Top 7 Myths Associated with Mobile App Development in 2020

Top 7 Myths Associated with Mobile App Development in 2020

Enterprises come across different challenges while developing mobile apps to expand business operations and engage a maximum number of customers. In the age of technological innovation, enterprises are focusing on making their business processes more mobile. Enterprise mobility solutions help businesses to go mobile and become more responsive. On the other hand, customized mobile solutions improve existing business and make it more recognized.

Several common myths are established in the industry related to enterprise mobile app development. Move ahead towards the mobile app development and get to know the truth before making sure that business goals are achieved. Let’s quickly discuss a few myths that impact the app development industry.

1. Mobile Apps are only for Tech-savvy people
It is a common myth while building business mobility apps. It’s a misconception that mobile apps are only for technical people; it can be used by any generation ranging from five years old to 80 years old. Enterprises hire mobile app developers to build the right solution using the latest tools and technologies to achieve your business goals.

2. End users are out of the development phase
Businesses firms across the globe are looking for enterprise app solutions to make complicated processes easier. The user usually believes that the app building process can cause serious troubles to the business owners. Hence, it’s important to involve all the stakeholders and end-users during the whole development process. It would help the users to know the functionalities that are integrated into the mobile app.

3. Plenty of time is involved in the development
There is a buzz everywhere that Android app development consumes a lot of time. Few of the people also spread the myth that to build an app half a year is consumed. The time period for a mobile app development depends on the functionality integrated and the app complexity. All in all, one needs to select an experienced and professional mobile app development team to give the right timeline for application development.

4. Cost and complexity are huge
Most of the people are investing in enterprise portal development services. Peers are concern about the value of enterprise mobile app development instead of average designed enterprise mobile apps. There are numerous ventures present online that give projects a little push. It is important to make sure that customer acquisition is more important than investment as well as our clients get a satisfactory ROI.

5. Only coding nothing else
This myth is not true as people from different domains usually believe that developing a business mobile app involves just coding. But it’s not like that, and coding is important needing lots of approach and efforts for project fulfillment. Also, you would need talented resources, technologies, and exceptional ideas to have an amazing experience.

6. Compromised security
Rumor is heard that mobile apps are unsecure and usually have safety issues, and it can happen while collaborating through mobile apps. But it’s not reality; the fear of security has a lot to do it when using mobile apps and become more sophisticated to vulnerability. It is important to discuss to Mobile App Development Company and ensure that the solutions delivered are completely secure.

7. In-house Development
Some companies develop mobile apps with the idea to manage the whole development process in-house to reduce operational costs. App development needs an appropriate conceptualization and visualization process that starts with several challenges while transforming thoughts into reality. It needs market insights and experience to leverage specific data to existing mobile apps. Enterprise mobility solutions need unique skills and expertise and hence, it may be a great idea to outsource the project to a professional development company to achieve the maximum output.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What programming language is used for mobile app development?
Java is the official language for Android App Development and consequently, it is the most popular language as well. Recently Kotlin is also introduced by Google for app development. Many of the apps in the Play Store are developed in Java and it is also the most supported language by Google.

2. How much does it cost to build an app?
The cost of developing a mobile app completely depends on the features, platform, functionality needs to be integrated. If a mobile app is basic in use and features, it will cost low as compared to others.

3. What is the use of mobile applications?
A mobile app, most commonly known as an app, is software designed to run on a mobile device, like a smartphone or tablet. Mobile apps provide users similar services that were earlier accessed on PCs. Users can do online shopping, pay bills, transfer money, book tickets and other daily activities using mobile apps.

4. What are the benefits of an app?
The top functional and marketing benefits of an enterprise mobile app are as follows:
• Increased Brand Recognition
• Builds Customer Loyalty
• Grow Business Sales
• Great Tool For Customer Engagement
• Make Brand Unique From The Crowd
• Improved Visibility

Wrapping Up
When the wrong information passes around from an uneducated group to others, then myths generate. But the time has come to know important myths related to enterprise mobile app. What if business enterprises start believing these myths? In the end, they will simply lose and won’t gain the desired business goals. So, it’s better to do a market survey and help in enhancing the mobile app for enterprises. Talk to mobile app development experts for innovative ideas to build unique apps or customize the existing enterprise applications as per the latest trends. This is very important to survive in the market and make a long-term impact.

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