What are the Tips & Tricks to Build a Job Search Mobile App in 2020?

Getting a job in today’s world is a complicated job without proper assistance. It is not possible to go to every company and share resume. There are several websites available where you can look for job but as technology has advanced people prefer convenient ways to find jobs. A mobile app offers better solutions to address such kind of problem. Job search mobile app has become a popular trend giving opportunities to people to find job easily. Having a Job Portal for your organization can definitely profit your organization during the recruitment. To ensure everything work as desired one need to consult the best app development company that provides the best development methodology. Before investing into the development process you need to know the features that should be included in the app.

Process of Job Search Mobile App Development

1. Define the Mobile App Scope

To begin with, identify the scope for the project:
• An Android app
• An iOS app

It is important to include the features like job posting, company pages, company reviews, job search using AI, CRM, SMS, payment gateway integration, and push notifications. Make sure to integrate original idea that will give value to your job search mobile app.

2. Right Development Methodology

A mobile app development project needs continuous development. Talk to your job portal app development services to launch a “Minimum Viable Product” first, and later develop the mobile app once you get insights regarding market feedback and more. Agile is a perfect technique for such projects, and experts prefer to use it.

3. Build a Development Team

A development team for the job search app project will require the following skills:

• Business analysts
• UI/UX designers
• Web developers
• Android developers
• iOS developers
• Testers
• Project manager

4. Kotlin for the Android App Development

Kotlin is a reputed programming language for Mobile App Development Services therefore, it is suggested you use it for building a job search app. The advantages are many:

• It’s an open-source language with a huge developer community. Google and JetBrains are behind Kotlin development & maintenance.
• It offers a concise syntax therefore; developers code less, yet still achieve the same goals.
• It is fully interoperable with Java and implements all Java libraries.
• It is lightweight, thus, programmers can code apps.

5. Focus on Business Expansion

You will like to expand your business into different countries/regions. Thus, the overall design and development that you consider should be done with this in mind.

You should use proper guidelines, for instance:
• Keep the code separate from the content.
• Write the Code in a manner so that the mobile app can pick up content from multiple files depending on different geographies.
This methodology is termed as “App internationalization”.

6. Integrate Payment Gateways

Companies using your job search app will need easy payment process therefore, it is important to use payment gateway integration. Stripe is an excellent choice for product specification. The following features are worth noting:

• Implementing card payment in your app is easy.
• You can use their REST API for app development.
• Payment Gateway offers an Android SDK.
• Use iOS SDK for integrating payment gateway in the iOS app.

7. Push Notifications

Push notifications play a significant role in the job search app. This helps the user not to miss any opportunity. Once the recruiter wants to contact the user, the user gets a notification. To send push notifications proper strategy needs to be implemented. But sharing notifications can make the user feel irritated which might make them remove the applications. Thus you need to be alert while sending the push notifications and be aware of what notifications you are sending the user. The notifications are managed by cloud API integration for desired business results in a streamlined manner.

So, these are the proper steps that need to be integrated to build a Job Search Mobile App.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can I see my Job Search Mobile app development process?

Yes! We provide timely progress reports related to it. We build your job search app on our development server and share all credentials so that you can monitor the app progress rate.

2. Do you offer after app deployment maintenance?

We offer our clients extended maintenance plans. We also completely support the app we design and develop if faced any problems or need any enhancements. Moreover, our team offers complete mobile app maintenance services & support.

3. Do you assure about security & confidentiality of the app idea?

Yes, we sign a NDA to secure your app idea & information. Hence, we ensure full security and privacy of the mobile app development project.

4. How much time is needed for Job Search Mobile app development?

The time to build a mobile app is based on multiple factors ranging from features, scalability, hosting server and functionality.

5. How much does it cost to build a mobile app?

The cost of building app completely depends on the features, functionality, and platform on which it is targeted.

Wrapping Up

Thanks to rising technology, the Job Search Mobile app development industry has seen a huge surge in the past few years. And, with the difficulties in searching the jobs, the demand for mobile apps will see a surge. Job apps are, in fact, making the job searching engaging, interesting, and above all simple. The above-given app development process will surely help you to build an engaging mobile app as well as give your users valuable stuff for a better career.

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