How E-Learning App Shaping Education Industry during Coronavirus Outbreak?

E-Learning App Shaping Education Industry during Coronavirus Outbreak

Today e-commerce, grocery app, and other essential services are in huge demand than ever before. This huge surge is all because of the rise in Coronavirus cases. Apart from these apps education apps are getting remarkable feedback. Universities and schools are moving to virtual classrooms to break the chain of virus spread and ensure student’s academic year is not wasted. Meanwhile, schools and universities that have already invested in educational app development are already ahead of the game. And if your school, university, and coaching center are still operating on the legacy system, it is the perfect time to shift into an online platform; otherwise, you will be out of the education business.

In this blog, we will find key benefits of E-learning apps for both students & educational institutes, and guide you through the E-learning mobile app development process in order to help your business to remain competitive, productive, and offer the latest features during the Coronavirus outbreak.

What is E-learning?

E-learning is an approach to provide learning to the users with the integration of latest & innovative technologies including educational apps, programs, online platforms, podcasts, blogs, and other online tools. It makes learning interactive & interesting with complete control of the user as per need.

What are the benefits of E-learning?

• Continuous process – study material can be accessed from any location with no limitations.
• Flexible and mobile – the learner has the liberty to choose the time and place.
• Collaboration – smooth communication method with fellow students and instructors.
• Age independence – studying is possible for all age groups whether teenagers and adults without any barrier.
• High efficiency – learning is highly engaging when presented in a small and brief manner.
• It offers quick and smooth access to information.
• Higher levels of motivation and engagement.
• Economical – low price makes it accessible for people having limited funds.
• Has immense potential, is becoming a million-dollar industry, and useful from the business perspective.

Features of E-learning Mobile App

For making an investment in Android App development it is important to get the best out of them to offer end-users unique & engaging features. Some of the most prominent ones are mentioned below for better understanding.

1. Scalability

As your mobile app user subscriber grows during the coronavirus outbreak, ultimately the traffic load will impact the performance. To ensure the app remains feasible and smooth in operation, your app needs to meet different parameters, including the latest versions of the operating systems, security updates, and support the integration of new features.

2. Engaging User Experience

The learning app you’re building is designed to offer a solution; which is, to provide on-demand learning. But this solution is successful if your learning app has an engaging user experience. This helps in the effective delivery of the content. A simple layout helps students to focus on the content that is integrated in an engaging manner with multiple dimensions.

3. Push Notifications

Push Notifications are a perfect approach for user engagement and it is not considered as spam. Unlike emails and messages that people feel are irritating. These notifications are a great way to directly connect with users and keep them engaged. Push notifications share details regarding the latest release, study material, and other important updates.

4. Offline Mode

The availability of a smooth Internet connection is not possible round-the-clock, mostly in countries where the Internet spectrum is not of that level. So, the Mobile App design services should build an e-learning application that is capable of working in an offline mode as well. This can keep the user’s interest, and they’ll use the app whenever required, to enjoy the content. Each module or content downloaded will give you better insights into how effective the education app is.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is a mobile e-learning?

Mobile learning, also termed as m-learning, is a perfect way to access learning content with the support of mobiles. Learning done with the support of mobile devices is in more demand than conventional learning. You can learn wherever and whenever you want. With the growth of mobile learning, educational systems have transformed to a great extent.

2. Can I see my E-learning app development process?

Yes! We provide timely progress reports related to it. We build your E-Learning app on our development server and share all credentials so that you can monitor the app progress rate.

3. Do you offer after app deployment maintenance?

We offer our clients extended maintenance plans. We also completely support the app we design and develop if faced with any problems or need any enhancements. Moreover, our team offers complete mobile app maintenance & support.

4. Do you assure about security & confidentiality of the app idea?

Yes, we sign an NDA to protect your app idea & information. Hence, we ensure full security and privacy of the mobile app development project.

5. How much time is needed for E-learning app development?

The time to build a mobile app is based on numerous factors ranging from features, scalability, hosting server, and functionality.

Wrapping Up

Thanks to rising technology, the e-learning app development industry has seen a huge surge in the past few years. And, with the coronavirus threat, the demand for online learning will see a surge. Educational apps are, in fact, making the learning process engaging, interesting, and above all simple to access. The above-given app features and benefits will surely help you to invest in them and give your users valuable stuff for better learning.

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