What are App Clips and How it is Beneficial in Customer Engagement?

App Clips and how it is Beneficial in Customer Engagement

Apple’s next major software update is iOS 14 and it will be released with innovative & remarkable features. As per the reports, it will arrive later this year. As per the leaks, one of those features is App Clips. In this blog, we are explaining everything about App Clips and how mobile app development company makes use of them for customer engagement.

What is an App Clip?

If you search in the app marketplace you will find there is a Mobile App for every purpose. You can perform any task on your iPhone, but there are numerous occasions when you don’t have the app at the time of its need. The most common example is the parking app when paying for parking charges. That’s where the importance of App Clips comes in. An App Clip is basically a small part of a mobile app that performs specific tasks and designed to appear as soon as you require it, like ordering groceries or renting a scooter.

Why are they called Pieces of a whole?

App Clips are not complete apps, but they are a small part of the complete mobile app developers are already building. They’re basically built in the same XCode 12 project as your primary app. The major limitation of App clip is the size as they are no larger than 10MB. Otherwise, they can perform all tasks that are possible in a complete app, including augmented reality. The augmented reality app developers can even build a special App Clip card that engages users by explaining to them why it is important to upgrade to the full app.

Is the Clips App Easy to Use?

At first try, you’ll find a bit of difficulty before you can fully enjoy the Clips app. An engaging design would’ve been beneficial, but most of the features required to make a decent mixture are all in there. Don’t be worried if your first video takes a bit of time to be perfect. That may be important for you to be familiar with the app’s working. After your first attempt, things should get a bit easier. For a faster learning curve, it’ll help to learn a few tricks initially. For example, swipe the screen from right to left instead of awkwardly holding the red button every time when making a video.

How to reach potential App Clips users?

Here are the possible measures from the mobile app marketing company through which users discover your app clip on their devices. These will provide you an appropriate idea regarding your app discovery when you use the Apple clips app.

App Clip Codes – In the later part of this year, Apple will offer the necessary tools needed to create the app clip codes. The app clip code would be integrated with an encoded URL and an NFC tag, which will allow the code to be tapped and scanned by the device camera.

NFC Tags – The users would be able to tap the NFC tags which are placed at specific locations on their device to launch an App Clip. They can also perform this task even through a lock screen.

QR Codes – The QR codes can be placed at a specific location for allowing users to launch the app clip by scanning the code from the camera app or a barcode reader.

Safari App Banner – Users would be able to tap the web page configured with Smart App Banner to access the Apple clips app.

Links in Message – By allowing sharing inside the app clip, users can easily send it through iMessage to their connections. The receiver, on the other side, will be able to open it directly from their messages.

Cards in Maps – If your app clip is linked to a specific location, it can be registered to appear on a place card in Maps, which users can directly open.

New App Library – The App clips are designed to avoid any home screen clutter. But the recently used Apple clips app can be found and launched from the new App Library Recent section.

How Can App Clips Help You Acquire New Customers?

1. Fast Payment

People face the problem of paying bills at the grocery store. But with app clips they can pay instantly, saving the wait time. Enable your customers to app clip trigger through NFC or QR code and order any stuff on the move.

2. Omnichannel Experience

App Clips work as a perfect tool to help your application stand out in the whole world. They are one of the prime functionalities that can help you offer customers a truly omnichannel retail experience.

3. Brand Awareness

App discovery is a prime concern for the brands. Although there’s an app for everything, but convincing the users to install the application is a tough job to do. App Clips offers a great sign of relief by enabling brands to showcase only the important facts to their customers exactly when they need it. Once your brand becomes a successful venture, you can invest in rapid mobile app development for another mobile app development work.

4. Increase Business Sales

App Clips are a great way to reach potential customers exactly when they need it. This helps to increase business visibility, revenue, and the application performance. Seeing the current pandemic situation, App Clips here plays a vital role in ensuring that the business remains unaffected. App Clips help businesses to connect with the customers in a contactless manner like making digital transactions, straight by entering payment information.

Wrapping Up

We are known in the industry as an Enterprise Mobility Consulting company which brings the latest technological solutions to startups & established brands. During the first announcement of App Clip, we have already studied its technicalities and have worked on different apps. We have already designed numerous prototypes by following the App Clip design and development guidelines. Apart from guidelines, we have also identified different methods to customize your existing application for better results than just the use of app clips.

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