Look at the Growing Future of eCommerce Industry with Latest Trends

eCommerce trends

The eCommerce industry is running high on success these days and will continue to do in the coming years. Slowly and gradually traditional retailers are transforming their business model from offline to online to reach a wide spectrum of customers.

The convenient shopping advantage that the eCommerce industry helped more people during the worldwide lockdown period. It was all because of online shopping stores that people experience hassle-free buying while maintaining complete social distancing.

As per the estimation, the eCommerce industry will grow by $3 trillion in the coming years. Thus, there are high chances of spectacular growth for traditional retailers to start their eCommerce website or app. And, existing online retailers can add new virtues of technologies to see their bright future ahead.

Increase your business revenue with the means of online shopping mobile apps or websites, first, refer to the latest technology trends and stay ahead of the competition.

Top five eCommerce technology trends to adopt in 2021

Voice-Enabled Search

Voice Commerce is the future of the eCommerce industry. Shoppers are increasingly using voice-enabled devices like Google Assistant, Siri, Google Home, and others to give command decisions to gadgets. It is predicted that voice commerce will make the eCommerce industry grow by 75% more by 2025. And, a majority of consumers will have smart speaking devices for searching relevant products in no time.

The remarkable growth of voice commerce in the online retail industry is the value of utmost convenience. Using the same, customers find it easy to say any product name, query, or ask a question to get quick results. The technology is further beneficial for mobile users having the least knowledge of searching and buying. Such individuals can easily search via voice command in any language and get the desired result.

Adopt the profitable model of voice search in your new or existing online shopping app in the following ways.

  • Optimize your content to answer favorable queries of customers.
  • Add skill to your voice-enabled devices.
  • Add the feature of voice-based search to your website or app.
Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality

Artificial Intelligence technology is omnipresent with a majority of online shopping mobile apps and websites. You must have witnessed the feature for the auto-complete option on the search box, recommended product notifications received on email, image recommendation based on the previous search, and more. All these are revenue-driven virtues of AI in eCommerce to grab more attention and generate more sales. AI will go hand in hand with the online retail segment. It is expected that by 2022, there will be $7.3 billion be invested in Artificial Intelligence technology to improve the customer shopping experience.

Augmented Reality (AR) is another next big thing for the eCommerce business. It helps customers to experience offline like product buying pleasure at an app or website. The technology allows online retail stores to provide virtual demo of the product and virtual trying options. By availing of Augmented Reality app development services, you can add the excellent feature of a real-like shopping experience online.

Omnichannel Mode of Selling

Creating a seamless shopping experience for customers results in more sales and higher ROI for the company. To provide the same, creating an omnichannel selling model is important for you. Make the best use of analytics tools to understand your customer behavior and buying pattern. Doing this helps you offer products on multiple devices to hit the right chord. It further allows to find out glitches within the existing online shopping model and fix the same at an instant.

  • To create a profitable omnichannel selling platform, make sure to optimize your product content and offerings as per the small devices.
  • Provide personalized customer behavior to sell relevant products.
Versatile Payment Options

Adding different payment gateways offers a lot of benefits to customers. As you see, several online paying options like Google Pay, PhonePay, PayTM, etc, have already taken the marketplace. Even Bitcoins are added to numerous eCommerce platforms to make paying more convenient than ever.

Thus, your online retail brand needs to integrate well with at least one most used digital payment getaway. Doing the same helps to bring a smooth shopping experience to customers.

Mobile Commerce (mobile commerce app development)

The latest eCommerce industry trends are synonymous with mobile apps. A majority of retail customers are more than happy to shop products via mobile applications. It is estimated that by the end of 2021, 73% of the sales will be done from mobile devices.

You need to focus on the profitable means of mobile commerce app development to provide customers what they ask for. And, that is a smooth, convenient, and ready-to-go eCommerce shopping experience. Thus, make your online retail business platform compatible with small devices and add an advanced set of features.

Final Note

The eCommerce business is spreading and growing at a rapid speed. The trends come and go concerning the eCommerce segment that you have to adapt to with the changing time. In 2021, AI, AR, Omnichannel model, Voice search, mobile apps, and more result in extensive growth of the online retail business. Follow the profitable trends and avail the advanced technical support from the leading mobile app development company like Mobibiz.


Is Mobile App Necessary for the eCommerce Business?

Looking at the increasing penetration of smartphones and the majority of consumers who shop online via small devices, it is important to build a mobile app. Just look at the future of online retail business having an increasing dependency on mobile applications to bring convenient shopping experience at all levels.

Are All Above Trends are Mandatory to Follow in Online Retail Business?

No, it is not mandatory to follow it all. Different eCommerce businesses have different requirements and customers base. You can refer to any trend that best matches your enterprise objectives and help to increase product sales.

What Needs to be Done to Add Advanced Technologies in eCommerce App?

All you have to do is avail of online shopping mobile app development services for us. We have a team of certified mobile developers who are aware of the latest tech trends, suggest the best ones for you, and add the same in your app for maximum business growth.

Get Profit-Oriented Online Shopping Mobile Apps Development Services to Increase Retail Business Growth

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