How to build a successful Language Learning Mobile App for your learners?

How to build a successful Language Learning Mobile App for your learners

Learning a new language is not difficult nowadays and slowly it is becoming a necessity. For business enterprises looking to expand their reach and build relations worldwide, it is important to know serve customers in their language. With the technological advancements the emergence of easy to use language apps are making learning simple.

As more and more people know about its advantages, more of them are investing in E-learning app development for bright future. So hold your breath in this blog post we have discussed some key parameters regarding language mobile app development.

How Language Learning App Works?

The language learning process makes it simple and fast to learn a language. With the in-app features the users feel amazed while using the app.

1. Choosing the Target Language

To begin with a learning app, the important thing the user needs to do is to select the target language and assess their skill in it. They will get specific lessons based on their level of skill. If the user has zero skill in that language they can just skip the assessment process and move to the basic lessons.

2. Learn Basics

App starts with the basic words like apple, man, boy, girl, etc. they would begin with these basic phrases and words and slowly move towards the more advanced vocabulary.

3. Make Progress

Making progress is easy. It is important to finish the lessons. Keeping up with the lessons will give you a better streak. You must think about continuous progress levels if you want to build your own language app.

4. Keep Leveling Up

The leveling up speed depends on the way learning schedule. User can study on a daily basis or once every week. Gamification can be integrated into for adding extra layer of learning.

So are you thinking about how to build an app? The best approach is to consult mobile app development company, and they will assist your with best possible solutions.

What Factors to Consider while Developing Language Learning App?

Just having the knowledge regarding the principles of language learning app will not help in the app development. There are numerous factors to consider before you do the development work. Like any other mobile app, language apps depend heavily on its user base. Considering these factors will help to make it more engaging.

1. Core Vocabulary Learning

Learning app has maximum users looking for basic learning from scratch. They are not strong in the vocabulary. Include basic words like man, woman, girl, boy, apple, etc. This is a perfect thing for those who are new to the language and are just starting to learn. So integrate better vocabulary options.

2. Hearing Practices

Hearing features is crucial when it is about the language learning. Provide your users opportunity at speech comprehension with listening practice. Integrate short videos and audio clips to ensure they are getting proper learning experience.

3. Chatbot

Another way to integrate hearing learning is with the use of chatbots. It is an artificial intelligence solution designed by the developers. With chatbots, users can easily work on their language skills. Beginners feel a bit shy about speaking to people in their language, but with chatbots, such situations will not arise.

4. Revision for Better Learning

When it comes to app-based learning, users will not take lessons seriously. To prevent such things from happening, your app can simply send push notification to remind them to revise the learned lessons.

What are the Benefits of Language Learning Mobile App?

1. 24/7 Learning

A language learning app helps a user to learn any of their chosen languages 24/7 from any location. In case the users need to learn a language in their free time, they can make that time more productive with the language learning solution.

2. Learn Any Language

One of the major advantages of building a robust language learning app is that your users can learn any language, including Portuguese, English, Italian, German, Irish, Spanish, French, and Chinese. You can make the language learning simple & fun for your users.

3. Enhanced User Interface

The minimalistic and beautiful user interface is another benefit of building a language learning app. In the app, with AR users can feel a phrase or word’s in a different manner. A slow and clear voice is needed in the exercises for the users as it works by typing what heard. Thus, if you consult augmented reality app development, you can attract several users with an engaging app interface.

4. Different Courses

To reach the most number of audiences, you can integrate different kinds of language courses. You can cover courses for both beginners and advanced learners.

5. Track Learning Progress

Building a language learning app with remarkable features enables users to track their progress on a regular basis. Users can track their performance and analyze how much they have improved from their earlier performance. Just make sure to make it easy for the users to receive customized feedback, making them ready to receive the best classroom assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can I see my Language learning app development process?

Yes! We offer timely progress reports related to it. We build your mobile app on our development server and share all credentials so that you can monitor the app progress rate.

2. Do you offer after app deployment maintenance?

We offer our clients extended maintenance plans. We also completely support the app we design and develop if faced any problems or need any enhancements. Moreover, our team offers complete mobile app maintenance & support.

3. Do you assure about security & confidentiality of the app idea?

Yes, we sign a NDA to protect your app idea & information. Hence, we ensure full security and privacy of the mobile app development project.

4. How much time is needed for Language learning app development?

The time to build a mobile app is based on several parameters ranging from features, scalability, hosting server and functionality.

Wrapping Up

Thanks to rising technology, the mobile app development has seen a huge surge in the last few years. And, with the necessity the demand of online language learning will see a surge. Educational apps are, in fact, making the language learning engaging, interesting and easy. The above-given app features and benefits will definitely help to invest in them and give users a valuable stuff for improved learning.

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