Top 5 Mobile App Testing Trends to Watch Out in 2023

Mobile App Testing

It’s 2023 and the mobile app market is going to reach new heights. 2020 saw the increasing penetration of mobile applications taking the business to further limits. And, the future also relies on new and new mobile technologies that will enhance enterprise solutions and enrich customer experience and expectations at large.

The success of the application relies more on interactive User Experience (UX) and excellent performance. To achieve all this, necessary to is get mobile app testing services to ensure the highest level of performance, elimination of bugs, checking overall functionality, and more.

With a growing app market, it is necessary to bring focus towards mobile app testing. It has been estimated that 79% of the companies are planning to invest in app testing and 72% of companies will increase the headcount of testers.

Since a new decade has started. It’s time to witness new mobile app testing trends in 2021 that will change the approach of finding issues and fixing them.

Top Mobile App Testing Trends

1. Quality Assurance Automation

Quality is the key to ensure long-lasting success ahead. Testing an app helps to maintain quality and this is what customers call for. Automating the quality assurance of apps is nothing new but remains in functionality for a long. Hundreds of apps are released every single day, which means every single company look towards shining their fortune with it. Thus, manual testing is limited to task few mobile apps only. So, again comes the growing emphasis on automation testing. Test automation tools are fast and save on development costs as well. In fact, 12% of companies have fully automated their quality assurance and 35% are halfway through it.

2. Iot Testing

The increasing range of wearable and other devices are connected with smartphones, computers, and are also interconnected with each other. This phenomenon is all because of Internet of Things (IoT) technology that makes interconnectivity goes possible to a great extent. On the other side, it raises the alarming issues of testing challenges. It is because interconnectivity leads to the constant exchange of data. Still, IoT has its solution that conveniently tests connectivity and safety issues on multiple interconnected devices. And, thus maintain the efficiency of exchange of information among multiple gadgets.

3. Artificial Intelligence Testing

One of the revolutions to see is the emergence of Artificial Intelligence technology in mobile testing. No, AI will not replace human testers in any of the mobile app testing company. On the contrary, AI will help to improve automation testing practices. Not only AI will test all the applications but also prepare several test cases and design test scenarios. Thus, human testing agents will be free from writing the same line of code and prevent doing repetitive tasks. AI can do wonders in mobile app testing that helps to do the heavy lifting, perform repetitive tasks like executing, implementing, and analyzing.

4. Testing on Real Devices in the Cloud

Real device Cloud testing will be the next big thing in the mobile app testing approach in 2021. It is because of testing billions of smartphones and devices on the Cloud to ensure no false positives, visible performance defects, and take everything into account from network failures. It helps to check the overall user-interaction that ensures high-quality usage of the app to a maximum extent.

5. Scriptless Testing

The Scriptless testing framework will dominate mobile app testing in 2021. With this, there will be no need for coding or scripting to produce the tests. It can be pushed off to senior developers to free high-end resources.

There will be a rising trend of Scriptless testing because of the fact that custom coding will the place of manual coding. It remains one of the parts of app testing running alongside manual code and automated AI testing. Also, Cloud-based testing further allows scriptless modes of testing that help to runs without needing any hardware.


The success of a business mobile app is evident from the fact it performs all conditions without breaking down and facing any glitches. Mobile app testing ensures complete inspection of the app at various stages and intervals to ensure excellent performance, maximum load, and agility. Follow 2021 best app testing trends to indulge the virtues of advanced technologies.

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1. Why It is Important to Get Mobile App Testing Services?

 Testing of a mobile application ensures an optimum level of performance under different load conditions, detection and removal of bugs, secure exchange of data, and taking other elements into account. By hiring the service of an expert testing agent, you can test the efficiency of your business app in a hassle-free manner.

2. What are the Latest Trends in App Testing Services?

Mobile app testing using the latest technologies like Real Device Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), Automation testing, and many more are trending these days. All of these techniques help to bring more efficiency, speed, and flexibility in testing any industry vertical of a mobile app.

3. What is the Cost of Testing an Enterprise Application?

The estimated cost of testing your enterprise application depends on manifold factors like the nature of the project, features, and your business requirements. Testing experts of Mobibiz will get in touch with you understanding all your needs, share the strategic plan, and the estimated testing cost.

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