How AI-based Mobile Apps Can Stop Coronavirus Outbreak?

AI-based Mobile Apps Can Stop Coronavirus Outbreak

The spread of Coronavirus is making new records on a regular basis and according to reports, it has crossed the 500,000 marks with the fatality rate rising on a regular basis. Having no vaccine to cure, the other, more fearful fact is that it is highly difficult to identify who is having an infection. There is no surety a person is having Corona infection until at least 10 to 15 days. And by this time, the infected person has spread it to hundreds of other people, and the chain continues. The government is trying to spread awareness regarding precautionary measures like social distancing, avoiding public places and proper hygiene through advertisements. However, the other solution is the use of technology like AI, Machine Learning and IoT. App Development Company is making efforts to build apps that can identify infected persons to break the chain.

The only solution according is to break the chain. In this blog post, we are going to find how technology, can track infected people and how to stay away from them to beat this pandemic. But before we discuss let us check the technicalities of tracking mobile app development and the ways to build an app.

What Are Coronavirus Tracking Apps?

In layman terms, the tracking app communicates with users having the app installed and stores their data locally over a cloud. When a person is found positive for COVID-19, he/she is marked in the system; the government has access to identify such users. Their geographical movements are recorded & shared with the healthcare officials. In addition, other app users not infected get a notification to maintain social distancing.

Seeing this concept of breaking the chain, people are hire mobile app developers to build such apps for expanding across several other pandemics. The benefit and intent of all such apps are the same that is to notify people regarding areas and individuals infected by the virus. This is a major reason why organizations around the world are looking for such apps to slow coronavirus.

What are the features of an efficient COVID-19 tracking Mobile app?

The features are integrated from a different perspective and they are mentioned as below:

From Users Perspective

1. Profile

The users must enter their personal details in the profile section.

2. Vehicle Management

The users must enter their vehicle details like the make, model, registration number, and year of purchase.

3. Self Assessment

Under this part, the users will answer some questions to recognize the risk score. These are related to body temperature, and other symptoms.

4. Trip Diary

The app creates a trip diary regarding the users to highlight the areas they have visited.

5. Route Planner

The users will be able to create their own route by specifying the start location, stops, and the end location.

From the City Admin Perspective

1. User Management

All the information regarding the users’ risk score, trip details, route planner, and other details will help to search for a user.

2. Transport Option Management

This will help the city admin to check all the available transport options for avoiding any COVID-19 prone routes.

3. Geo-fencing Management

The admin is able to observe and create a COVID-19 free area with the help of geo-fencing. Notifications regarding alerts for new areas that need immediate attention are also shared.

How is Technology helping in addressing the COVID-19 outbreak?

When it is about addressing the coronavirus, the one clear advantage that we have is the presence of innovative technologies. Technologies that Rapid mobile app Development Company uses to deliver a real-time, scalable solution. In recent times, the major technologies carrying the most advantage of curbing the coronavirus are mentioned below.

1. Artificial Intelligence

After the outbreak, there has been a large volume of data gathered from all across the world. There are several ways this data can be utilized which focus on important insights and actionable items to curb the virus from spreading. Ways AI can help healthcare to fight against the outbreak.

• Identifying the next outbreak
• Speed up the vaccine development
• Drones and Robots helping the medical staff
• Chatbots sharing important data regarding the symptoms.

2. Blockchain

It is quite difficult for a country to be fully prepared to address coronavirus like a pandemic. But with Blockchain solutions, businesses are finding different ways to control the pandemic. Here’s how Blockchain can be the answer to stop such pandemic.

• Tracking the genuine donation
• Making the insurance process transparent
• Tracking of medical material supply chain
• The low transaction, and secure payments

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How to build an application to track COVID-19 patients?

The process of developing requires a complete understanding of the intent and working of the tracking mobile app. Next, would be to know the important features that the application comes with along. Share your requirements with us to execute the development process.

2. Why mobile app development is important in the battle against COVID-19?

There are numerous reasons why people use the mobile app to combat the spread of COVID-19. The mobile app is not only designed to give users proper insights about the risk score on the basis of AI but also notifies them how vulnerable or safe the area they are visiting is. With the support of this, the chances of chain-breaking are very high.

Wrapping Up

Coronavirus is spreading at a very fast rate and its cure is an only general awareness in terms of social distancing, use of sanitizers and proper hygiene. However, technology is also helping to break the chain of this outbreak and mobile app design services are helping people by integrating the latest technologies. It is time to stay alert and be safe with proper precautionary measures. It is time to show unity and fight against COVID-19.

Know The Mobile App Features To Stop COVID-19 Outbreak

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