What are the Key Differences between Business App and Consumer Mobile App?

Difference between Business App and Consumer Mobile App

The popularity of mobile apps among users and business enterprises can’t be denied. With the new technologies, everyone in the world is well-aware of the capabilities of the mobile app. In addition, apps have become a significant part of meeting our day to day needs. Nowadays, people are so addicted to apps that they use their smart devices wherever and whenever they are. The convenience & personalization apps offer to allow us to do tasks and get entertained in a more efficient way. However, not all mobile apps are the same. They are usually divided into different categories, like consumer apps and business apps. These two types of apps are developed by mobile app development company meeting certain criteria like iOS or Android OS and the user requirements.

Seeing the names we can analyze what are these apps, consumer apps are designed to meet customer distinctive needs and the apps designed to meet business demands are business apps.

Some popular examples of consumer apps are Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Dumb Way To Die, Candy Crush, Grab, Uber, Airbnb, ClickMix, Camera 360, etc, and so on.

On the other hand, some examples of business apps are Oracle, a customer relationship management app, Liquid Planner for project planning and managing, and Hubspot as a Marketing Tool.

Business Apps Vs Consumer Mobile Apps: Key Differences to Explore

1. Target Audience

As the definitions revealed, consumer apps target each and every people, having no restrictions on any individual, group, or organization in particular. Business apps, on the other hand, have a clear knowledge about their customers, particularly businesses. Although this is a smaller segment in comparison to consumer apps, business apps earn more money out of their customers.

2. Accessibility

Consumer apps can be downloaded from app stores which is a public place for everyone. In addition, consumer apps aim at providing convenience for users throughout the whole journey from pre-download, during download to post-download. No matter who you are, which community you belong to as long as you need a solution, you can always trust consumer apps.

On the other hand, Business apps are not available in a marketplace and are not friendly for day-to-day tasks. They are designed for operational tasks within businesses, which usually follow strict rules regarding security and confidentiality. Access to these apps is mostly for the employers and employees of an organization.

3. Functionalities

Consumer apps main objective is to improve humans’ day to day lives in a smooth manner. Meanwhile, business apps are designed to achieve business goals rather than to meet the needs or preferences of individual users. Business apps are usually custom-made for each organization and help to achieve their objectives in a more efficient way. These apps optimize management processes as well as have a very positive effect on the business. Both business & consumer apps can be built with android app development seeking all the latest trends.

Specifically, business apps are developed to enhance productivity, smooth processes, and create efficiencies. They can provide more flexibility and mobility so that an employee need not be restricted to a specific space while working.

4. Price

Usually, Business apps are more expensive than consumer apps despite the smaller target audience because they are complex to build. As per the above statements, business apps are developed on a custom basis and their development requires more investment in time and resources than that in consumer apps. Startups usually invest in consumer mobile apps rather than business apps.

5. Goal

Although both types of apps are designed to bring incredible experiences to their customers, the core concept behind it is completely different. Consumer apps look for positive reviews in the app stores as well as good reviews amongst consumers so that they can engage more users and make lots of money out of subscriptions as well as in-app purchases.

In contrast, the main objective of business app developers is to enhance efficiencies and increased revenue for clients by easing processes and building appealing interfaces encouraging employee efficiency and enjoyment.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is consumer app?

Consumer apps are those that are available in the app stores. Android and iOS mobile apps listed under various categories, such as health, entertainment, finance, games, music, news, and travel, among others help the consumers in their day to day tasks.

2. How do you create a mobile app?

The important part is to get started.
Step 1: Get an idea or a problem.
Step 2: Identify the need.
Step 3: Layout the flow and features.
Step 4: Remove non-core features.
Step 5: Put design first.
Step 6: Hire a designer/developer.
Step 7: Create developer accounts.
Step 8: Integrate analytics.

3. Do you offer after app deployment maintenance?

We offer our clients extended maintenance plans. We also completely support the app we design and develop if faced any problems or need any enhancements. Moreover, our team offers complete mobile app maintenance & support.

4. How does mobile app help businesses?

Mobile App can help to personalize the way customers interact with travel packages. It brings the real-life browsing experience for the buyers which were earlier missing. Enable potential customers to test out products before buying.


There are a lot of differences between consumer apps and business apps, to a degree that they far outweigh the similarities. Those differences come from several aspects all through the developing method, the way they perform as well as the intention behind the model. If you are still coming across troubles with any of the above ideas, or are looking for further professional consultations, don’t hesitate to hire mobile app developer from a reputed development agency. They will help to build an engaging app having all the features meeting your business needs in the right manner. This will require investment initially but will return big profits once become established among the masses.

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