Google Developing ‘Switch to Android App’ for iOS Data Transfer

Switch to Android App

“Now transfer iPhone data seamlessly to Android phone using a new app. Google is developing a “Switch to Android App” for iOS users to transfer contacts, images, videos, and other information smoothly. 

According to 9to5Google, it has been reported that Google is developing something big for iPhone users. The largest search engine platform is developing an app called, “Switch to Android App”, specifically for iPhone users. The app helps iOS users to switch their devices from Apple to Android and using the app on iOS devices transfer all the data to their new Android handset.

Till now, moving from one iPhone device to a new Android device is a cumbersome part of the Android app development process. For data transfer especially, users have to first upload their data from iPhone to Google Drive and then transfer Google Drive data to the new Android device. In between the transfer of data, not all information is transferred like that of images, videos, screenshots, messages, etc.

To ease the burden of data transfer and seamlessly switch to Android phones from iPhone, Google is developing all all-new result-oriented app.

Features of Switch to Android App

There have been many speculations about the possible features of the Switch to Andriod app for iPhone users. Still, there is a possibility of a few essential features like mentioned below:

* Version: The reports of 9to5Google provided the possible hit that Switches to Android app will be in the code version of 1.0.382048734. It is Android’s official Data Restore Tool.

* Working Network: As per the reports, the new app has similarities to that of Apple’s counterpart ‘Move to iOS’ for Android. The app will work seamlessly on a strong and local Wi-fi network on the Android device itself. On the other side, iPhone users have to connect to a different network to transfer the data between the two applications.

* Changes in Data Restore Tool: It has also been speculated that there will be one particular change with the Switch to Android app and that would be alterations in Data Restore Tool. It can be copied from iPhone to Android.

Apart from the above, still is not clear how Switch to Android app would work exactly. Google is still developing the application with the assistance of a professional team of Android app developers. Soon, there will be a final showdown of the application meant for all iPhone users. 

Final Note 

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