10 Amazing Ideas to Consider for Travel Application Development in 2021

Travel App Development

With the rise of smartphones and mobile devices, app development services have gained momentum in the last few years. The advent of the internet and awesome mobile apps has completely changed our lifestyle for the better. Traveling around the world has always been a popular trend over the years. The rapid technological advancements in the mobile app development arena have significantly boosted the travel industry and simplified the entire process, right from planning and booking tickets to the convenient destination search. So, here in this blog, we are talking about apps for trips and vacations. We have brought some amazing ideas for travel application development that will make traveling the most memorable experience.

As a leading mobile app development company, we deliver full-cycle travel app development services in India and offshore to help startups, SMBs, and large enterprises thrive and sustain the travel industry. We combine the latest technologies with our expertise and innovative ideas to build applications that give you a competitive edge.

Combining advanced technology and traveling, travel apps have become the best ally of travelers. Booking travel agents and following the country paper maps have become things of the past. Today, smart travelers can manage their travel at their fingertips, and just with a few taps they plan and book their trip on their own.

10 Best Ideas for Travel Application Development in 2020

Over the past few years, travel apps are becoming more popular among travelers. Travel businesses are doing their best to make the most of the market opportunities. This has led to a tough competition in the travel and tourism industry. Due to this, only 56% of travel startups survive in the long run while others fade away over time. Therefore, you need to come up with a unique idea for travel app development to sustain in the competitive market.

If you have an awesome idea for your travel app, you may reach out to a professional travel app development company to bring your ideas to life. However, if you’re not sure where to go, here are some interesting travel app ideas that you can consider.

1. Language Converter

There is an increased number of people traveling to destinations that have different native languages. Therefore, a travel app equipped with a language translator is one of the best ideas for creating a powerful travel application in 2020. An application that translates your language into multiple foreign languages and vice versa can be useful for travelers who are traveling to a place where the language is new to them. They can easily communicate with foreign people and understand signs and directions. However, making this kind of app would require you to plan and come up with more ideas to add more advanced features to grab the attention of travelers and make it worth their use.

2. City Tour Guides

This is another awesome idea that you can think about your travel application development. City tour guide apps are nothing less a tourist guide for travelers who are traveling to different cities across countries. The app provides information regarding the best nearby restaurants and cafes that tourists can visit, the local, historical, and cultural tourist spots with a complete history of the place, and more. Furthermore, the application can also provide the best routes and transportation to different places to save travelers’ time. The application can also allow users to review and rate for different restaurants or places they visit which can be accessed by other users to make well-informed decisions.

3. Travel-based Social Platforms

Travelers love sharing their travel photos and videos on social media. Most often people make bookings after seeing these posts of various destinations shared by their friends, relatives, and others on social platforms. Currently, there are very few travel-based social platforms and those do not have a sufficient global audience.

So, isn’t it a great idea for your travel app development? This kind of travel app can enable travelers to post their travel journeys, photos, videos, and stories on their profiles. People can also build up communities and engage in discussions or drop-in queries with regards to different aspects of travel. Your social media-based travel application can be enriched with features like photo/video sharing, GPS, maps, reviews and ratings, itinerary planning tools, resources and guides on accommodations, must-visit places, popular travel destinations, and so on. TripAdvisor is a striking example of such travel apps.

Since not many have tapped into this niche, you can reach out to a professional travel app development company to transform this idea into a value-added travel app. You can think of a USP of your app that can make you stand out from the crowd.

4. Local Public Transportation

Budget travelers always look for affordable local transport options to go to their next destination. So, a travel app for local public transportation provides information and rates for different tourist spots and that can be really helpful for travelers. This kind of application not only allows budget travelers to find cheaper transport options but also helps them to plan the whole trip properly and without any hassle.

Before opting for travel app development services in India or the USA, you need to consider few things for building such a travel app are the maximum coverage of cities, and travel destinations as well as detailed and accurate information about all transportation modes along with their pros and cons. You should also consider providing detailed timing for each transport for any distance. To make your application more engaging and manageable, you can create an intuitive interface that allows travelers to search for a location and the best travel route on a GPS-powered map.

5. Plan Savings for Trip

Has it ever happened that you wished to visit your favorite destination but you had to cancel the trip plan because of too many expenses? What if we say that an app can help you save money for a trip so that before the travel date you have sufficient money in hand to have a successful trip? Well, this is a unique idea for travel app development as such an app can help budget travelers plan their savings for a trip effectively and without wasting any time.

6. Nearby Deals

This is another unique and enticing idea for travel app development that can gain a lot of traction. You don’t have to worry about offering fresh travel content or other information. This kind of app basically works as an aggregator app for a variety of travel deals.  The app can help users to keep an eye on the deals from nearby restaurants, or discounts on making bookings with flights, hotels, etc.
You need to make sure that such apps should be simple, yet eye-catchy. Users should be able to browse through the latest deals and discount offers without any hassle.

7. Crowd-sourced Locations

Traveling to a popular destination can be awesome but going to the countryside and hidden destinations may evoke another level of feeling. Sometimes, you may have little information about such places but you may not know the exact location. This is where a travel application with crowd-sourced travel destinations can be helpful.

Anyone who wants to explore such places does their homework on hidden attractions before moving ahead with the trip. A travel app that features less popular or hidden attractions and places can grab attention and engage users easily. You can also allow users to browse new places by location, interests, or budget through the app

8. Travel Card App

If you offer mobile app development services in India or offshore, mobile payment application development has already taken its space in your future offerings. Well, travel card apps are just an extension of this. These apps are digitally equipped and network-ready which facilitates easy online payments, contact sharing or ride bookings while travelers travel in remote locations.  This is achieved successfully due to several partnerships with the hotels, restaurant, and ticket booking services. Using a prepaid travel card app and a physically-connected card, you can help travelers to book hotels or rides, or stay in touch with their fellow travelers. Digital travel card apps allow sharing contact with unknown or fellow travelers on the way.

9. Booking Apps

Long vacations and trips involve an overnight stay. Travelers need to find the best accommodation which sometimes can become a big headache. Travel apps make it much easier by providing their users with a seamless accommodation search, whether it is a hotel, apartment, an apartment, guest house, or just a room. These trip planner mobile applications allow the users to choose the best-suited option. It works as a travel search aggregator and comparison app. Some of the examples of such travel apps include Booking, Airbnb, etc. So, if you want to create something like this app, you should share your app idea with a professional travel app development company and bring it to life.

10. Flight Assistant

Another big challenge that travelers face is to find good flight tickets. For this, travel-planning apps can be your best partner. These apps collect information and offers of various companies and then sort and filter all the options to provide the app users with the best results. So, a user can choose the right direction, date of travel, and add other information, making it easier to find and book tickets at affordable rates. Skyscanner and Hopper are some of the examples of such applications.

Wrapping Up

So, these are some of the latest travel application development trends that you can follow to draw inspiration and create your own travel app. If you have decided to build a travel app and looking for app development services in India or the USA, we can help you by providing personalized app consultation and create the most intuitive travel app meeting your specific project requirements.

We are a renowned Travel app development company offering full-cycle travel app development services in India and the USA. If you’re planning to build a travel mobile app, simply share your requirements with us to get the best-fit solution.


Q.1. How long does it take to build a travel app?

The time taken to build a travel application depends on design and complexity of features, the number of features, integrations, and customizations you want on your app, the experience level of the developers, and many others.

Q.2 Will you help me publish my app on the app stores?

Yes, surely. As a full-service travel app development company, we can help you publish your app on Google Play and App Store successfully.

Q.3. Do you provide post-development support?

Yes. We offer extended travel app support and maintenance services as a part of our full-cycled travel app development services in India and offshore.

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