What are the Steps involved to build Video Streaming App like Netflix?

Steps involved to build Video Streaming App like Netflix

The internet has become a popular medium to reach maximum mass but needs some sort of investment. There are numerous innovative web-based services, such as, emails, blogs, search engines, online networking, and several more. Today is the age of technology and earlier these services were not made available. Technology has provided us on-demand video streaming applications like Netflix which has taken the entertainment to the next level. As per the stats the streaming company enjoys 150 million subscribers all-inclusive with a $15.5 billion yearly income. Business enthusiasts and Mobile App Development Company are analyzing its business and technical aspects to have proper clarity of what it takes to build a quality video streaming app with minimum investment. We will talk about in detail in this blog starting with why it is important to build such an application and many more.

Why Should You Build Video Streaming App?

If the stats mentioned above didn’t entice you enough and you are still looking for the reasons to build your own video streaming application remains intact.

• The content offered on video streaming applications is of higher value.
• The availability of the content depends on the client’s convenience.
• The mobile app lets customers access content from any gadget.

If you need your application unique from the others, it is important to effectively use the latest technological parameters and consult News & Media App Development Company for better results. This is an important & smart decision before making any investment.

What Factors Influence the Expense?

Video streaming applications working on the concept of Netflix will require an astounding and robust backend framework with proper support. It is important for a data streaming app to offer content with no hassle, for a better client encounter.

It can overall impact the cost of application working and make you analyze different aspects like the time needed to build an app or what cost to build an app.

Here are a couple of other factors having direct influence on the cost of building a video streaming app:

1. Application Features

It is an important factor as more features you include, the cost will automatically increase. Focus on crucial aspects while designing the application’s primary version. The best approach is to integrate only the principal features.

2. Application Platform

Mobile apps are based on two major platforms iOS and Android. There is a huge difference experienced while developing a mobile app for both versions. The difference is regarding source code, manpower, and above all cost. The iOS app development is more expensive than android application development and enterprises prefer investing in it.

3. Experience of Application Developers

The development charges of mobile app developers change according to their experience and geographical boundaries. Another factor is the hiring model you are opting for. Are the developers you are getting is on an hourly, weekly, or monthly basis. The costs will be different if you avail Rapid Mobile App Development from India in comparison to the USA. The alterations in time zones and the availability may also surge cost.

4. Application Navigation

A mobile application having complex navigation and configuration process would not engage people to use it. You have designed app keeping intention to charm more people but navigation is not smooth. Subsequently, the main focus is to keep the layout clear and normal. This process will ensure that customers can access all the areas of your application without any hassle.

What are the Benefits of Video Streaming App?

1. Better Convenience

Unlike legacy TV connections, video streaming app like Netflix does not have any sort of contractual agreement. Consumers have complete authority to discontinue streaming services at any point in time. In addition, they have a complete opportunity to stream shows and movies as per requirement without any geographical boundaries. All by login into their streaming service account.

2. Perfect Connectivity

To enjoy streaming content, users require a high-speed broadband connection and a device. Another advantage of video streaming applications over traditional TVs is that they provide users access to thousands of movies at once. Users can explore shows and movies at any moment of time from any location.

3. Multiple devices accessibility

Another benefit of video streaming app is that it enables users to watch videos round the clock without any time limitations from anywhere on any device. Users can watch the same video on their TVs, desktops, iPads, and smartphones without any hassle. For better service brands are integrating video streaming with Social networking app development to engage users in large numbers.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do you make a video streaming app?

• Choose a unique layout for your app.
• Personalize it to engage user experience.
• Add engaging features like live video, & social media.
• Publish your app to Google Play and App Store.

2. How much does it cost to make a live streaming app?

The cost of building app completely depends on the features, functionality, and platform on which it is targeted.

3. How video streaming implemented?

The best way to implement a video streaming app across multiple platforms and devices is to go with cloud-based software which has multi-streaming, and chat features. With multi-streaming platforms, only registration is required, add the platforms you want to stream to, and go online.


The ease and convenience in experiencing quality entertainment content straight from the home are one of the major reasons why everyone is choosing a video streaming app. This is why brands are consulting Mobile App Maintenance Services to give new heights to their business operation. By opting for Netflix like services, you can provide users a personalized and flawless entertainment experience. So, match the growing demands of users by offering them the latest features.

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