How to Transform Travel & Tourism Industry with Mobile App Development?

How to Transform Travel & Tourism Industry with Mobile App Development

The impact of digital transformation can be seen in all industries and sectors, and the tourism industry is enjoying its power to eliminate the old ways to explore traveling. Travel agencies and physical bookings are not in usage. A recent survey revealed that travel-based mobile apps are the 7th most downloaded category and that 70% of mobile users prefer travel apps for their tours. Seeing such trend entrepreneurs are investing in Travel App Development to enjoy remarkable business results in terms of ROI & Sales. Travel application development has become a perfect solution for the users as no need for different portals are needed for car rentals, ticket booking, insurance, & travel related shopping. All features are integrated at a single place with an interactive layout.

In this blog, we have discussed the top advantages of having mobile apps for the travel & tourism industry.

1. Strong Marketing Tool

Nowadays, building a travel app is the first phase and it requires proper internet marketing and online business promotion. This is an important strategy to enhance business visibility and reach the target audience. You need to advertise your mobile app that ultimately appeals to the audiences. One of the best methodologies is to consult a Mobile app marketing company to stay connected with your customers. Using social media buttons to gather more data is an amazing idea where you can interact directly with customers.

2. Easy Transactions

Mobile apps have completely eliminated the process of paperwork. Since mobiles are practical, convenient and portable, all receipts of hotel reservations, airline or train tickets can be saved on a mobile phone. Having tourism apps in your mobile eliminates all the formalities related to travel booking. Online transactions can be done by entering bank details easing the overhead of carrying cash. It facilitates the option of making all the payment through the Internet without any time & geographical boundaries.

3. Better Services

Travel & tourism industry apps provide customized services having tour packages for multiple purposes. This contains a corporate trip, family fun, and partying. In addition, travel agencies offer different packages to the specific requirements and priorities of their customers. For this, the travel companies consult Mobile App Development Company to strictly monitor the current demand of the market and then integrate the travel packages. Several travel apps are available that help travelers during emergencies, like a natural disasters or any other unfavorable circumstances.

4. Amazing Offers

Due to the growing popularity of mobile apps and their increasing demand, the competition among these apps has increased. Whenever you look for an app in the app store, you can find multiple apps offering similar services. But it totally depends on the user’s own interest in downloading an app and installing it. Another major factor that affects their decision is the available discount the app is offering on different bookings. There are numerous apps lying in the app store offering huge discounts on holiday reservations, claim to offer remarkable fares on the flight, and several more. It is crucial to understand that today’s customers are tech-savvy & intelligent, so you should be careful to promote discount offers.

Here are some of the innovations and trends that influence travel mobile app development:

1. Real-time tracking

Real-time travel tracking has become a new norm. Most of the transport agents offer this service as people can track their cars, & buses. This service will improve drastically in the future as all transport will depend on live tracking. People can track live information about the buses as public transport agencies have started using IoT and GPS. Integrating a travel-time tracker feature in the app is an excellent idea.

2. Customized Travel Apps

With big data and machine learning technologies, Android App Development builds smarter and cleverer tourism apps. Most of the apps are custom-made as per the user travel routes, time, budget and means of transport. As per your travel history, preferences, and feedback, these apps will recommend and plan better trips.

3. Social Travel Planning

This trend helps users to view the suggestions and favorites from other people to make decisions about their travel and tourism choices. A review revealed that social amplification is an important factor for mobile travelers. More than 80 percent prefer recent reviews to make any call on tour plans. With the integration of social networks and vendor reviews, tourism companies can build apps that offer social suggestions to prospective travelers.

4. Localization

Geo-targeted recommendations have become highly-popular across several sectors and the tourism industry is no different. Travel apps enhance the user experience with localized suggestions and deals to travelers as per the location preferences. Several apps use insights and offer value to its users at the same time optimizing the efficiency of planning and user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do travel apps work?

By developing a travel app, companies offer a more convenient tool to search for tickets and check their cost, rent cars, and so on. With extensive filtering options, reviews system, and other travel app features, users won’t spend tons of time choosing the right place.

2. What does AR development cost?

The cost Augmented Reality App Development Company asks for the development completely depends on the features & functionality of the app. Estimating costs in advance is difficult without exploring the app requirements.

3. How does mobile app help businesses?

Mobile App can help to personalize the way customers interact with travel packages. It brings the real-life browsing experience for the buyers which were earlier missing. Enable potential customers to test out products before buying.


The importance of mobile apps can’t be denied after going through the above benefits. The potential for travel apps is remarkable and can help business enterprises with numerous opportunities. The travel industry also consults the mobile app developers to integrate chat applications for improved customer service. Mobile apps not only solve an array of pain points but also encourage travelers to explore new places. Apps help in fast booking hotels, exploring local restaurants, and other transportation facilities.

Leverage the Power of Mobile App for Your Travel & Tourism Business

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