Why Remote Working Solutions Are in Demand During COVID-19 Pandemic?

Remote Working Solutions Are in Demand During COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 is a crisis of the highest order and has brought the world to a situation where every measure is unproductive. While organizations like WHO are doing numerous efforts to stop the spread, most of the countries are under lockdown situations, and individuals have opted for techniques like social distancing.

This whole situation has completely changed the business operation and enterprises’ striving to protect the employee as it is their foremost responsibility. But it is highly challenging times for any industry. Travel is banned, production is delayed, conferences are canceled, and supply chains are discontinued. COVID-19 is expected to impact global economic growth and a proper solution is needed to ensure employees can work efficiently as well as with proper safety from home.

Businesses have adopted varying measures to protect their staff, from tackling communication challenges. Mobile app development companies are getting queries regarding how they can help brands to ensure customer service is properly provided. Currently, employees across industries are working from home. While this COVID-19 is a huge challenge for the IT frameworks, remote working is not a new concept but its importance will be observed now across the world.

What is the impact of remote working on app development?

Remote working is not new in the IT industry and its adoption is not that fast, but seeing the current situation it is becoming a major shift for the companies. There are mobile app development companies that are helping organizations who are struggling with the shift.

The direct impact of such a shift can be seen in the greater adoption of digital solutions and platforms. With robust network conditions and secure platforms to enable real-time collaboration, it is easy to streamline the whole process.

While the presence of strong networks and platforms are doing a perfect job, the problems are mainly related to the managerial front, and companies are able to solve it when they partner with Mobile App Maintenance Company for remote solutions. These companies are not just offering remote work setup but their teams can work independently on every project.

What benefits enterprises can avail from remote working solutions?

1. Improved Team Collaboration

In remote workspaces, every employee work in collaboration with other teams which ultimately improves the bonding and collaboration values. This is very important for the organization in the long term. High exposure to other team members tends to enhance employee skills and offer newer roles, which overall increases engagement and productivity. This is the reason why employees doing remote work are more connected with their organization, in comparison to their centrally located counterparts.

2. Greater Flexibility

The employees can choose their work timings and work locations as per their convenience thus making them more engaged. Additionally, the flexible schedule helps in removing the gender gaps common in the corporate world thus enhancing diversity and success in the organization. This freedom and flexibility act as a major factor behind the statement that happy employees are more productive.

3. Higher ROI

There are several platforms available which are very simple to use and help employees to access the cloud-based data and tools. It is highly beneficial for the company’s IT teams to focus more on the high-level priorities like the integration of tools that enables smooth workflows and troubleshooting the outdated software. For further assistance and better solutions, Enterprise mobility consulting team can be contacted. This helps to reduce operational costs and grow business ROI.

4. Higher Efficiency

A remote solution helps to streamline the administrative tasks, clear all the barriers when it comes to accessing the resources, and increase critical information flow across different departments. This streamlining helps employees to make numerous data-centric decisions in an effective manner and ultimately helps in business productivity.

The benefits of the remote workforce for the business organizations are only achievable if necessary tools and solutions are used to drive the application towards success.

Team collaboration

• Sketchboard
• Screenhero
• Zeplin
• Trello
• SpaceTime
• InVision
• TipHive
• Bit.ai


• Skype
• Telegram
• Slack
• UberConference

Task management

• Trello
• Fusioo
• Taskworld
• Jira
• Eylean Board

For Resources

• Type Anything
• Frontify

So, these are some of the important tools that can be integrated for secure and robust remote work solutions. If you are new to these tools, simply hire mobile app developers from a reputed development company having resources to help you with all your business-related queries.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. How does remote working work?

Remote work is a working style allowing professionals to work outside of a conventional office environment. Instead of commuting to the office on a daily basis to work from a designated desk, remote employees can work from their homes on different projects.

2. What are the benefits of remote working?

• Better Work-Life Balance
• Time Savings
• Money Savings
• Positive Environmental Impact
• A Customizable Office
• Increased Productivity
• A Happier Work Life
• Better Health

3. How do you manage remote employees?

• Team Collaboration
• Personal Connection
• Use video and phone calls
• Provide face-to-face meeting opportunities
• Make meetings accessible
• Be responsive and available
• Hold regular check-ins
• Make personal connections

4. How can I improve my remote working?

• Modified Performance Evaluations
• Ensure Employees are properly connected
• Use Multiple Forms of Communication
• Deploy Digital Mailroom Solutions
• Establish Efficient Remote Technical Support
• Embrace Using Digital Documents

Wrapping Up

Remote solutions will stay for longer and business enterprises need to ensure they have the right strategy to implement different remote solutions. This will help them to stay competitive and offer optimized customer service. In order to achieve business goals, Rapid mobile app development will be in demand, and developers will have a lot of work to do.

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