see the exact response of the chatbot. In this stage, testing agents ask questions from the chatbot using NLP to get the required response or not. Manual testing is also used to see how chatbot gathers more data and provides appropriate responses to users.  

Final Note

If you are ready to develop an intelligent-driven chatbot solution for your website or mobile app, then rely on a trustworthy chatbot development company. Doing the same helps you improve the overall customer experience by providing fast responses to queries, real-time support, and fast information.

Rely on the chatbot development services of Mobibiz to fulfil the objective of an enhanced customer service experience. It is a leading mobile app development company having years of proficiency in creating success-driven chatbot solutions. 

 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Benefit of Implementing a Chatbot on a Mobile App?

Implementing a chatbot in your business app brings an added advantage to enhance the overall customer experience. A chatbot will act as a 24/7 available virtual assistant on your app to bring a  personalized user experience to the customer. It helps to solve queries, offer additional information, and fulfil numerous requests of users in no time.

What is the Cost of Developing a Chatbot for an App?

The price estimation of the chatbot included in the mobile app development is based on the response-based requirements. Developers have to first make a list of queries, suggestions, and other details based on your app to create a particular chatbot strategy. And, based on that the estimated development cost will be decided.

In How Much Time Chatbot Will be Ready?

The time duration to build a chatbot relies on your business requirements, particular responses, complexities, and other considerations. All the information is gathered first to create a strategic plan.

Harness the Power of Chatbot Development to Offer an Improved Level of Customer Support Experience.

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