Major Transformation Trends for Retail Mobile Apps Post COVID-19

Retail Mobile Apps

Over the last few months, experts are sharing their views on the post-COVID comeback strategies for the retail industry. From the discussion, it has come out clear and certain that Retail will never be the same again in the post COVID era. The fear of virus infection has closed retail stores across the globe. This has made retailers look for means ways to ensure business continuity and make up for losses. As governments have eased the lockdown but still the chances of stores re-opening are still not possible, it is natural that consumers will use mobile apps for online shopping. It is important for retailers, therefore, to consult app development company to move to digital channels for the next few months until the pandemic over. Based on secondary research and customer sentiments, here are some of the technology trends that are expected to be an important element in the near future.

Trends for Retail Mobile Apps in 2020

1. Digital Approach

COVID has brought a remarkable change in the buyer mindset and shopping style. Online traffic to shopping apps grew a whopping 150% in the month of April. To survive and compete in such a situation, retailers must implement a digital-first approach in all their business operations. E-commerce is a popular means of shopping and with a pandemic, it has accelerated leaving retailers no option but to quickly adapt digitally enhanced strategy. Retailers who did not boost E-commerce skills fear missing potential customers and overall sales.

2. Integrated Inventory Management

Customers look for integrated experience across all gadgets and channels. Retailers, thus, need to look for an Omni-channel retail method with an integrated inventory management system. Once stores will start to open it will become crucial to boost customer experience, and conduct reverse logistics. With loyalty apps, customers can buy items straight from their devices which are retrieved and packed in the warehouse. The customers have the option to browse and buy items from the app. This is perfect to engage shoppers who are quite busy. Hence technology helps retailers with Rapid mobile app development to offer an integrated experience by monitoring, refreshing, inventory in real-time, and keeping an eye on variations in SKU movement.

3. Augmented Shopping

The important fact to consider here is that by 2020 million consumers will use Augmented Reality in their shopping experiences. The COVID-19 has increased the demand for AR integrated shopping. Augmented shopping attracts customers to interact with products in a completely unique manner. Several brands are using AR technology long before the pandemic. IKEA and Amazon are using AR Kit-based apps to help customers visualize what new furniture will look like inside their room. Brands can consult Augmented reality app developers to make use of this innovative technology for desired business results.

4. Voice Commerce

Artificial Intelligence is getting deep into the world of business. And with the Alexa, Siri, Microsoft Cortana, Bixby, and Google Home Assistant, no need to type within the mobile app to interact with voice assistants. These smart apps are coded to know your speech and respond to the sound of your voice. The survey revealed that 50 million people are using smart speaker system at home. Hence, we can expect to see several more products that will be compatible with Alexa. The whole concept comes from the Internet of Things products comprising smart mirrors, which deliver diverse content. In retail, voice-assisted technologies perform sales using voice recognition technology. It is termed as voice commerce, which is basically a popular means of ecommerce. But instead of typing in a search query, buyers use voice commands to search products.

5. Fast, Contactless Payments

Buying will continue to increase as festive season is all around the corner. It is important to have swift & secure online payment systems to encourage consumer trust, and in-store experience. It’s not surprising that shoppers are looking for contactless payments. More interestingly, 60% of retailers are accepting contactless cards, an increase of 40% from the last year. Statistics reveal that this trend will increase with time. Walmart is capitalizing on this trend. The retail store is currently operating on cashless stores. This will limit human interaction and prevent the spread of COVID-19 as well as boost checkout times. Several retail stores has consulted mobile app design services to successfully incorporate a touch-free payment system to ensure shoppers can use their phone to pay instantly.

Wrapping Up

COVID-19 is boosting the integration of several new trends. In the times of pandemic, retailers are hiring mobile app developers to take their business to greater heights. It all comes down to offer the best experience to customers through mobile apps from immediate home deliveries to secure online payments. You can talk to our team of developers and share your project requirements. We will offer you the best business solutions for your mobile app development.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why is digital payment important for businesses?

Digital payment solutions have become more important than ever in the times of COVID-19 pandemic. Digital payment is a secure and convenient means for customers to minimize human-to-human interaction.

2. What is an Omnichannel ecommerce strategy?

An Omni-channel ecommerce strategy provides customers a fully integrated shopping experience. It is achieved by combining user experiences from brick-and-mortar to mobile-browsing, to social media.

3. What is retail inventory management?

Inventory management is crucial to maximize revenue and maintain desired customer service quality grocery retailing. Retailers should check that products are always displayed and properly priced.

4. What is online retailing app?

Online retailing app enables store owners to sell goods via a digital platform. Mobile apps allow customers to order items online and get delivery at their doorstep. Online retailing app is a popular means of business expansion amid the pandemic.

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