10 Points Checklist to Follow Before Launching the Mobile Application

Mobile Application

Having an incredible app idea can do wonders for your business.

Honestly, the mobile app industry is the fastest-growing sector that witnessed a dramatic surge in the last decade like never before.

Companies come up with a unique app idea and reach straight to a reliable app development company for the development.

Sometimes the rush to move towards launching mobile application too fast might have repercussion on its performance and reach. As a result, your app gets lost in the large ocean of already available mobile applications on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

So, think, plan, strategize, and then enter the mobile app marketplace to create a positive impact.

To help you with this, we bring a simple yet important to follow a checklist that includes steps taken before launching the app at the marketplace.

Sure to say the fact that after going through all the checkpoints carefully, you will find a way to your app’s success.

So, without any further adieu, let’s get started.

10 Checklist Steps Before Launching the Mobile App

Identify Who is Your Target Audience

As already mentioned a unique app idea can enhance your brand’s online presence and generate more leads.

It is important to find and define your target audience first before getting into the app development process. You have to understand the point of finding a targeted audience who will be using your app. Without this, your application will be like any other app available on the app store with fewer searches and no impact.

Therefore, it is important to find your app users, determine their values, interest, behaviour, and attitude. All of this is necessary to monetize your app model and gain specific ROI from it.

Concerning this, check out the following few considerations:

  • Set clear goals as to what do you want to achieve with your mobile app.
  • Create a Unique Selling Point (USP) for your app.
  • Find the targeted audience from social media websites and from other platforms after utilizing the analytics data.
  • Connect with one of the best mobile app marketing companies in India to set up customize app marketing plans.

Know About your Competitors

There are around 3.14 million Android apps and 1.96 million iOS apps available on different app stores to download.

These number indicates the growing number of competitors with each passing day. If you ignore this, then it will be difficult for you to stand out as a unique brand.

To differentiate your company in this cut-throat competition is to first identify your competitors, analyse their app development and marketing strategies, and move forward ahead.

For this, a pioneer app development company will help you analyse the competitors and accordingly create your app development and marketing plan.

It is important for enterprises to consider this point before jumping quickly to the app market.

Native or Cross-Platform-Which One to Choose?

Do you need a mobile app for Android or iOS store only or thinking about creating one for both platforms?

Answering this question is important in terms of widening your business reach across a targeted set of customers.

In case you stick to one platform only, then native app development is the one to go for. However, if your aim is to reach wide across the customers and channelize a great deal of profit, then cross-platform app development is for you.

If you look around, then several apps like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Uber, Telegram, and various others are cross-platform apps that run on both platforms.

Head-Up for Social Media Reach

You must have gone through the massive number of apps available on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Out of several million apps, an average smartphone user access only 9 apps a day. And, these must be select and most prominent ones.

All this happens because of wide customer reach and an effective marketing strategy created simultaneously for millions of customers. Social media is an effective medium to promote your app for free and reach a wide range of targeted customers.

So, consider this step of connecting with interested users on social media by using the below-mentioned considerations.

  • Create a well-defined social media app marketing strategy.
  • Research your audience on social media to know about their interest and preferences.
  • Generate regular ads, banners, and promotions to create buzz.
  • Create unique content.

Give Special Emphasis to the Landing Page of the App

Your business application no matter accessed on mobile or on desktop, the first impression goes to a landing page. Leverage this by creating a simplistic yet appealing landing page with limited functionalities, appealing CTAs, powerful language, and a clear mission statement. In terms of features, you need to add success stories, top features, best products/services, etc., to gain maximum attention from users.

Pick an App Store

Just like you have an option of choosing the operating system for your business application. Similarly, you need to choose the app store between Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Again, it depends on your target customer reach whether they are more Android or iOS users. On the other side, you can go for both the app stores one by one to widen your customer area.

One thing to remember before publishing your mobile app on the app store is to first meet the specific guidelines before moving forward.

Develop a Marketing Plan

  • Keyword Research: Find the most searched and high in conversion keywords related to your business app.
  • Paid Advertising: Attract potential customers and allow them to download your app and make a purchase using paid marketing channels. Leverage the power of paid advertising with options like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and more.
  • Influencers & Blogger’s Reach: Utilize the power of influencer marketing to get widespread attention from all quarters. Add influential leaders and bloggers to talk about your app and brand.

Check for App Store Optimization

Launching an app on a preferred choice of App Store is directly linked with App Store Optimization (ASO). It is one of the app store marketing techniques to discover trends, analyse user behaviour, and uncover app issues to successfully launch your app and get the desired result.

For an effective ASO strategy, you need to take care of the following few points:

  • Insert apt keywords in the app title.
  • Targeted keyword in the body of your app.
  • Add user reviews and ratings.
  • Display total active downloads of your app.

Spread App Link Everywhere

Once you effectively follow all the above steps, then you are ready to finally launch your app to create a massive impact. To achieve this, distribute the app link to download as much as possible via social media, personalized recommendations, email, notifications, and more. On top of that, you can officially draft a press release that to grab widespread attention from all sides.

Regular Updates

Lastly, keep your eyes wide open in terms of making regular updates to your mobile application. Collect user’s feedback and reviews to make specific changes in the app accordingly. Also, give special emphasis to mobile app maintenance finding and deleting possible errors, flaws, and bugs.

Final Note

Be prepared and take crucial steps into action before launching your result-oriented application. Refer to the above checklist to get an idea of the step-by-step process of going seamless with your app launch without finding any obstacle. To get more information on this, just be in touch with Mobibiz. It is one of the leading mobile app development companies helping large, medium to small enterprises successfully launch their app in a profitable manner.

Frequently Asked Question

How Much Time Does it Take to Launch a Mobile App?

As you can witness, launching an app involves a strategic series of steps that need to be followed. Every single business has different requirements and steps might differ to create and launch an app successfully. Therefore, the timeline also offers varied business needs.

Which Technology Works Best for Mobile App Development?

There is a variety of technology stack available for robust mobile app development including Flutter, Kotlin, Java, Swift, Python, ReactNative, R Programming, and more. It all depends on your business and app requirements to utilize the ideal technology.

How Much Cost is Involved in App Development?

The price factor of developing an app for a business always differs in terms of features, requirements, functionalities, technology stack, complexity, and nature of business.

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