Why Flutter is the Perfect Framework for Startups App Development?

Why Flutter is the Perfect Framework for Startups App Development

Flutter is an open-source SDK that lets developers build mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms. App development is a complex and costly operation, Flutter SDK offers an amazing opportunity for the developers to cut the cost in several ways. In our earlier blog, we discussed why flutter is the best SDK for app development. In this blog post, we will be exploring the reasons why Mobile app Development Company considers Flutter as cost-effective in comparison to native Android and iOS apps.

1. Unified App Development
The very first thing that reduces the cost is cross-platform app development. It provides a unified environment helping developers to write code once and it will work on the multiple platforms.

Cross-platform development is not a new concept and is already being used by app developers and supported by organizations. React Native and Ionic already support cross-platform app development.

Flutter makes it simple for mobile app development to build an app that runs on both platforms. It also helps developers to take benefit of the native features offered by iOS and Android.

2. Hot-Reload for Fast Development Time
Hot-Reload is an amazing feature enabling the developer to observe changes in real-time. This helps the team to add advanced features, experiment and fix bugs. In return, the overall time to build is quickly reduced which brings down the time that is needed to build the app.

However, it is not the perfect solution and has some limitations. Overall, it overcomes the barriers of app development which earlier require 2-3 minutes to see the changes.

3. MVP Development
With several startups on the market, you’d definitely require a Minimum valuable product (MVP) to make a smooth deal with the investors. And for that, you require an MVP that works on multiple platforms so that you can show its functionality across them. Flutter can help to build MVP, thus saving both time and cost. Not only that, but you can also use the MVP to build your product since the code is written in Flutter is of amazing quality.

4. Open-source with Community Support
Flutter is an open-source and users don’t have to pay to use it; you can depend on the vibrant and active community to bring in the trending innovations to the framework. The only investment that a company or startup has to make is to hire mobile app developers that can work with Flutter SDK. It is easy to learn which means that the developers can ramp-up and build mobile apps in a very short time duration. Once again, hot-reloading works in favor of new learners as well.

5. Less Code with Native-Like Performance
The total number of codes line is almost connected with the project cost. Flutter uses Dart programming which is a strongly typed object-oriented programming language. In addition, it doesn’t need JavaScript to work and hence boosts the overall performance of the mobile app. All the widgets are compiled natively to particular platforms.

All of this means that less code needs to be written to achieve the same performance level. Other key features that help write good performance apps using Flutter comprise JIT compilation, AOT, and Hot-Reload.

6. Less Time-to-Market
For business enterprises, Rapid mobile app development is a big challenge to acquire a maximum user base. Flutter is open-source with cross-platform functionality and hot reloads features. These features make it the preferred choice for building a mobile app and reach the market in a short time duration. With Flutter same code is used to work for both iOS and Android. Hot reload make debugging faster to build awesome application faster.

Benefits of Deploying Flutter for Mobile App Development
• It is based on a fast and robust, easy-to-learn Dart programming language.
• The platform provides widgets that are customizable, so you can build attractive and hassle-free apps.
• Thanks to its smooth interface and programming, it has become a tough competitor to native applications.
• The most popular feature of this platform is its low cost and profitability.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. In which language is Flutter is developed?
Flutter is Dart based and this programming language was launched for users by Google in the year 2011 and is not that popular among the developers. Dart has a simple syntax to implement for JavaScript as it supports most of the object-oriented concepts.

2. Why Google invested in Flutter SDK?
Flutter is a free and open-source framework developed by Google for mobile apps. It provides a fast and robust way for the developers to build native apps on both IOS and Android. The flutter is the only SDK offering reactive styles without the use of any Javascript bridge.

3. Is Flutter good for app development?
Yes, Google Flutter is an open-source framework helping the developers to build cross-platform mobile apps. Google isn’t competing for the mobile app development as it has both the Android and Flutter as mobile app SDKs.

4. What are the top-companies using Flutter development services?
Some of the renowned brands that have invested in Flutter are:
• Google
• Alibaba

Wrapping Up
Flutter has a minimum impact on the project cost, and the major reason behind it is its cross-platform functionality, less code, less time to market or MVP, and Hot-Reload. Although it is experiencing tough competition from React Native, due to performance benefits, Flutter App Development Company is in huge demand and is going to be the winner in the longer run. You can share your app development requirements with our development team and get the best benefits for your business.

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