What are the latest iOS 14 features to Update Mobile App in 2020?

Apple in June 2020 released the beta version of its iOS 14, which is set to be released in the latter part of this year. iOS 14 is one of the biggest iOS updates of tech giant Apple, introducing Home screen design changes, innovative new features, updates for existing apps, AI improvements, and several other changes that streamline the iOS interface. The most important one is a redesigned Home Screen including support for widgets for the first time. These Widgets can be moved from the Today view straight onto the Home Screen and can be managed in multiple sizes.

With a Smart Stack feature, the iPhone app development can use on-device intelligence to surface the right widget depending on time, location, and activity. The Home Screen page can simply display widgets according to the work, travel, sports, and many more. The Today section having widgets can be redesigned, and there’s a widgets gallery for choosing & customizing them for apps.

1. App Library Integrated into Home Screen

Apple has changed the home screen with iOS 14. The applications can be removed by the users from the screen or even remove the complete screens depending on the requirement. The apps also remain in the App Library which can be accessed in a single swipe from the home screen. App library collects all the apps in big folders showing the recently used apps. It even gives liberty to search for apps in the search box present at the top of the screen. The folders are easily organized as per the Health, Social or priority.

2. Picture in Picture Feature

PIP mode was in demand from a long time by app development company to meet end-user needs. It is finally coming for the users with the iOS 14 version. When making a video call or playing a video, the user can easily move back to the home screen while the video will continue to run on the screen. The users can also move the box around the screen or just swipe it aside to minimize.

3. Improved Privacy

Apple is always known for the level of security it offers in comparison to other platforms like Android. With the upcoming iOS 14 releases, the focus is more on the privacy features. Users can share their approximate location instead of the exact location. In addition, when an application looks for photos, for better security you can select specific photos instead of the complete library. Taking privacy to one level ahead, iOS 14 will display a green dot in the status when an app access your camera, while an amber dot when it accesses your microphone.

4. App Clips

To perform any task ranging from online banking to booking tickets a mobile app is available in the app marketplace. You can perform any task on your iPhone, but sometimes a situation arises when you don’t have the right app. A common example is the parking app when paying for car parking charges. To address such a situation App Clips comes in. It is basically a small part of a mobile app that performs set tasks and seems to appear as soon as you need it, like ordering groceries.

5. ARKit 4 Tools

Apple is focusing on AR technology for every augmented reality app development agency with ARKit 4. It was released a long time back with iOS 11; the tools allow developers to place Location Anchors to make AR objects occupy a place in the real world. In addition, a device with the latest chip can carry out facial tracking with a front camera. In addition, a Depth API for iOS app developers is also introduced to build 3D mesh environments on iPad Pro.

Along with the above-discussed list of features, the method of building an app ready for iOS 14 needs expert consultancy from an ios app development company. A randomly generated code is assigned to every device by Apple termed as IDFA. The apps then use the codes for tying together the user activity.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is iOS app development?

iOS is Apple’s mobile OS that works on an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch hardware. An iOS app developer, can code in native languages including Swift or Objective-C or build cross-platform native apps using React Native or Xamarin.

2. Where do I find iOS on my iPhone?

• Open the ‘Settings’ app on the iPhone or iPad.
• Go to “General”
• Now choose “About”
• At the “About” screen, look alongside “Version” to see which iOS version is installed and running on the iPhone or iPad.

3. What is the cost of iOS App development service?

The cost of mobile app development completely depends on your business requirements, app features and its marketing activities. After complete analysis the cost can be estimated for app development.

4. What can I expect with iOS 14?

Here are the best features coming to Apple’s iOS 14 in 2020.
• Memoji updates.
• Picture-in-picture.
• New Widgets on the Today view and home screen.
• A new home screen with the App Library.
• A whole new Siri interface.
• Major Message improvements.
• App Clips lets you use mini-apps on the spot.
• Maps improvements.

Wrapping Up

Hope you are aware of the features integrated with the latest version of iOS 14 for iPhone app development. These features will play a vital role for the mobile app design services and brands invest heavily in such services to engage potential users for sales. If you are planning to take your business idea to app development, reach us and share your app requirements. Mobibiz is a reputed app development agency having years of experience in the similar field. We will offer you diverse solutions to get the best results for your brand.

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