Top 5 Modern IoT Trends for Mobile App Development In 2023

IoT trends

The world of technology is growing and changing at a rapid pace. Every year, new innovations come to light, changing our way of life. From the connected vehicles to smart cities, the whole concept has changed. The evolution is possible because of the innovative technology named IoT Trends. It is a system that connects computers and other digital devices over cloud storage. The connected devices are capable of transferring data at a rapid pace.

IoT has gathered huge popularity in the digital world all because of its mass potential to bring everything online. With its increasing popularity, IoT app development services are getting several work orders from clients of different business verticals. This has significantly enhanced the use of mobile apps for IoT devices. That said here are the IoT trends for mobile app development in 2020.

1. Blockchain for IoT Security

Blockchain is a highly secure technology when it is about app development that contains data on top priority. Industries like banks, fund management, online document verification, and others employ Blockchain. The app developers must understand its working when it comes to developing an app for IoT. This latest technology is a decentralized database containing a chain of blocks on more than one device. Nowadays mobile payment apps are Blockchain-based and allow users to make secure payments.

2. IoT & Healthcare

With healthcare becoming mobile, IoT-enabled apps bring new opportunities to improve the medical field. Having immense applications in the field of healthcare has shown tremendous results. Healthcare apps with IoT technology will reform the whole concept of the medical industry. Smart wearables record diverse parameters to keep patients’ health in check. Sensors, portable devices, and all sorts of medical equipment requires a mobile app to integrate with IoT, which means mobile app development company will be in huge demand to build engaging mobile apps for their operation.

3. AI & Big Data for IoT Devices

With growing number of devices more information floats during transmission. To process a large volume of data, AI and Big Data will play a significant role. Data analysis is crucial for a company’s growth. AI merged with Big Data techniques, will help companies during the data analytics and make smart decisions. Improved data analysis will strategize future projects, marketing plans, and branding.

4. Easy Commuting with IoT

IoT make commuting easier for students, business people, and more. Most people face problem during commuting seeing today’s traffic conditions. With innovations in technology and integration, mobile apps will make traveling smooth for everyone.

Here are the benefits of IoT for commuting:

• Smart street lights will make roads safer.
• Finding parking spaces will be effortless.
• Payment through apps will make public transportation reliable.
• IoT-based apps will also improve routing.

With several advantages, the demand for hiring mobile app developers for IoT app development will see an increase in the coming years.

5. Wearable Devices

The wave of innovations has reached to the wearable-tech market. From the design to the function, wearable devices have completely changed. They will become more innovative, intuitive, and powerful in design with your smart phones. With the integration of IoT apps, they will add more convenience to the users.

What Next?

IoT trends extend far beyond the above discussed. From boosting predictive maintenance to workforce management, smart warehouses, IoT devices are one of those technologies we use on a daily basis. With more intuitive technology in the market, life will be easier for industries and consumers. If you are looking to invest in mobile app development, hire mobile app development company, and build an IoT-powered app.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are the applications of IoT?

• Factory Digitalization.
• Inventory Management.
• Packaging optimization.
• Safety and Security.
• Quality Control.
• Logistics and Supply Chain Optimization.

2. How do I make an IoT application?

The major principles involved to build an IoT app are:
• Ensure safe data collection
• Build an Internet of Things platform
• Provide effective data management
• Organize high-quality data streaming
• Develop an Internet of Things solution within the cloud

3. What are IoT and its uses?

The internet of things is a collection of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines having unique identifiers (UIDs) and the feature to transfer data over a network without human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

4. How do we connect IoT in real life situation?

• Smart security systems, smart locks, and smart doorbells.
• Smart home appliances comprise of refrigerators, washers, stoves, and dryers.
• Smart home hubs are available to control lighting, home heating and cooling.

5. Is IoT the future?

IoT devices are becoming crucial and people are adopting smart devices into their homes faster than ever. By the end of 2020, it is estimated that there will be up to 21 billion connected devices to the internet. The more data that IoT devices collect, the smarter they will become.

Wrapping Up

Several IoT trends will dominate the mobile app development industry in 2020 and beyond. Consumers and app developers alike are already embracing IoT-enabled functionalities. However, incorporating IoT into your mobile app requires sheer technical expertise. That means you must hire the right professional for the job. Whether it’s an iOS or Android app, always hire a great app developer with a tried-and-tested approach. At Mobibiz, we have a team of exceptionally skilled mobile app developers to address all your technology-rich requirements. While the IoT and other trends change with time, the need for having the right development team never does. Choose the right tech partner to ensure the competitiveness and sustainability of your mobile app.

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