Develop Cross-Platform Apps with the Google Release of the Latest Flutter 2.0

Flutter 2.0

Using a mobile app is the current need of the hour and future for business enterprises to reach wide across a particular demographic area. Fortunately, there are many mobile app development programming tools available out of which Flutter is one of the prominent ones.

Wondering why many companies invest in flutter app development services? Well, it is because businesses need to spread everywhere. And, in terms of the mobile application platform, you need to create apps suitable for Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, and macOS platforms. Thus, Flutter helps to develop cross-platform mobile applications in the same codebase for reducing time, efforts, and money.

With Flutter mobile app development tool, you can develop an interactive and feature-rich app suitable for multiple platforms all at once.

So, if you have decided to develop an application using Flutter, then wait, the all-new version of Flutter 2.0 is finally released on 3rd March 2021. And, you should look into its amazing features.

The Latest Version of Flutter 2.0 is Here

On March 3rd, 2021, Google released the latest version of Flutter 2.0 at the Flutter Engage Event. After the successful run of previous versions of Flutter, the new and improved 2.0 version is all set to enhance the cross-platform mobile app development process. Those who belong to the Flutter app development process know the importance of the 2.0 version and the way of improving the complete application development cycle.

To refresh your memory down the line, Flutter is an open-source UI framework created by Google back in 2015. It is widely used by mobile app developers across various enterprises to build fast and engaging apps. It is best utilized to develop cross-platform mobile applications on a single codebase and speed up the process of getting your app ready for the market release.

So, now Flutter 2.0 is here and you are looking for Flutter app development services. Then take a look at the new features of 2.0 and the possible benefits of investing in this technology.

What’s New in Flutter 2

Find all the new and improved features of Flutter 2.0 that will be responsible for building cross-platform apps in a fast and efficient manner.

1. Desktop Support

There has been a significant improvement in desktop support for Flutter 2.0, especially in terms of bringing high-quality text editing options for native experience on supported platforms. Google has added an in-built context menu to TextFormField widget that will help in material designing and Cupertino. Also, you will find Grab Handles added to the ReorderableListView widget.

2. Web Support

One of the biggest improvements that you find in Flutter 2.0 is concerning the web support that was earlier confined to the document-centric approach only. The new platform has built-in support of rich platform APIs that help in accelerating the sophisticated app development along with 2D & graphics, flexible layout, and pain APIs.

3. Portability Extension

Flutter is constantly expanding its reach to develop apps for a new set of devices and operating systems. Google has highlighted Canonical, Microsoft, and Toyota as the three big companies to bring a new level of technologies to the users by using their portability factor.

4. Flutter Fix

Flutter Fix is another improvement in Flutter 2.0 version. It has an independent command-line alternative to the Dart CLI tool called the DART set. It knows how to find deprecated APIs and how to make them feasible to update the code with those APIs.

5. Flutter Folio

Flutter folio is a scrapbooking app that allows developers to build mobile applications for Android, iOS, and web apps along with beta platforms like Linux, Windows, and macOS. It helps the apps operate smoothly from a single code.

6. Fluter Dev Tools

Find some of the improved features in Flutter Dev Tools of Flutter 2.0 in the following manner:

* Filtering and Search in the logging tab

* Timid grid in CPU profiler flame charts

* Improvement in Usability and average FPS data

* Find new memory view charts that are faster, easy to use, and small

Benefits of Flutter App Development for Enterprise

Flutter 2.0 ensures the improved and fast cross-platform mobile application development comprising of the following few advantages:

*  Flutter single codebase structure enables a fast mobile app development process.

* Build applications for several platforms faster all at once as compared to the native application development.

* Debug code faster in a single best codebase and further test the code quickly and efficiently.

* Flutter offers expressive UI’s for numerous platforms and allows to build beautiful material design and widgets.

* Flutter is easy to learn with having a seamless learning curve. Even a beginner can make the best use of Flutter 2.0 to develop cross-platform apps fast.

* Flutter has a global and a wide-scale developer community that helps in developing apps at a much better rate.

Wrapping Up

Flutter 2.0 has finally hit the marketplace. Develop cross-platform apps with an improved and feature-rich UI platform that is open-source and free for developers. When thinking of developing enterprise-level apps at a low-cost, then get in touch with Mobibiz as a leading mobile app development company.


1. What is Flutter?

 Flutter is a mobile app development UI tool that is widely used to build engaging and advanced featured-equipped apps for platforms like Android, Windows, iOS, Linus, macOS, and web.

2. Which is the Latest Version of Flutter?

Flutter 2.0 is the latest version of a cross-platform app development platform that was released by Google on 3rd March 2021. Flutter 2.0 comprises new and improved features as compared to its previous version.

3. What is the Cost of Developing a Cross-Platform App Using Flutter?

It depends on the number of operating systems, size of business, feature requirements, and project complexity to determine the final price of mobile app development using Flutter.

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