How Next Gen Apps is Crucial for Business Enterprises amid Pandemic Surge?

Mobile apps are everywhere. The whole world is facing the COVID pandemic and doing all efforts in terms of social distancing, work from home, and quarantine to break the chain of infection. Businesses enterprises are investing in app development company to leverage the benefits of mobile apps to promote their business online and offer personalized customer experience. From retail to manufacturing to hospitality, every sector is facing downfall during the COVID pandemic and technology is the best means to integrate tackle the infection.

In addition to mobility advantage, customized next gen mobile app development can offer plenty of advantages to modern business. Here we discussed a few noteworthy business advantages of Rapid mobile app development to survive in a competitive market. These benefits help to achieve desired goals to make business flexible and scalable to address the diverse challenges.

Here’s What Your Business Get When Upgrade to Next Gen Apps:

• Lighting Fast Loading Speeds
• Modernized User Experience
• Customized iOS & Android apps
• New & Improved Custom Analytics
• Reduce time-to-market
• Reduce complexity by building cross-platform apps
• Lower operational costs

Why Next Gen Apps are Useful in Practice?

1. Analytics and Push Notifications

Analytics integration allows administrators to monitor the most popular content of their app receiving the most clicks. This way it is easy to manage the app and the content to boost the audience appeal. Many recognized apps have strengthened their sales work and productivity because of next-gen apps. With analytics feature app performance can be easily analyzed on a day-to-day basis. The app administrators use it on a continuous basis to check the number of sales and overall revenue generated.

2. Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is designed to solve big data issues. It works in the way natural language search is performed with complete analytics on a very wide range of documents. This feature has been added by several Mobile app developers and is used by several brands. Many digital magazine apps have launched it with a new refreshed look and feel to take advantage of this innovative search option. Readers can browse each magazine, not only by articles or titles but also through detailed words.

3. Language Switch

Language switch feature allows international brands to smoothly interact with users in different geographical locations, in their naïve language. By building multiple storefronts inside one single app, admin can easily add content in the local language to different sections of their app and serve it separately to different customers. They can simply use the same documents for each language audience depending on the country’s culture, & needs. From the user perspective, they can view what’s included in one language and switch to other versions by a click on a language button.

4. Speed

Service amid COVID will need months-long time to complete. Now, with customers’ requirements changing by the minute, enterprises can’t delay deployment for months. There is no guarantee of a problem remaining a problem by the month-end. The new normal enterprise will have to implement agile techniques during application development and maintenance processes to offer real value to the stakeholders.

5. Efficiency

The success of every business enterprise depends on the implementation of automation services, with well-planned business integration, and the adoption of agile techniques. The automation can be achieved through practices like Augmented reality app development, integration of AI in mobile apps, setting the priority of business processes, and eliminating unnecessary features.

6. Flexibility

Zero downtime is the most crucial element for user engagement and has become a new success mantra. But its adoption requires real skills, expertise & above-all dedication. In order to become truly flexible, enterprises must invest in next-gen apps to become modernize and replace their outdated mobile apps. However, letting go of the conventional system is one of the biggest challenges of digital transformation.

Wrapping Up

Looking for a successful post-COVID era is a challenging and can be full of doubts as well as challenges. The time the whole world is facing is one that we have never experienced before. But the only approach to get out of it is to make smart decision by investing in making next-gen enterprise mobile apps. We at Mobibiz you will get best services from the industry experts. Schedule a meeting with our iBeacon app development team to easily get out of such a difficult time of COVID pandemic.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are the benefits of mobile apps for business?

• Mobile apps aid promotion and offers great support.
• Value addition through rewards/loyalty program.
• Unlock the power of a better connection with customers.
• Driving High Engagement Levels.

2. Does having an app increase business?

Businesses are using apps to improve the processes and increase the level of accessibility their customers have. No doubt, mobile apps are the most valuable tools for today’s competitive business world. You can create mobile apps with great offers and deals to lure many prospective customers to your business.

3. Do apps increase sales?

Mobile apps increase sales, purchase frequency, and the range of items sold not only on a retailer’s website but also in its stores. App users exhibit greater product returns. Retail mobile app users are likely to buy a more diverse range of products.

4. Do you assure about security & confidentiality of the app idea?

Yes, we sign a strict NDA to protect your app idea & data. Hence, we ensure complete security and privacy of your mobile app development project.

5. How much time is needed for Next Gen app development?

The time to create a mobile app is based on several factors ranging from features, scalability, hosting server and functionality.

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