Easy Way Out to Create a Profitable Social Media App in 2021

Social Media App

Social media has created its niche allowing enterprises to market their products/services wide across the Millenials. It brings the power to revolutionize the company’s reach towards a targetted audience in the shortest possible time.

Social channels create new opportunities for businesses to be a part of the fastest-growing market spread across the globe. By looking at the increasing penetration of 90% of people on social apps, and more brands look forward to developing social media apps like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Need not worry, here you will find a detailed guide as to how to create a social media application with the aid of a reliable social media app development company. Check out the trendy features  to add, types of apps, and the step-by-step guide to move accordingly.

But before let’s first understand why do you need social media app for your business.

Importance of Social App for Enterprise

As you know, social media application has a wide reach all across the globe. If you see in totality, there are over 2.7 billion users on Facebook, 330 million users on Twitter, 740 million on Linkedin, and 1 billion on Instagram. And, the numbers are increasing every single year.

Looking at the widespread reach of social media and billions of users grasp a wide choice of content every day. It gives a real opportunity to enterprises to reshape their online marketing strategy and create a result-oriented social app by hiring professional social media app developers.

Different Types of Social Media Applications

If you have decided to develop a social media mobile app platform for your business, it is better to look at the different varieties of apps available for you.

1. Media Sharing Apps: Social media is all about sharing interesting content  in terms of videos, text, pictures, GIFs, and more. You can create a media-sharing app to send such content wide across the communities.

2. Social Networking Apps: Stay connected with the targetted audience with a networking app just like Facebook and Twitter. For B2B connection and regular communication, better to create a platform like Linkedin.

3. Online Discussion Forums: Build your online community on a discussion forum to ask questions, give answers to queries, and share experiences. For examples like Reddit and Quora.

4. Consumer Reviews Apps: Receiving customer reviews is an important factor to gain business insights and make the services go better.

5. Blogging Platforms: Platforms like Medium and Tumblr are blog-sharing websites that are popular among content-reading users.

6. Messenger Apps: Just like Facebook Messenger, the same app for your business helps to start direct communication with customers.

7. Relationship Networks: Create online dating apps like Tinder or Badoo to offer relationship networking services.

8. Bookmarking Networks: A majority of online users like referring to some other’s users content and save it for future reference. Just like Pinterest, you can create a bookmarking app.

9. News Apps: If information sharing is the ultimate aim of your enterprise, then wait no more to create a news-sharing application.  

10. Interest-Based Networks: Develop social media apps to share a common interest, hobbies, and experiences among the added set of users.

Steps to Create your Profitable Social Media Application

Creating a social media app for your enterprise is no longer a challenging process when you have the assistance of a reliable mobile app development company.

1. Initial Research

It all starts with the initial research about your company and the competitors. See, where you stand at the moment and brainstorm about a unique idea and which type of social media is suitable for your business. Next is to study the social media of competitors around to have the design, features, and functionalities idea. It is all about knowing your strengths and weakenesses before creating the application.

2. Strategy & Planning

Once you have decided a unique and exceptional social media app idea, next is to formulate the strategies and their successful execution. Study the market to know about the targetted audience, competitors, and types of media to take your strategy to another level.

Not to forget the points related to lead generation, user retention, and monetization features to add in your social media application.

3. Designing

The next step is working on designing. Start implementing the strategies on improving UI/UX of the application that make good interaction with users.

The stage is divided into different stages mentioned below:

* Sketching & Wirframing: Initially, you can start creating the basic outlines of the app like deciding the number of screens, developing visuals, and more.

* Prototype: It is a rough working model of the app developed at the initial stage. Create the same to better understand the app requiements and need to make further changes to the same.

* App Skins: Work on the actual UI/UX of the application to see how well it interacts with a large scale of users seamlessly.

4. MVP Development and QA

MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product. It is a ready-to-use social media app for internal usage to see if there are any issues or flaws in the same. It is better to develop MVP during the social media app development stage in which you can indulge the QA team to test every single functionality and feature before publishing.

5. Deployment

This stage involves the final deployment and publication of the social media apps. Important considerations are given to video guides, descriptions, screens, and othe relevant promotional material of the app. It is important to put your app in the right category and serve the purpose of adding more and more people.

6. Maintenance & Support

The last stage includes maintaining the efficiency of the application and bringing optimum support to it. Once the app is published, you will start getting real feedbacks from the users regarding features and functionalities. Start correcting the flaws and bring an enhanced level of user experience.

Final Note

Transform your ideal of enterprise social media application into a profitable reality. Experience the gains from reaching the targetted audience socially by creating an application combined with trendy features. If you need real-time social media app development company’s assistance, then rely on the expertise of Mobibiz.


1. What are the Best Features to Add in Social Media Application?

There is a wide range of trendy features that you can add to your social media app like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Chatbots, Live Video Streaming feature, Virtual Reality (VR), Transient content, multi-lingual support, and more.

2. What is the Cost of Social Media App Development?

The estimated cost comes down to many factors like technology stack, number of features, timelines set, business analysis, quality assurance, project design elements, and more. Once all the factores are taken into consideration, then the final cost of developing social media app is decided.

3. How Many Developer’s Support Do We Need?

It further depends on your project’s tendency and features to include. At Mobibiz, you can have the support of experienced and certified social media app developers.

Get the Reliable Support of Social Media App Developers to Build Object-Oriented Application

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