Top Digital News & Media App Development Trends to Watch in 2023

Top Digital News & Media App Development Trends

The media and entertainment industry is the most active industry in improving itself to keep up with the digital changes and consumer needs. Moreover, the outbreak of COVID-19 has accelerated the growth of news & media app development companies since people staying at home and turning to the streaming services for entertainment.

One of the most popular digital media and entertainment trends is that a huge number of players are retracting for video content aggregators so as to stream their content direct-to-the-customer. This digital shift is an attempt to maximize the operation costs by canceling out cable and satellite royalties. Knowing what these digital trends are can help you stay one step ahead in the crowded media and entertainment field.

Demand-side Digital Trends in News & Media App Development Industry

On the demand side, are the users that create the demand for a product or service. In this section, we’ll discuss the digital trends on the demand side of the news & media industry.

1. D2C Video Streaming

Video streaming was accelerated in the initial faces of lockdowns imposed worldwide. With the immense usage of internet services during this phase, the demand for diverse, meaningful, and quality video content also increased. The diversity of choices and cross-platform compatibility offered by giant companies such as Netflix and Amazon Prime exceeds the limitations of TV-channels that demand users stay on their couch.

The media and entertainment app development has redefined the entertainment sector. In the digital media and entertainment industry, Disney was the first to retract its content from Netflix and offer it in its pet project Disney+. This move defined the current reformulated media and entertainment industry standards that have witnessed the biggest media houses, following suit in receding content and hitting third-party applications hard where it hurts the most.

But the question is, how forthcoming are the viewers in subscribing to digital media and entertainment and paying for so many streaming apps? In a survey, it was revealed that the average user subscribed to 3 video streaming apps for the last couple of years. Over time it can be guessed that the economy of such experience will be questioned by all.

One way to buck this digital trend would be to reorganize the content and offer it in several formats including music, TV shows, movies, etc., aggregated on a single platform. One of the most striking examples of this is Amazon Prime and Roku. Apart from videos, these service providers can create customized, pay-as-you-go- packages for availing the music and games libraries.

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2. Ad-driven Viewing Experience

Since the mobile streaming cut-downs on ads, the volume of consumable content increased and made retaining users easier. However, with the top studios of the worldwide media and entertainment industry moving to video streaming, ad-supported content is expected to seep in the near future. This is partially due to the drawbacks of keeping subscription fees competitive, that in and of themselves won’t cater to expanding the content-offering to games and music. Ad-supported video streaming is already a thing in Asian countries like India and China. Based on the structured data gathered from consumers, platform owners can deliver suitable and not annoying add interruptions in between video streaming.

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3. Data Privacy & Security

According to a study conducted by Futurum Research in partnership with SAS Software, the media and entertainment industry was one of the most distrusted industries by customers regarding the protection of user data. The report also revealed that as much as 61% of the participants felt that they had little to no control over how their data was used by the service providers.

Media houses must opt for transparent data collection applications that ensure complete data security. For example, the European Union’s GDPR reforms allow customers the right to be forgotten after they discontinued a particular business service, having submitted personal information initially.

4. Content Personalization

People would happily pay for services that offer personalized content. This includes content recommendations based on their unique preferences. With the help of sophisticated AI and Machine Learning algorithms, you can easily predict user behavior. It is imperative for both the content creators and content hosts to know the demographics of their targeted audience. We are in the age where everything is getting smarter and content is no different thanks to the hard-to-capture and unique choices of consumers.

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Supply-side Digital Trends in News & Media App Development Industry

The above-mentioned digital trends are derived from user behavior. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at the emerging technologies that are revolutionizing the news & media industry.

1. AR/VR Technologies

Augmented and Virtual Reality has slowly seeped into the global media and entertainment industry over the past few years. Smartphones have increased the adoption of AR technology with the majority of models supporting AR content. The media and entertainment industry will employ the technologies in the following ways:

• Used as a great alternative for expensive joysticks and keyboards while delivering a high-quality experience to gamers.
• An ideal technological genre for media app development especially in the field of digital education.
• Can be used for enterprise-grade media software development for learning management solutions.
• Probably seep into theatres and cinemas to reinforce the power of digital effects through immersion.
• Build wearables for visitors headed to art galleries, museums, etc., and represent artifacts with added features or information.

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2. eSports Broadcasting

The trends in the broadcasting industry indicate the hot spring areas of the sector that are gaining mainstream traction among audiences. The eSports segment is considered to be the future of sports. Every entertainment app development company is now focusing on this segment as the global eSports revenues are predicted to reach $1 billion in 2020. The majority of the revenue generated will be from sponsorships which account for $614.9 million and media rights $176.2 million. However, the gaming events will be the center of attention for displaying the latest in AR/VR.

Furthermore, there is Legalized Sports Betting that will also exploit the incoming 5G technology. Betting is one area that influences the mind in unpredictable ways, compelling users to place bets over telecom networks. 5G technology is capable of managing high volume communications and this is one of the reasons why the U.S. has 5G towers positioned at sports stadiums and related venues that are hotspots for placing bets. Entertainment software development can be easily directed to this way to facilitate app creation the kind legalized sports betting would need.

3. Artificial Intelligence

With the influx of AI into the M&E industry, the power of AI has been influencing television, animation, VFX, radio, Out-of-Home advertising (OOH), and much more. The following are some of the applications of AI in improving customer experience.

• M&E companies store huge chunks of user data at their data centers. In most cases, the data is largely unstructured that are waiting to be made sense out of AI. Artificial Intelligence has added a cognitive, human-like dimension to mining and saturating this voluminous unstructured data.

• Taking advantage of AI, ML, and Natural Language Processing, engineers can apply relational parameters to the big data. The technology helps in segmenting the data according to the mutual characteristics and further consolidates a company’s predictive capacity to predict user engagement with the content. This targeted efficiency results in better monetization opportunities.

• AI is being applied to video content to quickly calculate and absorb emotional changes at the user-end. The summary of such studies is useful for offering highly-customized content recommendations. The same applies to music streaming applications that know precisely which song to pitch you that you would add to your favorite’s list.

• The content creation cost will be significantly cut-down by using AI that can automate editorials consequently mitigating human intervention.

4. Blockchain

The blockchain technology is going to transform the way media companies manage digital rights. Although blockchain is still a term that is primarily associated with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, it can potentially ease the complexities associated with managing intellectual property rights in the media and entertainment industry. The power of blockchain technology lies in its ability to store content and make online transactions in unique ways that help gain the trust of users.

Blockchains can provide stronger proofs of ownership for intellectual proper rights. This feature is not easy with traditional methods because of the higher availability of content and chances of plagiarism. Once a work is registered to the blockchain, the owner receives a tamper-proof substantiation of ownership rights. Due to blockchain imbibing information such as timestamps, it becomes difficult to alter the recorded data.

By applying a real-time consumption-based pricing system, blockchain can improve revenues for content creators and media companies. The technology enables automated royalty payments based on the streaming of content and prevents any kind of human error.

5. Enterprise Resource Planning

In this era of automation and optimization, streaming applications have emerged as a transformational by-product of the digital revolution. Creating AI-enabled smart apps for improved user management is not an individual procedure but an interconnected block in a chain of events that would lead to a streamlined workflow. Consequently, a media & entertainment app development company will have its service-level agreements limited to providing mobile app maintenance services but also the overall application software for maximization.

Enterprise Resource Planning would ensure that overhead costs are reduced immediately. Investment in the right tools and technologies will not stop and continue beyond 2020 to stay in the good books of investors.

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With such evolving trends in their industry, media and entertainment companies are exposed to innovative opportunities to serve their existing and prospective audiences. While they create their own business strategies for growth, it is evident that personalized, targeted, and easily accessible experiences will bring in immense opportunities for app owners.

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Q.1. What features a news & entertainment app should have?

Ans. A good news and entertainment app must include features like
• Edit Photos
• Stunning Design Themes
• Attractive Photo Gallery
• Robust CMS to Publish Content
• Push Notifications.
• Social Media Sharing
• High Performance
• Easy to Update content

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Q.2. What are the examples of an entertainment app?

Ans. Some of the prominent media and entertainment apps are Angry Birds, Bebbled, Jeopardy, Google Play Books, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Disney+, Fandango, etc.

Q.3. Can you help me promote my app after its development?

Ans. Yes, of course. Besides being acknowledged as the most trusted mobile app development company, Mobibiz is also known as the first-rate app marketing agency that is backed by a team of marketing professionals who provide the best-fit marketing strategy to our global clients to help them reach greater heights in the future.

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